Shoust's Welcoming

Welcome to My Opera Resources Site! Here you will find information and tips, and custom setups on the Opera browser and why you should choose Opera.

Definition: Opera = Internet Suite, not to be confused with Opera music ;)

This site will list my updates as well as official Opera updates throughout the year.

One more thing: I hope you like my site :)



Added a block 3rd party scripts to userjs page, and in place of the WMP panel(which sadly doesn't work as well anymore due to security upgrades), is the media shower, which when saved to the hard drive, will play files as soon as you navigate them from the top half of the page, formats compatible are wmv, wav,mp3,avi,mpeg. It also allows viewing of images and webpages in a seperate container too. click here then save(file - save as), then reopen from drive, then place as a panel! :)


Been messing around with Opera's new widget feature lately, I have 3-4 widgets that I've done so far, one of which allows you to translate text from Google or Babelfish, go check it out, its called Gtranslation


Added 2 new features to the browser panel, if an address contains a < and the dropdown says Go, the browser panel will consider it html code and parse it as a web page, plus there is a tickbox in the corner of the "toolbar" which enables everything to be opened in a new page, so you can view source etc, plus there is a similar write field. Which does the same thing. :)


Added some more things to the site, like a bookmarklets page, called JSlets in the menu, which should allow you to do some various things with the page, like Increase/Decrease font-size, and to extract some information from the page. Plus I have added some more fields, to change various things of a page, to style tags, or classes, plus increase font-size by what ever integer you want. Check it out :)


Opera 9 preview 1 released! Check out for more details, the additions I currently like is the new opera:config , the webforms 2 support, css3 selector support and designmode(rich text editing) finally arrived. IMO the final Opera 9 release is the version we have been all waiting for. Go get it!


Two months approximately have passed and I haven't done alot to this website, the website is now in php so the updates will be quick and easy, plus the site is valid in xhtml 1.0 strict! Plus some changes have been made so the website looks ok in small screen, note that since Opera have updated their community site, that the RSS bit in the panel will currently not work, and suggestions are welcome for a RSS reader that is best viewable in a limited width panel plus be able to be fed by a URL. Email me with your suggestions.


Made the browser panel open media files(or open up addresses in IE engine) straight from the address bar, click the tiny button to load a path up and select WMP from the dropdown. You can search more of google plus preview an RSS Feed. Go to the panels page for more information.


Added a new part to my site, which are my UserJavascripts, check out the USERJS section, plus the IE and Media displayer has changed to Multimedia player, this allows to play a local file in selected player(Windows only, you need to save the page if u want to play local files using quicktime) or remote file, or explore the folder of html file on the web using the IE Engine, check it out at the Tools page. Enjoy :)


Updated the web browser panel once again, now there is an improved appearance,plus google and google images search, check it out at the panels page. :)


Updated the web browser panel, I slimmed the code down and made it more useful in smallscreen, but of course some modules wont work so i disabled these, enjoy :) , plus SearchCreator and button creator will be cleaned soon. Stay tuned for more! :)


Sorry for the lack of updates, but a lot has happened to the site, notice the new site design? Looks much more cleaner IMO, plus I made a Menu and Toolbar INI Creator (More here) plus a tool to make supersearches (More here) added some more fields to the fields page, and slimlined(made cleaner) and a more efficient web browser panel, check out the panels page for more informaton, and enjoy (the seemingly, lack of) updates! :D


Opera 8 final has been released! Click the Opera 8 graphic for more information. In other news : I've added a new menu, which can enhance your organisation of notes and contacts/mail/bookmarks etc. Enjoy :D


Made a lot of progress since the last update, I've edited a longbar panel, which is added to the Panels page, I have a brand new im.css i made(took a while though) added that to the CSS page, plus I've categorised the things they affect, plus I have made two new tools(they are not on the browser panel this time) Which is the checkbox maker, and the Alternate Action maker, maybe use ful to some people there. Enjoy :D .


Added a svg to my site :D look below :)


Opera 8 beta 3 has been released, its on the ftp server at the moment, the new preferences looks nice, but its missing some vital things. Go to download


Redesigned the site a little, it looked a little out of place with the search field and the image buttons, plus I have added two new pages, one which is tools and one which is Fields, I hope you find some use in them :)


The unevitable has happened, a wmp panel is fully working :D . Its all thanks to Burnout with his excellent JavaScript skills, something I would'nt have worked out in a long time, well here goes to say, enjoy this amazing panel!

Download | Preview


The browser panel has been updated again, with descriptions of each button, plus there are 2 different search creators, one is a 'search field creator' which you type in and go, and one is meant to be put into the search side panel, as always enjoy the panel :) .

Download | Preview


The browser panel has been updated, with the button editor and search editor 'modules' added the code for opera forums, so it creates the [Opbut=action]name[/opbut] as well as the html code already there. As always, enjoy the panel :)

Download | Preview


A new panel has arrived, a media player panel, although it may not work as much as you like it to, you can browse and play media files, and it currently works for people under Opera 7.54 , enjoy the panel! (Many thanks to burnout for the help)



Updated my panel, it now has a 'search field editor' built in(Made by Me), meaning you could insert your favourite search engine and name it how you like, Put speech marks over the http address, remember where that %s string goes and you have a search field!.

Download | Preview


Updated my panel, it now has a 'webpage writer and button maker' built in(Courtesy of CrazyTB), meaning you could test your site under Opera, just put your code in and 'preview' the page.

Download | Preview