The Gunslinger

A Side by Side Comparison

Many visitors to TheDarkTower.net have asked what changes King made to the revised edition of The Gunslinger and whether or not it is worth reading. First off, YES it is worth reading. If you haven't already done so, go out and buy a copy now. This section will be waiting here when you get back. I promise. This comparison is meant to be a guide while you are reading, or to point out any changes you might have missed the first time through. It is not meant to be read in place of the new version.

There is hardly a page (or paragraph) that hasn't received attention from King during his revisions. I'm not going to bore readers with every grammatical, structural, or dialogue change. Instead, I'll point out changes that impact the plot, characters, or introduce new ideas into the book.

The first page number given refers to the Plume soft back edition of the original The Gunslinger. ISBN: 0-452-27960-7

Page numbers in [brackets] refer to the revised Viking hardback edition. ISBN: 0-670-03254-9

The section numbers follow the numbering in the revised edition.

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