Height: 6 foot 2
Weight: 305 pounds
From: Nutley, N.J.
Signature Move: Nutcracker Suite
Career Highlights: ECW Tag Team Champion
Entrance Video: WATCH

The Chair Swinging Freak, Balls Mahoney, has had a long and storied career in ECW. Balls is a true extreme soldier whose career soared to new heights in ECW. Mahoney combined a lengthy amateur wrestling background with the propensity for violence to forge a fighting style like none other. He could wrestle his opponents into submission, or simply knock them unconscious with a steel chair; it didn’t matter to him, as long as he got to hurt somebody.

In the early ECW days, Balls teamed up with Axl Rotten and the two were known as The Hardcore Chair Swingin’ Freaks. Later, Balls also teamed with Masato Tanaka and with Spike Dudley, and has held ECW World Tag Team Championship with each.

One of the first to sign on with the new ECW brand, Balls looks to continue his chair swingin’ ways in extreme wrestling on Sci Fi.