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What is CppUnit?

CppUnit is a C++ unit testing framework. It started its life as a port of [WWW] JUnit to C++ by Michael Feathers. For a quick tour of unit testing with CppUnit, see [WWW] the Cookbook in the latest documentation. For an introduction to unit testing, see [Wiki]UnitTest, [Wiki]ProgrammerTest, and [Wiki]CodeUnitTestFirst at the [Wiki] wiki.


Online documentation

Other documentation

User documentation for CppUnit:


It is recommended to download the latest stable version 1.12. You can find it on the [WWW] SourceForge download page.

Link to CppUnit 1.12 [WWW] source, [WWW] documentation, and [WWW] a cvs export of the source tarballs.

Link to the CVS [WWW] What's News file.


You can get the most recent source from CVS. See instructions in the CVS tab of the SourceForgeProject page about accessing the CVS repository.

Alternatively, if you are behind a strict firewall, you can download the [WWW] nightly backup tarball of the CVS repository (about 1.2Mo). You'll need to install it as a local CVS repository to use it.

The Future

A set of documents (features, todo...) concerning CppUnit 2 can be found at the following url: [WWW]

There is a page for CppUnit2 discussions.

CppUnit Wiki

Information about this Wiki:

This wiki

Backups of this wiki are done nightly to a non-Sourceforge server. A backup of the wiki pages can be found at [WWW]

See [MoinMoin]SourceForge for information and tips on installing your own SourceForge wiki.


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