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deleted scenes / forgotten dreams
double vinyl album

The Caretaker

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The Caretaker has abandoned darker and hard to grasp memories in favour of an altogether warmer journey which upon exposure invades your very own core being. This is a very personal album for the listener, pre-soul music from a bygone era which will attack your senses in a comfortable/uncomfortable way. There is no tracklisting, you are encouraged to find your own way through the release searching for your own reference points. A very important artifact and document, an album for personal introspection. Your own personal and individual soundtrack. Mastered and cut by the legendary Berlin Duplates and Mastering team, set for release on Belgian based We/me Le Disque and featuring artwork by Guy Denning. Cut at low volume to allow for additional stylus crackle to form part of each release over a period of time.

untitled - 21:39
untitled - 23:26
untitled - 23:30
untitled - 23:05

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The full release can be downloaded for free in high quality MP3 files taken from the masters. You will need to download the following three rar files from rapidshare. If you don't have a rapidshare account simply download one file every three hours. You will need all three to unpack the release.

The release has been encoded at 320kbps and comes with additional information about The Caretaker and an interview.

deleted scenes (rar - part 1)
deleted scenes (rar - part 2)
deleted scenes (rar - part 3)