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You have reached the U.S. Antarctic Data Coordination Center. We are funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to help you complete your obligations as a PI regarding the NSF Office of Polar Programs Guidelines and Award Conditions for Scientific Data. Please read the Overview for more information about the OPP Data Policy, how it relates to the Antarctic Master Directory (AMD), and your data description.

To submit a data description, follow the "Describe your Data" link, which will take you to a Web-based tool to enter specific information about the data you have collected. You do not have to submit the completed description until you are ready, and we are happy to provide assistance during the process. A data submission tutorial is also available to help you.

Describe your data

Upon submitting your data description, you will receive an E-mail response, which includes a copy of the information you supplied. Several days later, your description will become available in the searchable Antarctic Master Directory (AMD) and you will receive a URL via E-mail to access the description, so you can include it in your final project report for NSF. Place the URL you receive in the Fastlane Final Report Section entitled: Internet Dissemination.

Follow the "Search the AMD" link to search thousands of data descriptions submitted by scientists from over 20 countries.

Search the AMD

For OPP-funded Principal Investigator contact information, and information about current OPP-funded grants, please access the USADCC's OPP Antarctic Investigator Database.