Letter: Fighting White Supremacy


I was very excited to see a copy of Love and Rage. This is the best revolutionary anarchist publication I have ever seen, including Canada's Open Road. What I especially like is that contrary to most anarchists of the 1970s and 80's, when my revolutionary pamphlets "Anarchism and the Black Revolution" was published, your group seems to understand the dynamics of white supremacy and why it must be fought. You can't imagine the kind of "cop-out" racist capitualtionism that the Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.) and most anarchist groups were guilty of then.

To Advance the Class Struggle, Abolish the White Race

by Noel Ignatiev

Race is a biological fiction, but it is a social fact. The white race consists of those who enjoy the privileges of the white skin—freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, the inside track for jobs and careers, not having to fear for their lives every time they leave the home, expecting, if they are female, that the state will protect them from strangers. Its most downtrodden members enjoy a social status above any person defined as "non-white."

Letter: Ignatiev responds to the L&R Production Group

To the Editors:

In an article in the November/December 1994 issue of Love and Rage, I wrote that white people are those who enjoy the privileges of the white skin, among which are "expecting, if they are female, that the state will protect them from strangers." In a note appended to my article, the editorial board wrote that the women on it "strongly disagree" with my statement, which "runs contrary to the newspaper's commitment to recognizing the way in which state power is used to uphold patriarchy."

Letter: Race Treason, Gender Trouble

Dear Love and Rage,

Noel Ignatiev's attempt to defend his claim that white women can expect "that the state will protect them from strangers" demands a response. Noel replies to the evidence of the experience of "white" women on the Love and Rage Production Group to the contrary by asserting that by their apparent refusal "to be the property of any man" they have placed themselves beyond the shield of whiteness.

Minneapolis Anti-Racist Action

by Michael Corbin

Rumors of its demise having been greatly exaggerated, a new Minneapolis Anti-Racist Action has formed and become an important force for political agitation and organizing in the Twin Cities. In part because of the absence in general of much action-oriented political activity, and because of the continuing relevance of its anti-racist, anti-fascist message, the re-emergence of Minneapolis ARA is a hopeful and instructive sign in these repressive, post-left times.
Small Steps and Guerrilla Activity

We Shut �em Down: Nazis Routed in St. Paul

by joel

A neo-nazi skinhead concert scheduled to take place on May 20 in St. Paul was cancelled after the combined efforts of Anti-Racist Action (ARA), various independent activists, and community members of West St. Paul forced the police to cancel the show.


Members of ARA were tipped off about the show in mid-March and began organizing against it immediately. Because nazis know the public will shut their shows down if they know about them, they have to keep the address of the gig a secret until the day of the show.

They discreetly distributed fliers telling fellow white supremacists to meet at Mounds Park in St. Paul between noon and 6:00 P.M. to pick up tickets and a map to the hall where the gig would take place.

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