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Calendar of Religious Ceremonies in Bethlehem for Christmas 2007 - 2008 / Events

Past events

Mayor Batarseh Signs a Twinning Agreement with Marrickville

The Deputy Mayor receives Bethlehem City's Scottish friends at the Peace Center

Mayor Batarseh Attending HCEF Conference in Washington DC


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Number Of Visitors



Mikha'il Abu Sa'adeh 1876



Khalil Ya'qub Jaqaman 1880



Sulaiman Yusuf Jacir 1884



'Issa'Abdulla Morcos 1888


Ya'qub Khalil Elias 1892



Hanna Mansur 1895 - 1915



Salim 'Issa Al-Batarsah 1916 - 1917



Salih Giries Jaqaman 1917 - 1921



Musa Qattan 1921-1925



Hanna Ibrahim Miladah 1926-1928



Nicola 'Atallah Shain 1929-1933



Hanna Issa al-Qawwas 1936-1946



Issa Basil Bandak 1946-1951



Elias Issa Bandak 1951-1952



Afif Salim Batarsah 1952-1953



Elias 'Issa Bandak 1953-1957



Mr. Ayyub Musallam. 1958-1962



Elias 'Issa Bandak. 1963-1972



Elias Mitri Freij 1972-1997



Hanna J. Nasser 1997-2005



Dr. Victor Batarseh 2005- Present










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