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Thursday, 31 May 2007

Haymarket Statue Rededication Ceremony at Police Headquarters


(Photo Courtesy of CPD Graphics Dept)

(re-post from 29 May)

The Haymarket Memorial Statue honors the Chicago Police members who lost their lives and were seriously injured on that fateful day, 121 years ago, May 4th, 1886.  Eight officers were fatally wounded and scores of others were injured, marking the most devastating day in the history of the Chicago Police Department.  On June 1st, 2007 at 1400 hours, all department members and their extended families are invited to police headquarters for the re-dedication and unveiling of the refurbished Haymarket Memorial which will be proudly placed atop a newly commissioned pedestal. 

The event will celebrate the relocation of the statue from the atrium of the Education and Training Academy to its new home on the west side of the the Chicago Police Headquarters, 3510 S. Michigan. 

On May 30th, 1889, the Haymarket Statue was unveiled by Frank Degan, the son of Officer Mathias Degan, the first Officer to lose his life during the conflict.  At this ceremony, we are proud to announce that the great granddaughter of Officer Mathias Degan, Geraldine Docekal, and her sons Edward and Dale Docekal, will unveil the refurbished statue and pedestal. 

We hope you can join us for this historic event.

One Child's Dream/Driving for Donors Needs Your Support

(Previously Posted 24 May)

Patrick Pedraja, the 11 year old son of a Miami Dade Police Officer is battling Leukemia.  Patrick started an organization called "One Child's Dream/Driving for Donors." 

The goal of this organization is to seek bone marrow donors for those suffering from the effects of Leukemia.  Patrick, his family and the Driving for Donors organization will be at the Education and Training Division on Friday, 01 Jun 2007, from 1000 to 1700 hours, in Room 101x, to conduct a donor drive for this worthy cause.

Department members are encouraged to come to the Education and Training Division during this time to support this very important cause and participate in the One Child's Dream/Driving for Donors effort. 

Inquiries can be directed to Lt. Ron Pontecore, Commanding Officer of the Recruit Training Section, at Citynet 6-8310, ext. 160 or 312-746-8310 ext. 160.

Please support this cause.

Hi-Tech CPIC Room Up and Running


The Chicago Police Department has just implemented the Crime Prevention and Information Center, located in the Headquarters Building. The CPIC is a cutting edge technology center which merges with all of the Departments electronic information sources to manage major accidents as they occur. This information is then passed along to Detectives in the field to assist in investigations. There are several openings, on all three watches for Detectives who wish to work the CPIC, and training is available in the various systems which are used in the CPIC.

Those Detectives who are interested should contact Lt. Jim Gibson, Detective Division Headquarters, at 745-5822.

Queen of Martyrs Church Set to Dedicate Shrine

Queen of Martyrs Church, 10233 S. Central Park Ave., has broken ground on an outdoor shrine to the Patron Saint of Police Officers.  This Shrine will be dedicated by Cardinal George on 3 June 2007, at 1130 hours.  The dedication will read in part "All of the Police, Fire and Military personnel who serve, protect  and defend God's Beloved People."  This shrine will have an eternal flame burning as a constant reminder of their service.  For additional information contact Father David Simonetti at (708) 423-8110.  All are welcome to attend the dedication mass.


Cornelius Barrett........................  1885

Herbert N. Hagberg.....................  1929

John L. Conley...........................  1929

Thomas Kelma...........................  1935

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Recruit Class 06-11 Set to Graduate

A graduation ceremony will be held for Chicago Police Recruit Class 06-11 at the Navy Pier Sky Line Theatre on Thursday, 31 May 2007, at 9am.

This current class of 83 recruits (74%  Male,  26% Female) will begin their "on the street" careers and we wish them well! 

Remember your training, enjoy the job and BE SAFE.

The public is welcome to attend.

15th District Successes

Attempt Suicide Incident:

Involved Officers: These officers were nominated for a Lifesaving Award  


On 02 May 07 at 1100 hours, Officer George observed several small children standing outside of a residence in the 4900 block of Huron, crying hysterically. Upon further investigation, Officer George learned from the children that the mother was inside the home, trying to kill herself. Officer George proceeded to the front door of the home but was unable to gain entry. P.O. Colon observed a window that was partially ajar and P.O. Colon was able to crawl through the window to gain entry. Once inside, P.O. Colon smelled a strong odor of materials burning. Upon inspecting the kitchen, P.O. Colon observed the mother of the children standing over the stove, throwing several flammable items on the stove, and stating that she wanted to die. With the assistance of Police Officers George, Hoffman, Roehl, and Paolino, P.O. Colon was able to remove the distraught mother from the home and extinguish the fire without injury to the mother or children. It was later learned that the mother was 2 months pregnant and suffering from depression due to marital discord. The mother of the children was relocated to Loretto Hospital for medical evaluation. Due to these officer's quick actions and disregard for their personal safety, a mother and her unborn child were saved from harm.

Agg Battery Arrest:

Involved Officers:


On 7 May 07 a shooting incident was on-viewed by Bt 6250E who was conducting a narcotics surveillance. The victim was sitting in his car when a white van containing multiple offenders pulled up and fired several shots at victim, striking him in the face.  A pursuit ensued, during which 2 offenders were captured by 15th District units. One offender was successfully charged with Aggravated Battery with a Firearm.

Burglary Arrest:

Involved Officers:

F.T.O. Killmer

P.P.O. Wherfel

On 16MAY07 at 0720hours, F.T.O. Killmer and P.P.O. Wherfel responded to an OEMC assignment of "Theft from the vehicle just occurred", at 5151 West Madison Street. Officers Killmer and Wherfel responded immediately and upon arrival, quickly and skillfully interviewed the victim, who identified the offender. The offender was taken into custody, Mirandized and searched. Proceeds of the theft were recovered during the search and returned to the rightful owner. Officers Killmer and Wherfel followed up with the investigation and felony charges of Burglary were approved by the ASA. FTO Killmer and PPO Wherfel (who was working his first day on the street) are to be commended for their immediate response to a citizen's request for police service and the immediate arrest of the offender.

UUW / Theft Arrest:

Involved Officers:


In late April 2007, Beat 1531, P.O. Wyroba and P.O. Bartucci responded to a call of battery in progress on the 500 block of North Pine. Upon arrival, P.O. Wyroba and P.O. Bartucci observed offender place a handgun in the wheel well of a white SUV parked at 541 N. Pine. P.O. Bartucci immediately went to wheel well and recovered a loaded semi-automatic 9mm handgun. P.O. Wyroba went to place offender in custody when offender fled on foot Northbound on Pine. P.O. Wyroba sent flash message and pursued offender. P.O. Wyroba, with the assist of Beat 1511, P.O. Bertrand and P.O. Jacobucci , was able to place offender in custody. With Beat 1510, Sgt. Aylward , assisting, it was revealed that offender had taken said handgun from an armed security guard who was the victim of the original Battery call. Further investigation also revealed that said offender was paroled from the IDOC one month earlier for murder. Offender was charged with UUW by felon, felony theft and parole violation.

Good job to all officers involved in these incidents.  Although it can get busy and quite hectic out there, you are to be commended for answering your calls in a professional manner.  Good preliminary response and investigation often yield good results.

Remember your training and, above all, BE SAFE.


Edward F. Smith--------------------------1931

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

New Weapons Order

There have been several questions regarding the department's new weapons order.  It is almost a finished product, with a few areas that need some additional tweaking.  As soon as we get the nod the information will be posted on the blog.  It should be in the near future.

017 District Tact Teams on a Roll in May

Submitted to CC by Lt. Joseph Porebski, 17th Dist. Tactical Team.

These are just a few of the recent examples of the good work done in the 17th District.

Strong Arm Robbery      

Officers BOSCH and McGUIRE responded to a call of a fight in the alley at 2932 W. Montrose. Upon arrival they interrupted three OFFENDERs attempting to rob a VICTIM already knocked down to the ground. The three OFFENDERs were apprehended and charged with Robbery.

Aggravted Battery (w/cane)       

Tact Officers VO and GOMEZ responded to assist units at at a battery call at 3215 W. Eastwood. The officers monitored a flash message and searched the area. They were able to locate two OFFENDERs one carrying a cane. They were brought back to the scene and identified by the VICTIM. The two OFFENDERs, members of the Latin Kings street gang were charged with the battery.

Armed Robbery (w/knife)            

Robbery/Burglary Mission Team Officers MARKHAM and RICE re-interviewed a VICTIM on an armed robbery incident from 19 MAY 07. Based upon the description given by the VICTIM, and the knowledge of OFFENDERs within the District, a photo array was presented in which the VICTIM identified the OFFENDER who stole $350 dollars at knife point from him. An arrest was made and lineup held. Felony Charges were approved and the crime cleared.

Weapons Violations                  

Tact Officers PFEST, BERG, RUIZ, ROGUS, SALVAGE, HERNANDEZ responded to a call of a gang fight with shots fired at 4829 N. Central Park in the Level 1 Deployment Zone. While searching the area the officers observed a man hiding in a rear porch area behind a window. Closer inspection found the man to be armed with a handgun. A foot chase ensued through the building and in the surrounding area. The officers were able to apprehend the OFFENDER, a known Spanish Cobra street gang member, with a loaded 9mm handgun. Charges for UUW by Felon were later approved.

Tac Officers BERG, VALENTINE and PARLICH observed a juvenile riding a bike at 3652 W. Lawrence Ave. carrying a handgun. The Officers were able to stop the bike rider but he pulled loose and fled. A foot chase ensued and the OFFENDER was captured a short time later. With the assistance of a citizen, Ofc. McGUIRE was able to locate the hidden handgun and the juvenile, a self admitted Spanish Cobra was processed according for UUW.

While on a vehicle stop at 3855 N. Kimball, Ofc. STOPPA and MARTINEZ observed the driver to be acting nervous and trying to hide an object under his seat. The Officers then observed the object to be a handgun and the OFFENDER was ordered out of his vehicle. The OFFENDER, a known Simon City Royal street gang member was found to be in possession of a 45 caliber semiauto handgun. He was later charged with UUW by felon.

Each of these examples show the result of simply doing your job. . . well. 

Congrats to 017 and its officers.  Stay safe.                  

3rd Memorial Motorcycle Ride

Area Four Detective Division is sponsoring their 3rd Memorial Motorcycle Ride benefiting the Chicago Police Department Memorial Foundation.  This event will take place on Sunday, 29 July 2007.  To register on-line, please go to www.area4ridetoremember.com.  For day of ride registration, please arrive at Area Four (3151 W. Harrison) at 0800 hours; the ride will begin promptly at 1000 hours.  For more information, please contact Det. Thomas Flaherty at Cold Case Squad 312-746-9690.


Timothy S. O'Connell.....................  1900

Jerome J. McCauley......................  1936

Award of Merit Ceremony to be Held in May

The Superintendent's Award of Merit Ceremony and Luncheon will be held today, Tuesday, 29 May 2007, at 1030 hours at the South Shore Cultural Center, located at 7059 S. South Shore Drive. 

At this event, 44 sworn officers and civilian employees will be honored by the Superintendent for the following: development of a versatile computer interface that provides an extraordinary  number of services to department members; development of a professional manual for the Department's Honor Guard; re-establishment of the Cadet program for the Department; implementing a street corner conspiracy in CHA; a police sergeant checking out a suspicious vehicle hears a victim inside the trunk of the vehicle takes two offenders into custody and officers that developed a data base for the Organized Crime Division.

On the day of the ceremony it is mandatory that all awardees only (not guests) report to the Commander of Preventive Programs and Neighborhood Relations Division in the Paul Robeson Theater at South Shore Cultural Center for uniform inspection and a briefing prior to the ceremony at 930 hours.

Officers are required to wear the dress uniform, which consists of blouse, wool trousers, wool hat (no band) and white gloves.  Civilian employees and sworn officers who are on Leave of Absence will report in conservative business attire.  Parking available in the Northwest lot of the center.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Participate in the Torch Run for Special Olympics

The Torch Run for Special Olympics will be on Sunday, 03 June at 0800 hours.  District and Unit runners will meet at the headquarters parking lot at 3510 S. Michigan Ave.  The three-mile run will conclude at Gold Star Family Park.  Department vehicles from districts will escort during the run and return their runner to their respective district or unit.  Contact Officer Manuel Brown in Preventive Programs for information or to register.  Call (312) 745-5841 or Pax 0362

Remember. . . Today and Always


We celebrate Memorial Day to honor those who gave their lives in service to this country.  We also honor those who currently serve this country, at home and abroad, to protect the freedom that we enjoy and sometimes take for granted.  Let's continue to remember their sacrifice and to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

We thank them for their courage and dedication and recognize that without them, our lives would be quite different.

We also thank those who serve right here in this city:  Firefighters, Paramedics and Police Officers.  As first responders, they willingly place themselves in harm's way to serve, protect and secure the safety of the citizens of Chicago.

Happy Memorial Day!  Stay safe.

Friday, 25 May 2007


Chicago Police, the Illinois Association of Police Chiefs (IAPC) and the Cook County Sheriff's Police reminded all motorists, community residents and visitors to act responsibly and take the necessary precautions to help ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend and summer.

We also want to remind our officers to be extra careful during your tours of duty.  We understand clearly the additional hazards out there that come with the holiday season. 

So, stay alert and be safe.


William R. King---------------------------1920

Thursday, 24 May 2007


Herman Stallworth.................... 1967

Robert L. Gallowitch................. 1972

Wednesday, 23 May 2007


WHEN:  Saturday, June 30, 2007

            8:00-11:00 pm

WHERE:  Skyway Lanes, 9915 S. Torrence Ave.


Game One:  Regulation Bowling

Game Two:  Fun-injected Bowling

Game Three: Candlelight Bowling

***Sign up now, space is limited.

***Teams welcome on first come basis.

For more info, contact any of the representatives listed below at 312-747-8205 or 2042 on the PAX:

Lt. Cassandra Judon--CAPS

Sgt. Dwayne Betts--2nd Watch

P.O. Lisa Holmes--2nd Watch

P.O. Patrina Mitchum--CAPS

P.O. Keshia Frierson--Front Office


Two years ago the Chicago Department of Human Services (CDHS) and the Salvation Army launched the Home to Stay Furniture Donation Program. How the program works?

-The Chicago Department of Human Services works with community groups to organize used furniture.

-The Salvation Army picks up furniture from the donors homes and distributes it among their 14 thrift stores in Chicago.

-The Salvation Army provides the Chicago Department of Human Services vouchers for free sofas, beds, dinette sets and dressers.

-The Chicago Department of Human Services work with agencies that assist homeless people to distribute vouchers.

-Homeless individuals and families that are moving into permanent housing can redeem the vouchers at Salvation Army Thrift Stores.

-Donations are tax-deductible.

For additional information contact the CAPS Project Office at 745-5907 or Pax 0444.


Forensic Services Section in conjunction with the Illinois Secretary of State will be issuing Chicago Police Memorial Foundation Special Event License Plates. These plates can be displayed on your vehicle from 14 July through 11 September 2007. Go to www.cpdmemorial.org for details. Registration deadline is 25 May 2007.


The Police Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, 27 May 07, at 1140 W. Jackson Blvd., 1100 hours. Refreshments will be served after Mass. For further information contact Father Nagle at (312) 738-7588.


Department members who have attained the rank of Sergeant or above are invited to explore the benefits of  membership in the Commanding Officers & Sergeants Chicago Police Department Credit Union. Information on membership can be obtained at the office of the Credit Union, located at 3510 S. Michigan Ave., room 1010 SW or by calling (312) 745-5135. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 0600-1400 hours. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Michael Shaughnessy..................... 1904

Joseph Sullivan........................... 1929

George Neil............................... 1930

Retired Police Officer Martin J. White, father of Police Officer Margaret Gann, assigned to the 21st District and Police Officer Sharon Foley, assigned to the 22nd District, passed away 19 May 2007.   Waked at Petkus-Lemont Funeral Home, 12401 S. Archer Ave,. Lemont, IL, 22 May , 1430-2100 hours.  Services St. Jude Church, 241 W. 2nd Ave., New Lenox, IL, 23 May,  1030 hours.  Interment Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery.


Monday, 21 May 2007


Arthur M. Swanson.................. 1936

John W. Mathews................... 1988

Retired Detective Richard Rochowicz, father of Sergeant Richard Rochowicz, assigned to the 21st District and Civilian Dispatcher Wendy Danaher, assigned to the Office of Emergency Management & Communication, passed away 19 May 2007.  Waked at Palos-Gaidas Funeral Home, 11028 Southwest Highway, Palos Hills, IL., 21 May 1500-2100 hours.  Services St. Julie Billiart Church, 7399 W. 159th St. , Tinley Park, IL, 22 May, 1000 hours.  Interment private.


Sunday, 20 May 2007


Patrick E. Blackwell..... 1905

Joseph Cali..... 1975

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Offender Charged in Shooting of Area 1 Detective

On Tuesday, 13 May we posted that an Area 1 Detective had been shot in the back by an offender.  Immediately after the shooting the house where the suspected offenders ran into was secured by the CPD and a search warrant was obtained.  When the warrant was executed several persons of interest were taken into custody and two weapons were recovered.

On 16 May 2007, Bobby Selvie (pictured below) was charged with Attempted Murder of a Police Officer for the shooting of that Detective and Richard Butler, 19, was charged with UUW by a Felon.


Thanks to the tenacious dedication and professionalism of the officers and detectives involved in the follow up investigation of this shooting, two offenders have been charged accordingly. 

In the past two weeks we have had five incidents that involved attacks on police officers by armed offenders.  In four of the five incidents the offenders have been taken into custody and charged without police officers being injured.  In one incident the detective was shot in the back as he was chasing another offender.  The detective is on his way to recovery and the offender is on his way to jail.

Last night a police officer in Wisconsin was shot and killed during a traffic stop.  The offender has been taken into custody and the investigation is continuing. 

Being the police is a dangerous job.  When we first signed on we all were aware of the ever present dangers that exist.  Every call, every stop, every contact that is made on a street stop has the potential of being deadly.  Stick to your instincts and training.  Stay focused and aware of the potential dangers in every stop until you personally know the situation is safe and secure.

Continue to do your jobs professionally, and SAFELY.  Always remember those who could not walk away from their attacks.


Thomas Redden.......................... 1886

Wednesday, 16 May 2007


The U.S. Postal Service will host a Passport Fair in the Multi-purpose room 18 May 07 from 0700-1400 hours for all Chicago Police Officers and their families.

You must bring two forms of identification, such as a current drivers  license or State ID. A certified Birth Certificate with official seal or naturalization certificate is also required. All applicants, including minors, must appear in person in order to process the application. Two (2 1/2 x 2) photos are also required and can be purchased on site. Cash or Personal Checks Only. For more information call the U.S. Postal Service, Esineralda Dominquez at 312- 983-8014.


All CPD personnel working within the CPD Headquarters facility are reminded that there will be NO ILLEGAL PARKING permitted in the areas surrounding the Headquarters facility. Parking violators will be ticketed and their vehicles subject to tow.


Representatives from Calumet College of St. Josephs Public Safety Management Program will be preregistering students for the Summer session which begins on 23 May 07. The program will allow officers with at least 52 credit hours to obtain a Bachelors degree attending one four hour session per week. Mirror classes are held in the morning and evening. For further information contact Michael McCafferty Dept. Chairperson Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice at (773) 721-0202, ext. 278.


The F.O.P. is sponsoring "Firearms Safety Days" at the F.O.P. Hall, 1412 . Washington Blvd., on 16 & 17 May 07, from 0900-1700 hours. Certified representatives will be on hand to inspect weapons, body armor and leather goods. They will also provide qualification instructions, teach field stripping and cleaning. For information call Frank DiMaria at F.O.P., (312) 733-7776.


To update your beneficiary information for Prudential Life Insurance Co. contact the Personnel Records Division at (312)745-5390.


Retired Police Officer Charles Zamb, father of Police Officer William Zamb, assigned to the 13th District, passed away 14 May 2007. Waked at Overman-Jones Funeral Home, 15219 S. Joliet Rd., 17 May, 1500-2000 hours. Services St. Mary Immaculate Church, 15629 Joliet Rd., 18 May, 1030 hours. Interment Plainfield Township Cemetery.

* * * * * * * *

Retired Police Officer James Meyer, formerly assigned to the 19th District, passed away 14 May 2007. Waked at M.J. Suerth Funeral Home, 6754 N. Northwest Hwy., 17 May, 1500-2100 hours. St. Jude will meet at 1900 hours. Services from chapel, 18 May, 1100 hours. Interment private.

* * * * * * * *

Additional information on the death of Blair Holt, visitation Gatling  Funeral Home, 10133 S. Halsted, 17 May, 1600-2100 hours. Services House of Hope, 752 E. 114th Pl., 1000-1100 hours. St. Jude will meet at 1030 hours.

* * * * * * * *

Notes from National Police Week

On Tuesday, the Chicago Police had the greatest number of officers show up at the Capital to pay respect to the families of police officers killed in the line of duty in 2006.
The photo below shows Amelia Solorio (mother of PO Eric Solorio) on the steps of the Capital with CPD officers who attended the event.
Supt. Philip J. Cline
Chicago Police Department
CC thanks the officers who made the trip to support our fallen heroes and heroes from across the Nation.
May we never forget their sacrifice.

Notes from National Police Week

On Monday the CPD Honor Guard competed against 22 other Honor Guards and placed a respectable 10th in only their 2nd year of competition.
Congratulations to these officers who represented Chicago's Finest.  You make us proud.

Construction of Shrine to Honor Patron Saint of Police Officers Has Begun

Queen of Martyrs Church, 10233 S. Central Park Ave., has broken ground on an outdoor shrine to S. Michael the Archangel, patron saint of Police Officers.  This Shrine will be dedicated by Cardinal George on 3 June 2007, 1130 hours.  The dedication will read in part, "All of the Police, Fire and Military personnel who serve, protect and defend God's Beloved People". 

This shrine will have an eternal flame burning as a constant reminder of their service. 

For additional information, contact Father David Simonetti at (708) 423-8110.  All are welcome at the dedication mass.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

004th District Keeps Rolling

2ND Watch Officers Apprehend Convicted Felon on a one-man burglary spree

A "Burglary in Progress" call was dispatched on the Zone. Officer Adams arrived on the scene and located the victim and witnesses. Officer Adams gave a flash message of the wanted vehicle (a maroon 4 door Pontiac Grand Am bearing Illinois license plates) along with a detailed description of the Offender and his clothing.

Offender and vehicle was known at this time to be wanted for multiple burglaries in the area.

Officer Ryan (beat 423) was patrolling the alleys south of the burglary location attempting to locate the wanted vehicle and offender. Using his first-hand knowledge of the vehicle and described offender with regard to the recent burglaries in the area, Officer Ryan focused on the area around 89th and Exchange.

Ryan observed the wanted vehicle and offender driving recklessly squealing his tires out of the west alley of the 8500 block of Colfax and pulling into a backyard on the 8600 block of S. Colfax.

Ryan observed the offender in the backyard wearing the blue jersey with the white lettered 13 on the back., as described in the the flash, and called for assistance.

As the Offender ran from the back yard into the rear door of the residence, Beat 406A (PO's Almanza and Desmond) arrived on the scene. Beat 431 (Officers Morales and Sandoval) also arrived on the scene to and the units located the offender hiding in the closet of the rear bedroom. Although the  Offender resisted his arrest, the officers were able to take him into custody.

Further investigation at the scene found the maroon Pontiac operated by the offender to have been taken during an armed robbery on 08May2007.  In addition, this offender was subsequently linked to multiple offenses under multiple RD numbers.

Arrested- Cooper, William M/1/25 of 8600 block of  S Colfax

                Gang Member and Convicted Felon

Plain and simple--this was good police work done by officers who (1) Knew the area; (2) Paid attention to crime patterns in the District ; (3) Responded quickly and conducted a thorough investigation and (4) BACKED EACH OTHER UP!!

Job well done. Stay safe.

015th District. . . Busy As Usual

These incidents were submitted to us by the 015th District Commander's Office. 

Armed Robbery Arrest:

Involved Officers:

Bt. 1565

STACK T.   1565

CONWAY D. 1565

1568 Team


DEADY K. 1568C

LALLY J. 1568C



MASON T. 1568


JOHNSON M.   1568D

In April, a Game Stop electronics store in the 25th District was robbed at gunpoint. 25th District Officers relayed a flash message with a description of the wanted vehicle, which fled southbound into the 15th District. The above officers responded to the flash message, and spotted the matching vehicle, taking the offender into custody without incident. The offender was positively identified by victim, and all robbery proceeds were recovered.

Armed Robbery Arrest:

Involved Officers:



The above officers located and arrested 2 offenders who were wanted for beating and robbing a victim at gunpoint, taking $900. The offenders were positively identified by the victim.


Aggravated Battery-3 Victims Shot: 

Involved Officers:


HUERTAS C.   1569A

DUGGAN T.   1569A

O’ CONNOR M.  1562

On 20 APR 07, 3 victims were shot by an offender who was armed with a .45 caliber pistol. On 25 APR 07, the above officers located a possible offender GRANT, Antoine, and took him into custody without incident. Their further investigation led them to the recovery of 2 guns and a quantity of narcotics. The investigation is on-going.

Armed Robbery Arrest:

Involved Officers:

CONWAY D.    1565E

STACK T.   1565E

KROSKI Donald  1565

The above officers located and arrested an offender who was positively identified in a photospread line up as the offender who robbed a restaurant at 200 block of  S. Cicero on 24 JUL 06 while armed with a handgun, based upon an Investigative Alert.  Further investigation revealed another Investigative Alert, in which above subject was identified in a photospread as the offender who exited a gas station without paying for 3 quarts of oil.

In each case, these officers did the "routine" thing:  answered the call, got information and followed up on the info.  The reason that these are signs of good police work is that they did EXACTLY what they were supposed to do . . . and got the pinches.  Good results for good police work.  Stay safe.

23rd District Hosts Seniors at Cubs Game

Commissioner Mike Quigley donated Cubs tickets to the 023rd district senior citizen subcommittee. Although the cubs lost, the seniors thought the outing was a winner!  Prior to the outing, a public safety briefing was provided to the seniors by Officer Brown from the community policing office.
It's good to see the community support our officers. . . it's good to see that our officers remember to support the communities they try to protect everyday.  Good job.

Prayers For Injured Officer

On 13 May 2007, a Chicago Police Detective was shot and wounded by an unknown offender, during an investigation of that offender's suspicious activity.

As the Detective approached to investigate, the offender fled.  The Detective gave chase, heard shots and realized he was hit.  He went through four hours of surgery and is now in serious, but stable condition at Stroger Hospital.

Keep this officer and his family in your thoughts and prayers as he starts the road to recovery.  

At the time of this post, the investigation is continuing in a positive direction.


Raymond E. Martin................. 1929

Monday, 14 May 2007

004th District Gang and Tact Teams Seize Weapons Cache

469warrant_3 After receiving information that marijuana was being sold from a home in the 12900 block of S. Exchange Avenue, the 4th District's Gang Team 469 & Tact Team 462  obtained and executed a warrant at that location.
Take a closer look at what they recovered-
Due to smart, heads-up police work,  and good follow-up, these officers recovered eleven rifles and 8 handguns of various makes and models.  In additon, they  recovered several boxes of ammunition for each weapon  including armor piercing and tracer rounds. 
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) assisted in checking and securing the weapons. 
A minimal amount of weed was recovered. 
Offender has been placed in custody with charges pending.  This was joint effort with Illiana Task Force.
Hats off to these officers.  They work hard, they work smart and they get the job done.  Continue to stay safe.

Retired Police Officer William Ballentine, formerly assigned to Organized Crime Division, passed away 8 May 2007.  Waked at Travis Funeral Home, 14338 S. Indiana, 14 May, 1900-2200 hours.  Services at chapel, 15 May, 1000 hours. St. Jude will meet at 0945 hours.


Sunday, 13 May 2007

Notes from National Police Week

Sent to CC by the Superintendent.
When our plane arrived at Reagan National on Saturday Afternoon, an honor guard of 20 officers were lined up and at attention and saluted Amelia Solorio (mother of P.O. Eric Solorio who died in the line of duty last year) and other family members of deceased officers as they left the plane. 
On Saturday night, John Walsh of Fox's America's Most Wanted hosted the National Association of Police Organizations' TOP COP AWARDS.  Lt. Joseph Gorman, Sgt. James Sanchez and Detective Gregory Jacobson of the Gang Intelligence Unit were winners for their investigation of the New Breed Street Gang that led to a shootout with Gang Intelligence Officers in which one officer was wounded and 2 New Breed street gang members were killed. 
On Sunday afternoon, P.Os. Grace Delgado, Michael Ostrowski and Michael Foster of the CPD Honor Guard and I had the privilege to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.
After witnessing these three events, I am so proud to be a member of CPD.
Supt. Philip J. Cline
Chicago Police Department


Charles C.P. Larsen.................. 1917

Gregory A. Hauser.................... 1990

Raymond C. Kilroy.................... 1990

Friday, 11 May 2007

National Police Week Begins 13 May

This week is designed to honor the law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty over the past year. All Department members traveling to Washington, D.C. are encouraged to attend the National Police Week activities listed below:

P.O. Eric Solorio will be honored for his ultimate sacrifice during National Police Week in Washington, D.C. 13-19 May 2007.

Sunday 13, May:     1300 hours - Superintendent's Wreath Laying Ceremony Arlington  National Cemetery

2000 hours - Candlelight Vigil Ceremony National Police Memorial Judiciary Square

Monday, 14 May :     0830 hours - Honor Guard Competition John Marshall Park (between Federal Court House & Canadian Embassy)

1800 hours - Illinois Law Enforcement Social Event 600 Water St., S.W.

Tuesday, 15 May : 1200-1530 hours -26th Annual National Peace Officers Memorial Day Services United States Capitol Building Class A Dress Uniform (Bring white gloves)

This is just a "quick list" of some of the main events taking place during the first few days.  We will continue to post this info on our header page through Tuesday.  Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.  As the week progresses, be sure to check out the "National Police Week" category on our web page.  It will contain archived posts related to the week and additional activity information.

3 Chicago Officers to Recieve Awards at DC Police Week Ceremonies

The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO), sponsor of the 14th annual TOP COPS awards, has selected three officers for the Chicago Police Department to receive the prestigious TOP COPS Award. The TOP COPS Awards pay tribute to law enforcement officers from across the country for outstanding service to their communities during the preceding year. NAPO is a national law enforcement group that fights for the rights of law enforcement officers through federal legislation, legal advocacy and education.

This year,  Lieutenant Joseph Gorman, Sergeant James Sanchez and Detective Gregory Jacobson of the Chicago Police Department's Narcotics and Gangs Investigation Section (NAGIS) will be honored at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. at 1900 hours, on Saturday, 12 May 2007, at the Warner Theater.  These officers worked together as a team to conduct an investigation into violence and retaliation of two rival gangs over territory to sell narcotics in 2006.

After 6 weeks of masterful surveillance and reconnaissance work, NAGIS had enough hard evidence to launch a full-scale investigation against these gangs. The investigation involved 25 police officers, detectives and sergeants, and spanned three 24-hour shifts. At the end of this intense investigation, the NAGIS team prevented a retaliation killing, saving the life of an innocent victim, and took violent gang members off the streets.

Thanks to these men, who put their lives on the line, innocent citizens were protected from highly volatile and violent criminals.

"I am honored to accept this award on behalf of the Narcotics and Gang Investigation Section of the Chicago Police Department," said Gorman. "I have often said that every second counts in the decision making process of a police officer. Gangs, guns and drugs are claiming the lives of innocent victims every day and there was no doubt, based upon the information gang intelligence was able to obtain through wiretaps, that these murderers meant business and were willing to compromise an innocent victim's life to execute their murder plot against rival gang members. We saved lives that day, and more importantly, sent a message to the streets that gang violence will not be tolerated."

The Master of Ceremony for the 2007 TOP COPS Awards is John Walsh, host of Fox's America's Most Wanted.

Once again, Joseph Gorman, Gregory Jacobson and James R. Sanchez will be honored at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, May 12, 2007, at 7:00 p.m., at the Warner Theatre.

Job well done.

National Police Week 2007

May 15, 2007 will mark the 26th annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service.  The Memorial walls already bear the names of over 17,000 officers who have given their lives. The memorial this year will add the names of about 150 officers who were killed in the line of duty in 2006. Our own Officer Eric Solario, who was killed in February of 2006, will also have his name added to the memorial wall.

This year's memorial, held in Washington D.C. is another sobering reminder of the true price police sometimes pay in service to others.

If you are unable to attend, remember to keep the families of all of those whose names will appear on the "Roll Call of Heroes" wall in your prayers.

For complete information on this event, click the document below.

Be Safe.

Download police_week.pdf

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Chicago Officers Honored for Bravery and Sacrifice

On May 9, 2007, Chicago Police Superintendent Philip J. Cline presented awards to outstanding officers at the Chicago Police Department's 46th Annual Police Recognition Ceremony.

This ceremony honored officers for various acts of valor and sacrifice which they performed in the line of duty.  While the list is long and the recipients are more than deserving, this is but a sample of the actions our police take on a daily basis to serve and protect this city.

If you ever wonder about the hearts and souls of the officers of the Chicago Police Department, click the PDF file below.  Read their names, read their stories and remember their sacrifices.

It is also very interesting that when the media gets a negative story or video about the Chicago Police Department they will play it over and over again.  On the other hand, when it is a positive story, like the Recognition Ceremony, you will be lucky to see it once on the afternoon news.  This year, even with the outstanding heroics of 70 police officers, the coverage was less then usual.

The Tribune did send a reporter to the event and did a decent job of covering the event. It wasn't above the fold on the Metro page where it should have been, but it did make page a quarter of page 6 in the Metro Section.

  The Sun-Times was much more interested in covering fake sushi and a negative police story in one of their columns.  They did cover the ceremony  in their "News in Brief", very brief indeed, they didn't even give the story 70 words.

On the TV end channels 2, 5 and 7 did send crews to cover the story and we appreciate the effort.  Channels 32, 9 and CLTV were much too busy to cover this event. 

The media is supposed to report the news.  This event is news that has taken place in Chicago in the past year--but the powers that be at the various print and electronic organizations have determined that the people of Chicago do not need to know what positive actions and stories take place on a daily basis from the Chicago Police Department. 

If you want to know what the men and women of the finest police department in the country are doing, take a few minutes to download the attached file and read about the heroics that take place every day in this City. 

Also keep in mind that you determine what channels to watch on TV and what newspapers you want to spend your money buying.  When all the smoke clears, the Chicago Police Department should be given equal time in the media equation.  If 70 officers were involved in a negative story we would hear about it for the next 6 months.  We have 70 hero's and will be lucky to see 6 minutes worth of coverage.

Stay safe, stay focused and go home safely every night.

Download 2007_awards.pdf


Thomas J. Clark........................... 1922

Terrence Lyons............................. 1922

Philip J. Kelly.............................. 1939

Wednesday, 09 May 2007

P.O. Zayas Update

I just wanted to update everyone on Andres Zayas and his band of brothers in Afghanistan.  They lost a couple of their own on 6 May 2007 in an ambush at Camp Eggers, Kabul, Afghanistan.  Andres sent me a couple pictures of the honors ceremony.  Today, 09 May 2007, I received a postcard from Andres.


The back of the card reads as follows:

"Hello Everyone!  Just wanted to drop off a card and say hello.  Things are fine and I wish to thank you for the care packages.  I am in good spirits but I am longing for home.  We often take so much for granted and until we experience something like this, we realize how important friends and family are!  We find honor in everything, even when the IEDs go off!"

I have attached pictures of the honors ceremony and the postcard.  I am not sure how or if you guys will use them but it is a real reminder of what our people who are deployed are experiencing over there.  I would again like to thank everyone who has been so kind to donate items for me to send to Andres.



Sgt. Francis J. Iglinski

Administrative Sergeant

Bureau of Patrol

312-745-6210 Office



Michael Sheehan........................ 1886

Tuesday, 08 May 2007

This article was submitted to CC by:

Rhonda Anderson, Race Director, Run To Remember
Captain,TEAM CPD MEMORIAL Debuting October 7, 2007 at the
LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon (312)745-5286

Run to Remember honors fallen officers
Disabled child races for the first time, remembers grandfather killed in line of duty
By Nina Mandell
May 7, 2007
Chicago Athlete

Runtoremember07main For the more than 2,000 runners on Saturday, May 5 at the police memorial run, there was no shortage of fallen officers to be remembered.

But for Garry Forde and the O'Neill family, the race was as much about remembering Officer Maureen O'Neill's father, who was killed in the line of duty in 1974, as it was about remembering someone who is still alive: her daughter, Fiona O'Neill.

Ten-year-old Fiona was born with methemoglobinemia, a rare blood disease that leaves her severely mentally and physically disabled. The O'Neill family knew of only two other children in the world that were afflicted with the disease, and they both have passed away.

"She was our miracle child," said Maureen, a 25-year police veteran. "They didn't expect her to survive more than two years, but she just turned ten last month."

When he heard of Fiona's condition ten years ago, Forde, a long-time marathoner and childhood friend of Fiona's father, Kevin O'Neill, found a new purpose in his running: to raise money and awareness for Fiona.

"I was toning back on marathons and then this happened," said Forde, who has now run 21 marathons. "I absolutely love running now. If Fiona can struggle like this and she hasn't even made it to the starting line of life yet, then I can struggle through a race."

Forde kicks a gaelic soccer ball along the race route as he runs. After he's finished, he has it autographed by local celebrities and his soccer team, then he auctions it off to raise money for Fiona.

At the Run to Remember, Fiona for the first time was able to join Forde during a race. Cheered on by Fiona's two sisters and her parents, Forde ran pushing Fiona around the track in her wheelchair. They raced along with another disabled child being pushed in a wheelchair along the course, 12-year-old Mark Jackson. Mark, the son of police sergeant Gregory Jackson, was born six months premature and has cerebral palsy and a tracheotomy.

"This is so important because this is something he can do and enjoy athletically and we can participate and be a part of and support the foundation as well," said his mother Marchell Jackson. "This will hopefully catapult him to do more races."

Finishing times were not as fast as other races this racing season, however, runners said they were even more meaningful. The men's side was won by Jason Lee (16:27), and the women's side by Amy Thomas Elder (18:57). Neither have affiliation with the police department, but said they were glad to support their community's protection.

"It was really fun to be here," said Elder. "I love the whole event, it's just really special."

This was the third annual Chicago police memorial race, a race that was started by the Chicago Police running team. In the past two years the race has raised more than $50,000.



Police Officer Barbara Seay, Star# 18477, assigned to Detached Services, passed away 2 May 2007. Visitation Taylor Funeral Home, 63 E. 79th St., 9 May, 1500-2100 hours and 10 May 1100-1130 hours. St. Jude will meet at 1115 hours. Services to follow. Interment Burr Oak Cemetery.

                                           * * * * * * * *

Retired Police Officer William Durr, formerly assigned to the 1st District, father of Police Officer Gregory Durr, assigned to the 7th District, passed away 3 May 2007. Visitation Cage Memorial Chapel, 7651 S. Jeffery Blvd, 8 May, 1200-1800 hours. Waked at Cosmopolitan Community Church, 5249 S. Wabash, 9 May, 1000-1100 hours. St. Jude will meet at 1045 hours. Services to follow. Interment Mt. Hope Cemetery.

                                          * * * * * * * *

Retired Youth Officer Hugh Baletto, formerly assigned to Area 2 Detective Division, passed away 3 May 2007. Waked at Central Funeral Home, 6158 S. Central Ave., 6 May, 1400-2100 hours. St. Jude will meet at 1900 hours. Services St. Symphorosa Church, 6135 S. Austin, 7 May, 1030 hours. Interment private.

                                          * * * * * * * *


Timothy Flavin................ 1886

Patrick J. Redmond..........  1934

Charles C. Kraatz............. 1953

Joseph E. Chapman Jr. ...... 1960

Monday, 07 May 2007

Heads up policing in 009

At 0355 hours, 5 May 07, Beat 911 is flagged down by a concerned citizen who tells them drugs are being sold at 3132 W. 41st Street.  Officers Murphy and Tantillo follow up on the complaint and contact Ephrain Flores, 44 years old. who lives in the building and discover a plastic bag containing suspect cocaine, in plain view, on the back porch.  It was less than 15 grams but the officers did get a consent to search, in writing, from the wife and went up to the attic where the offender lived and recovered two additional bags of suspect cocaine and $20,000 in USC.  K-9 had a positive hit on the money and Asset Forfeiture was notified. 

Not bad for following up on a citizens suspicions.

Our Crime Strategies Work


This job is not always easy. . . not by a longshot.  But it is good to see results.  Job well done to all the hardworking members of the Chicago Police Department.


John L. Donner.................. 1917

Eugene L. Reid................... 1945

Sunday, 06 May 2007

Chicago Remembers


Nothing more to say. . . except, "Thank You."


John J. Barrett................. 1886

George F. Miller................ 1886

Friday, 04 May 2007


Retired Youth Officer Hugh Baletto, formerly assigned to Area 2 Youth Detective Division, passed away 03 May 2007. Waked at Central Funeral Home, 5158 S. Central Avenue, 06 May, 1400-2100 hours. St. Jude to meet at 1900 hours.

Services at St. Symphorosa Church, 6135 S. Austin on 07 May at 1030 hours.


Tickets are available for the 46th Annual Police Recognition Ceremony and Luncheon, which will be held at 1200 hours on Wednesday, 09 May 07, at the Chicago Hilton and Towers, located at 720 S. Michigan Avenue. The Chicago Police Department most distinguished awards-Award of Valor, Blue Star Award, Blue Shield Award, and Police Medal will be presented to some of our outstanding officers. Your attendance will greatly support our fellow officers for their acts of heroism. All sworn exempt members will wear dress uniform, and other sworn members will wear the uniform of the day or conservative business attire. Department members interested in purchasing tickets can contact the Special Activities Section at Pax 0207 or Bell 5-5844.


Please join us at the 3rd Annual RUN TO REMEMBER 5K run & walk on Saturday, 5 May 07, 0800 hours at Gold Star Families Memorial and Park. Log on to www.cpdmemorial.org/run to register, donate or volunteer. Proceeds benefit the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. For additional info contact Rhonda Anderson (312) 745-5286.


Area Four Detective Division is sponsoring their 3rd Memorial Motorcycle Ride benefiting the Chicago Police Department Memorial Foundation. This event will take place on Sunday, 29 Jul. 07. To register on line please go to www.area4ridetoremember.com. For day of ride registration, please arrive at Area Four (3151 W. Harrison) at 0800 hrs, the ride will begin promptly at 1000 hrs. For more information please contact Det. Thomas Flaherty at Cold Case Squad 312-746-9690.


15 May 2007 marks the 26th Annual National Police Officers Memorial Service in Washington, D.C. Help honor Police Officer Eric Solorio, #13609 and all the fallen Officers. Information guides are being sent to Districts and Units. If you need more information please contact Preventive Programs at 5-5823 or Pax 0304.


St. Jude Police League Memorial March and inter-faith service has been moved from Michigan Ave. to the Gold Star Families and Memorial Park. (Reference Pax 501 dated 27 Apr. 07).


The Chicago Police Enforcers will play a charity football game against the Philadelphia Blue Flame. The game will be held following the St. Jude March on Sunday, 6 May 07 at Soldier Field. Kick-off is scheduled for 1030 hours. Please bring a change of clothes to the march and join us afterward for the Gold Star Bowl. Proceeds from the Enforcers season assist the Gold Star Families and the Police Memorial Foundation. Tickets will be available at the gate or from any team member. Please visit www.cpdenforcers.com for more information.


Patrolman Cornelius Wilson was the first African-American Chicago Police Officer killed in the line of duty, 1 May 1919. The African-American Police League and the Guardians Police Organization will be hosting a commemorative ceremony on 5 May 2007 at Raymond School Park, 3663 S. Wabash at 1300 hours. In addition, everyone is invited to a picnic in Patrolman Wilson’s honor at the same location, from 1000-1700 hours.


Retired Detective Gary Bulava, formerly assigned to Area 4 Detective Division, passed away 29 April 2007. Waked at Gale-Salerno Funeral  Home, 1857 W. Harlem, 5 May, 1500-2100 hours. Services and interment private.

* * * * * * * *

Thursday, 03 May 2007


Young C. Hobson................. 1968

23rd District Gun Pinch

Submitted to CC by Sgt. Sodini in 23rd District.  This honorable mention was presented to the recipient officers during an outdoor roll call.  Community residents were on hand to witness adn participate in the event.  The officers received a well deserved round of applause from the community.  Well done!

This honorable mention is awarded to Officer J. Walsh , P.O. Galeczka , P.O. Salam, P.O. Miller and Sgt. Greco for their diligence and dedication to duty in the on view arrest and charging of an offender and the recovery of a 9mm Luger.

While on aggressive, preventive patrol, Officers Walsh and Galeczka observed several male teens gathered on the corner of Sheridan and Wilson.  While passing, the Officers heard loud reports and gave a flash message of "shots fired" and the description of several males running from that location and gave chase.  While the subjects split into groups, P. O. Walsh observed a lone teen possibly concealing a weapon, split from the group and flee into the alley and emerge a few seconds later empty handed, turning to run S/B on Sheridan.  Officer Walsh gave another directional flash message.  The male subject was detained by Officers Galeczka and Salam for investigation.  During this time 911 was notified by a concerned citizen and witness, that he saw a male teen throw an object into the dumpster, possible a gun and run S/B on Sheridan, giving a clothing description of the offender.  P.O. Miller was able to recover the unregistered weapon, a 9mm Luger based on this information.

A local store owner, after hearing loud noises discovered a bullet hole, that had just occurred, in his office window.  Further investigation by Sgt. Greco enabled the recovery of video surveillance from another merchant to support the events.

These Officers are to be commended for their team work and skill in coordinating a successful arrest and recovery of evidence and information.


photo by: "Alan Donnelly  ©2007"

Wednesday, 02 May 2007

Police Month Activities



On 2 May 07 in Springfield Illinois, the night before the State Memorial, the Chicago Police Soccer Team are playing the St. Louis Police Soccer Team in a charity game. All proceeds go to benefit C.O.P.S. Concerns of Police Survivors of Illinois. The game is being held at the University of Illinois at Springfield, Kiwanis Stadium at 1900 hours. The game features two teams with collegiate and professionally experienced players. For directions and further details please check WWW.CPDSOCCER.COM


The Police Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, 13 May 07, at 1140 W. Jackson Blvd., 1100 hours. This Mass will honor all Mothers on Mothers Day and all are welcome. Refreshments will be served after Mass. For further information contact Father Nagle at (312) 738-7588.


Patrolman Cornelius Wilson was the first African-American Chicago Police Oficer killed in the line of duty, 1 May 1919. The African-American Police League and the Guardians Police Organization will be hosting a commemorative ceremony on 5 May 2007 at Raymond School Park, 3663 S. Wabash at 1300 hours. In addition, everyone is invited to a picnic in Patrolman Wilson’s honor at the same location, from 1000-1700 hours.


The Department has arranged for bus transportation for any member wishing to participate in the Annual Police Memorial in Springfield, IL on Thursday, 3 May 07. This year the state is honoring Chicago Police Officer Eric Solorio for his duty related sacrifice. Members are advised to report to the parking lot of the Education & Training Division, 1300 W. Jackson, no later than  0400 hours on Thursday, 3 May 07. To sign up or obtain further information about the bus service contact Sgt. Capparelli, at Bell 5-5838 or Pax 0304.

Chicago Police Memorial Schedule of Events

Chicago Police

Memorial Foundation

Upcoming Schedule of May Events

This Saturday May 5, 2007 Run to Remember


On Line Registration Ends May 2nd at Midnight

The "Run to Remember" 5K Run and Walk

Forecast: Sunny and 69

5K USATF certified chip-timed run/ 5K non-competitive walk and junior jog on Chicago's beautiful lakefront. Join us in supporting the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. For more info click on the weblink or visit CPDmemorial.org

This Sunday May 6, 2007


Gold Star Families Memorial Park

(Exit Lake Shore Drive at 18th Street)

St Jude Memorial March

Friends and Family of law enforcement are invited to join the Chicago Police Department and other agencies on Sunday, May 6 at Solidarity and Museum Campus Drives.  Extended family members and friends are welcome to view the march from the west side of Museum Campus Drive across from the Park

Immediately following the St. Jude Memorial March

This Sunday May 6, 2007  CPD Enforcers 

CPD "Enforcers" Charity Football Game

Come join the CPD Enforcers Football Team on May 06, 2007, as they take on the Philadelphia Blue Flames in a Charity football game at Soldier Field, 1401 Museum Campus Drive.

Kickoff is at 10:30 am.

Tickets are $10.00 at the gate.

Contact Information

Run To Remember:


Chicago Police Memorial Foundation


1359 W. Washington Blvd.


The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation

Looks to "Never Forget" Chicago Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty and Officers who suffer from catastrophic injuries and their families.

Thank you for your support.


On 2 May 07 in Springfield Illinois, the night before the State Memorial, the Chicago Police Soccer Team are playing the St. Louis Police Soccer Team in a charity game. All proceeds go to benefit C.O.P.S. Concerns of Police Survivors of Illinois. The game is being held at the University of Illinois at Springfield, Kiwanis Stadium at 1900 hours. The game features two teams with collegiate and professionally experienced players. For directions and further details please check WWW.CPDSOCCER.COM


The Police Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, 13 May 07, at 1140 W. Jackson Blvd., 1100 hours. This Mass will honor all Mothers on Mothers Day and all are welcome. Refreshments will be served after Mass. For further information contact Father Nagle at (312) 738-7588.


Patrolman Cornelius Wilson was the first African-American Chicago Police Oficer killed in the line of duty, 1 May 1919. The African-American Police League and the Guardians Police Organization will be hosting a commemorative ceremony on 5 May 2007 at Raymond School Park, 3663 S. Wabash at 1300 hours. In addition, everyone is invited to a picnic in Patrolman Wilson’s honor at the same location, from 1000-1700 hours.


The Department has arranged for bus transportation for any member wishing to participate in the Annual Police Memorial in Springfield, IL on Thursday, 3 May 07. This year the state is honoring Chicago Police Officer Eric Solorio for his duty related sacrifice. Members are advised to report to the parking lot of the Education & Training Division, 1300 W. Jackson, no later than  0400 hours on Thursday, 3 May 07. To sign up or obtain further information about the bus service contact Sgt. Capparelli, at Bell 5-5838 or Pax 0304.


Beginning 1 May 07, all CPD personnel who are seeking outside  employment offered through the Special Events Unit, such as Film and TV security work, must register on line to work these details. All  personnel who previously signed up for these details must also reapply via this ON-LINE registration to be included in the new roster of eligible personnel. To register beginning 1 May 07, use the intranet, log onto the Clear applications, go to Bureau Sites and click on Office of First Deputy Superintendent/Special Event Registration/ Movies and then to Register  or Event Notification. All eligible workers are required to enter all fields  and must have an e-mail address. Presently, the rate for employment is $22.00/hour for Sergeants and $20.00/hour for all other officers. Time and a half begins after eight hours. These rates are presently being negotiated. This is the ONLY way to apply for this employment. Any questions, contact the Special Events Unit at 745-5253 or PAX-303.


All Units intending to participate in the 2007 Softball League are asked to attend a meeting at the Education and Training Division 14 May 07, at 1300 hours. Registration packets will be distributed at this time.


Patrick Durkin-----------------------------1931

Leonard F. Baldy-----------------------1905

Register for the Run to Remember!!!



If you miss online registration, you can register at:
Packet Pickup
Chicago Police Academy
1300 W. Jackson
Thursday and Friday 0800-2000
You may pick up packets for friends, family, and co-workers, please have their full names and t-shirt sizes available.
Or in person on race day, the price increases to  $30.00 cash or check ONLY.
We have already exceeded last year's registration, so act quickly!  Only pre-registered participants are guaranteed a t-shirt!
For more info, log onto :

Tuesday, 01 May 2007


Patrick Duffy............................ 1902

Richard Cummings...................... 1905

James F. Looney........................ 1918

Cournelius Wilson....................... 1919

Stopped and watched the Honor Guard today.
Never been prouder.
Submitted by Fr. Thomas Nangle