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Technical illustration provides the "eyes" of our information age

AEC understands the unique needs of the technical writing, publishing, engineering, planning and scientific communities to communicate complex concepts effectively and efficiently for research, service documentation, patents, and marketing. We come fully prepared to participate in the vital process of engineering illustration for design, assembly, proposal development and manufacturing, as well as production of publication-ready illustrations for service and diagnostic manuals, catalogs, and sales materials.

1. Laser optic tool rendered model 2. Cathod Ray Tube [ Click for CRT Animation ]

Today's complex high technologies, involving machines, computers and physics, demand full use of all the newest visual media, from on-demand preliminaries to full multimedia animations. AECs experience in failure and forensic research has given us the unique ability to anticipate many safety and legal issues.

AEC has unique capabilty to efficiently provide advanced 3D Model Based Images (3DMI) for a wide range of static documentation and animated presentations. These 3D-model-based images (3DMI) are initially produced by extracting 3D geometry from ubiquitous engineering CAD design systems.

Click here for galleries of technical illustrations and animations at Sun

Virtually all modern engineering enterprise products and research is developed using a CAD system. CAD geometric datasets are extraordinarily useful for producing a wide range of dynamic pictorial art. A wide range of other digital datasets such as thermography, magnetic imaging, point clouds can also be accessed and repurposed for your projects at great cost savings.

3D-model-based multimedia can be much more effective than conventional 2D static images but should never be gratuitous. The 3DMI images can convey ideas and concepts by using a greater range of rotation, views, lighting and shadows, edge/shape definitions, texture and color saturation. This in turn can help writers use illustrations or multimedia to help optimize readers comprehension of narrative or procedures. Easily produced sequential (step-by-step) or keyframe illustrations can aid reader comprehension and reduce the writers burden enormously. Animated multimedia requires streaming video media player formats such as Java Media Player (.jmp), Quicktime (.mov) or Flash (.swf)

Visual communication by graphic pictorial views are our world's most valuable means of description. Technical illustration exactly defines the project at hand, and therefore requires the fullest integration of computer technology and art.

Historical Reconstruction and Conservation Services
Click To Access Floor Levels
Anne Frank House and Museum, Amsterdam, NL

(A large 24X36 JPEG format poster available. Contact: macbloom@aol.com)

AEC's Historical Conservation Division:
Museum Science and Digital Conservation Services:
Preservation of significant historic objects, structures and archaeological reconstructions.

Modern computer modeling using advanced integrated systems such as CAD allows us to process thought in three dimensions, in color, and complete with movement and implied stress. Using CAD, we can enter and examine the smallest molecule, or replicate the largest structures and machines.

1. Shows building with partial roof transparent and cutaway. 2. Exploded and transparent objects

1. Freeway Interchange, detail 2. Animated Traffic Circle Visualization

High pressure gas filter and closure mechanism detail

AECs experience in failure and forensic research has given us the unique ability to anticipate many safety and legal issues, and our specialists are prepared to provide solutions, presented using the most advanced illustrative methods.

Please call 1-650-854-5535 or email: macbloom@aol.com for more information.

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