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L OV E - I S - M I G H T Y C L O S E

While many look overseas for sirens, hearing Vika and Linda sing reminds
us to be more thankful for what we've got.
The Advertiser, Feb 2002

Vika and Linda Bull

Vika and Linda are two of this country's most admired singers; sisters who are adored not only for their glorious voices and warm, enticing stage persence but also for their obvious love of music and each other. "The fact that we're sisters takes out all the guess work", explains Linda, "We instinctively know what will work for each other." "And we really enjoy working together. Its great fun." adds Vika.

Vika Bull

The Bull sisters have earned themselves platinum (Vika and Linda) and gold (Pricess Tabu) album sales, performed on WOMAD stages across Europ and Asia, headlined at AustraliOs biggest festivals and achieved the sort of sustained success that most performers only dream of. And all of this on top of 7 years with another of the country's most successful and high profile outfits. The Black Sorrows. Now Vika and Linda are poised to release their fifth album, the captivating "Love Is Mighty Close", due instore in July 2002. This is their first album since departing the FMR Group. As Linda says, "This one is about doing it ourselves - its about embracing our independence". "We've spent 20 years in the business and now its time to use what we've learned" adds Vika. The result is a stunning album which sounds exactly the way Vika and Linda wanted it to sound - rich, warm and full of life.

'Love Is Mighty Close' is penned entirely by Australian songwriters. Vika and Linda have collected 12 beautiful tracks written by some of the country's most respected artists - Paul Kelly, Stephen Cummings, Jeff Burstin, Rob Snarksi, Dan Brodie, Bill McDonald, Barry Palmer, Caroline Kennedy, Dave McCormack, Cyndi Boste, David Hosking and Chris Wilson. "They are all love songs", says Vika, "Sad, beautiful love songs". Adds Linda, "We tried to select songs that we thought our audience would enjoy."

Linda Bull

'Love Is Mighty Close' was produced by the girls' long-time ally, Jeff Burstin (Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons, The Black Sorrows) and mixed by the legendary Jeremy Allom

(The Proclaimers, Massive Attack). Performing on the CD are John Watson on drums, Bill McDonald on bass, Jeff Burstin on guitar plus a luscious collection of special guest musicians.

The result is a rich and emotionally charged sound which is bound to captivate audiences across the globe. Both Linda and Vika are quite convinced "this is the best album we've ever made" and you are sure to agree. Take the time to savour and appreciate some of the best talent in the land when Vika and Linda's 'Love Is Mighty Close' hits stores on 8 JULY 2002.

For media info contact: Michelle Buxton @Buxton Walker Publicity o Ph 03 9537 7155 or Email michelle@buxtonwalker.com www.vikaandlinda.com

VIKA & LINDA - Love Is Mighty Close
Review Quotes

‘A rich, soulful experience. The girls know how to hit the right notes and push the right emotional buttons.’
Herald Sun - HIT, Melbourne, 8 Aug 02

‘Star songwriters get the ethereal, heavenly Vika and Linda Bull treatment. 8/10’
Juice Magazine, Aug 2002

‘The sunny voices of Vika and Linda on their latest collection, Love Is Mighty Close...cleanse the soul and lift the spirit.... acoustic and intimate’
abc.net.au, 30 July 02

4 stars [Love is Mighty Close] will not dissappoint... Worth seeking out.’
Sunday Age, Melbourne, 28 July 02

‘Love is Mighty Close’ is a diamond of an album.’
Scene Magazine, Brisbane, 24 July 02

4 stars [Love is Mighty Close] is a warm, sweetly-sounding compilation of love
songs with lush backings. It deserves national and international success.’
Daily Telegraph, Sydney, 11 July 02

‘This collection of gentle love songs from top Australian songwriters... showcases the massive talent of the Bull sisters, their striking voices matched with faultless phrasing.’
Sunday Times, Perth, 14 July 02

‘Another supreme effort’
Sunday Mail, Brisbane, 14 July 02

‘A top-shelf release’
Xpress, Perth, 18 July 02

‘Love Is Mighty Close is blessed with a fresh, flowing pulse.’
The Age - EG, Melbourne, 19 July 02

‘Winning vocal qualities. Polished and with real substance underneath. 7/10’
Australian Financial Review, National, 20 July 02

‘They are two of the most recognised - and arguably most talented - voices in the country.’
The Age, Melbourne 20 July

‘Vika and Linda Bull are two of the very best things about our local music industry. They sing like angels... as though one great singer was delivering both parts. Only better.’
Herald Sun, Melbourne, 20 July 02

‘Breathtakingly beautiful voices. A must-have album’
Rabelais Mag, Melbourne, 22 July 02

‘It would be hard to find a better musical combination that that heard on Vika and Linda Bull’s latest album, Love Is Mighty Close.’
Brisbane News, Brisbane, 24 July 02

'Anapesi Ka'ili

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