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Built Environment

Built Heritage staff identify, record and protect the built, buried and underwater remains of human activity, from prehistoric times to the present. Built Heritage Montage

Here in our website you can find information on archaeological sites, historic monuments and buildings, industrial remains, designed historic landscapes and features of the shores and sea-bed. All these things are part of the built heritage together they form a precious resource for understanding and enjoying our past, and to safeguard for future generations.

You can also view information from the Historic Monuments Database and the Historic Buildings Database and find out about the Monuments and Buildings record.

To find out more about Historic Monuments look within our 'Historic Monuments' section. To find out more about Historic Buildings look within our 'Historic Buildings' section.

Or Visit the MBR online which consists in part of the Northern Ireland Sites and Monuments Database and the Northern Ireland Buildings Database.

Historic Buildings and Energy Efficiency. A Guide to Part F

Click here for Further information and a chance to view A booklet providing guidance on how to comply with Part F of the Northern Ireland Building Regulations in regard to Historic Buildings.Opens in New window

Built Environment