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December 2007

This Week in Doctor Who
New Column Posted
December 15, 2007  •  Posted By Benjamin Elliott
The latest installment of This Week in Doctor Who, the weekly guide to Doctor Who on television in the UK, North America and elsewhere, for December 15, 2007 has now been posted. Click here to read it.
Tate Comments About Tennant's Future
General TV Series News
December 15, 2007  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
In an article on BBC News published this morning, Catherine Tate says that the upcoming fourth Doctor Who series will be her last, and that it "could be the last for actor David Tennant" according to comments she made this morning on the Radio 2 Jonathan Ross programme. "I think it's maybe David's last series." The article notes that the BBC refuses to comment on Mr Tennant's future as the show's star. When pressed on whether Tennant would return to play the timelord in special Dr Who shows in future, Tate replied: "Possibly."

To listen to Tate's interview on the Jonathan Ross show, follow this link and click on "Listen again". The Catherine Tate segment begins approximately 2 hours 37 minutes into the program.

The BBC News article also quotes Kylie Minogue in Doctor Who Magazine as saying her appearance in the forthcoming Christmas special is "like stepping back in time. I really felt at home being back in the world of TV. I've definitely got the acting bug again!"
News round-up
December 14, 2007  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
In addition to all the coverage of "Voyage of the Damned", several other Doctor Who-related stories have recently appeared in the UK's national and local press.

Russell T Davies defends the state of British television to The New Statesman. The Guardian's TV critic Charlie Brooker has named the episode "Blink" as the Best Populist Drama of the Year, declaring that it was "simultaneously the best piece of sci-fi AND horror the BBC has produced in a decade."

Doctor Who stars are appearing in seasonal pantomimes across the UK. John Barrowman, appearing in "Aladdin" at the Birmingham Hippodrome, took time to show his Dalek to The Coventry Telegraph. Colin Baker is playing the villainous King Rat opposite Terry Molloy (Davros) as Alderman Fitzwarren in "Dick Whittington" at the Theatre Royal; it's covered by the Norwich Evening News and by Baker himself in his regular column for the Bucks Free Press. While in Norfolk, Baker turned on Cromer's Christmas lights, and made a passing comment comparing Cromer's light display to Blackpool's; The Blackpool Gazette gets a bit sniffy about his remark.
Voyage of the Damned Update
December 14, 2007  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
The BBC's Doctor Who website has released a new trailer for the upcoming Christmas special, "Voyage of the Damned". It can be viewed by clicking on "14" in the site's Advent(ure) Calendar. UK viewers can also see the trailer on the BBC's YouTube page.

The same trailer has been playing in Odeon cinemas in the UK, before the film trailers. (DEC 15 UPDATE: A 40-second version of the cinema trailer has been added to the official website.)

Meanwhile, the current issue of the Radio Times (15-21 December 2007, not the Christmas double issue) lists Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned Christmas Preview to be broadcast tomorrow, Saturday 15 December, at the end of the 5.40-to-6pm BBC News.

In addition Saturday's edition of The Times features a behind the scenes article on the making of the Christmas Episode. Thanks to Dan Martin.
More on Torchwood Series 2 from BBC
December 14, 2007  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
The BBC's Programme Information for the week of January 12-18 includes details of Torchwood's second series premiere, "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", and tidbits about upcoming storylines in the series. The date and time of broadcast are not yet confirmed.
The second series of Torchwood, the award-winning drama created by Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies, premières on BBC Two. This time it's bigger and bolder, with more fun, adventure and excitement for the alien-fighting team.

John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, Eve Myles as Gwen, Burn Gorman as Owen, Naoko Mori as Toshiko and Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto return as the investigators delving into the alien underworld of modern-day Cardiff.

In the first episode of the series, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, by co-producer and lead writer Chris Chibnall, Captain Jack is reunited with the Torchwood team as they face a rogue Time Agent. The mysterious Captain John Hart, played by James Marsters (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), is determined to wreak havoc, and needs to find something hidden on Earth. But with Gwen's life in danger, and cluster bombs scattered across the city, whose side is Jack on?

During the 13-part series, Torchwood's investigations into alien activity give the team glimpses of the 51st century and the First World War. In future episodes they encounter alien sleeper cells; save a stranded creature from human exploitation; meet a tragic soldier from the First World War; and encounter a memory thief who exposes long-forgotten secrets among the entire team.

Later in the run, Alan Dale (Ugly Betty, The O.C.) makes a star appearance. Another familiar face among the special guest stars is Doctor Who's companion Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), who appears half way through the series. Richard Briers, Nerys Hughes and Ruth Jones (Gavin And Stacey) also appear in various roles.

There is a specially edited pre-watershed repeat of Torchwood on BBC Two later in the week.

Following on from that, Torchwood Declassified goes exclusively backstage to reveal the secrets behind some of the first episode's sensational stunt sequences and talks to John Barrowman, James Marsters and Russell T Davies.
Collinson talks Voyage to SFX
General TV Series News
December 14, 2007  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
Doctor Who producer Phil Collinson has given an interview to SFX, in which he discusses plot elements and behind-the-scenes details for this year's Christmas special, "Voyage of the Damned". Spoiler-phobic readers may wish to avoid the interview, as it gives details about the Doctor's encounter with the Titanic and its crew. Some excerpts from the interview can be found in the spoiler box below; the full interview, including Collinson's comments on Kylie Minogue and other guest stars in the special, can be read on SFX's website.

Thanks to Ian Berriman of SFX.
SFX: Last time we saw the Doctor the TARDIS had been hit by the Titanic. So on the face of it you might think this Christmas special isn’t gonna be Christmassy, because the Titanic sailed in June [sic]... so is it Christmassy?

COLLINSON: "It's jam-packed with Christmas -- it's full of it! So it does feel very much in the spirit of all our other specials. It’d have to be really, on Christmas Day -- I think it would be odd if they were basking on the beach somewhere, y'know! I'm a traditionalist, I think you've got a bit of Christmas about it, a bit of snow somewhere and some tinsel and some angels and a Christmas tree thrown in there and a bit of Santa Claus, and we've got all of that.

"It's Christmassy because it's not the real Titanic. It's a spaceship that's full of aliens and is hovering above Earth and they're doing a bit of an experience cruise to the planet Earth, basically, so they've built their spaceship to be a replica of a famous Earth ship. And they beam down onto the planet secretly and have a little look round and stuff so... yes, it's their Christmas cruise and they're celebrating an earth Christmas. It's a theme cruise."

In your tone meetings you have key phrases you use to sum things up -- what’s the key phrase for this one?

"I think the phrase Russell used for this was 'disaster movie' and that's really what it is: all's not good on the spaceship Titanic. It runs into dangerous waters -- or airspace, or whatever you like to call it."
US clearance rights defeat Davros
DVD and Video
December 13, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
A report on tvshowsondvd.com has confirmed that the North American release of Remembrance of the Daleks and the Complete Davros Collection has been cancelled due to clearance difficulties.

A statement obtained from BBC Video states "We had hoped to be able to release The Complete Davros Collection and Remembrance of the Daleks Special Edition in the U.S. market. Unfortunately, clearance issues that arose after the announce to the trade prevent us from doing so"

Thanks to Alex Frazer-Harrison
Doctor Who Magazine 390
December 12, 2007  •  Posted By Kenny Davidson
The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine celebrates its new look with a Christmas cracker - an exclusive interview and photo-shoot with Voyage of the Damned guest star Kylie Minogue.

Posing with one of Doctor Who's most enduring icons, Kylie tells DWM, "I was in the presence of a legend! I've had to gracefully accept second billing, though. Well, at least I'm younger! The Dalek was in great condition, and bigger than I expected. At least I've met one now, as I didn't in the Christmas issue..."

Kylie also chats about her role in the Doctor Who Christmas Special: "My first day on set was like stepping back in time. I really felt at home being back in the world of TV. I've definitely got the acting bug again!"

Also in this month's new-look DWM, (at 76 pages, it's the biggest issue), there's a preview of the new Christmas Special, with never-before-seen photos; readers ask David Tennant some intimate queries; there's a new complete comic strip adventure; Pompeii scriptwriter James Moran reveals what to expect in his new episode of Doctor Who; The Time Team return to tackle the Sixth Doctor's début story, The Twin Dilemma; discover what happened when the Daleks pursued the TARDIS through time and space as Fact of Fiction examines The Chase; and a bonus Fact of Fiction covers the recent Children in Need Special Time Crash.

Add to that, Russell T Davies reveals some episode titles in Production Notes; find out Who on Earth is Bernard Cribbins as DWM talks to the ever-popular actor; there's the 2007 Review of the Year; and a fiendishly tricky Christmas Quiz.

Plus a free double-sided giant poster featuring Kylie Minogue and a Dalek!

DWM 390 is available from 13 December 2007.
Time Meddler Extras
DVD and Video
December 12, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Several online DVD sites have listed the extras included with the February release of The Time Meddler.

As well as a commentary with actor Peter Purves, producer Verity Lambert, script editor Donald Tosh and designer Barry Newbery, the disc contains a feature, "Stripped for Action" which looks at the First Doctor's comic strip adventures. It features interviews with artist Bill Mevin, comics historians Jeremy Bentham and John Ainsworth and former Doctor Who Magazine editors Gary Russell and Alan Barnes.

Another feature "The Lost Twelve Seconds" uses an off-air audio recording and the original script to place the missing twelve seconds of episode four in context within the story. This section was removed by overseas censors prior to recovery of the print. "Restoration" is a short featurette showing "before and after" examples of techniques used during the restoration of this story. There are also production and publicity photos from the story.

The Time Meddler is due for release in the United Kingdom on 4 February 2008.

The March release will be a two-disc edition of The Five Doctors. This special edition includes both the original UK broadcast version - available for the first time on DVD - and new special effects and extra footage not included in the original broadcast.
Piers Wenger to assume Julie Gardner's role
December 11, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
The BBC Press Office has announced that Piers Wenger will become Head of Drama for BBC Wales in 2009 when its current head Julie Gardner leaves, and also assumes her role as an executive producer of Doctor Who for its fifth series - this confirms a story this morning from The Guardian.

Piers Wenger, 35, recently left his job as head of drama development at Granada, where he worked on the BAFTA and RTS award-winning Housewife 49. Earlier this year he helped set up independent producer Mammoth Screen. He will join the BBC in the new year and spend a 12 month period taking over from Gardner. He said "I'm incredibly excited to be joining BBC Wales, the success of the drama team there has been extraordinary and I look forward to taking the team to even greater heights. Working with Julie Gardner on Doctor Who over the next year will provide an invaluable insight into the secrets and success of the series. I couldn't have a more inspiring leader."

Gardner will continue to contribute to BBC Wales, and to take the responsibility for the development and commissioning of new Saturday evening drama for BBC One, as well as working with Controller of BBC Fiction, Jane Tranter, on a wide and diverse range of special projects.

Tranter paid tribute to Julie Gardner describing her as "one of the most impressive television executives in the UK". She said "Her success over the past four years in BBC Wales drama has been unparalleled and her work on Doctor Who has earned her a place in TV history."

Gardner herself said she had been on the "trip of a lifetime" over the past five years. "I know that when I hand over my sonic screwdriver to Piers for season five of Doctor Who, it will be to someone who loves and understands the show."

Gardner will continue to work on Doctor Who for the next year, overseeing the fourth series, as well as three specials for broadcast in 2009.
Doctor Who Adventures Issue 45
December 10, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
In the bumper Christmas issue of Doctor Who Adventures, David Tennant tells what is was like working with Kylie Minogue: "It was fantastic! The very prospect of her coming got everyone very twittery. And then she arrived and was refreshingly normal and lovely to have around. She became part of the gang." Tennant also talks about monsters in the Doctor Who Christmas episode, Voyage of the Damned. "It wouldn't be Doctor Who on Christmas Day if there weren’t some kind of monsters to freak you out! They don’t have a name but they are referred to as the Hosts."

Issue 45 is the biggest issue ever. The special collector’s edition gives readers the choice of two different covers, choose between either David Tennant as the Doctor or Kylie Minogue as Astrid. Inside there is an exclusive look at the Christmas episode and readers have a checklist for Christmas Day. The magazine looks at the top five reasons everyone loves Doctor Who specials.

You can also make terrifying Toclafane baubles and a Weeping Angel for the top of your Christmas tree while in "Tales from the TARDIS" Martha leaves the Doctor and a ship crashes into the TARDIS. The comic strip is Part two of "A Klytode Christmas" and "Earth Attacks" looks at some of the best alien invasions, while "Doctor's Data" is all about the Empress of the Racnoss and "Scares of the Year" takes a look at readers' top frights.

The magazine includes four exclusive posters of "Voyage of the Damned", the Doctor, the Daleks and the Master and includes the chance to win over £1000 of Doctor Who goodies. The magazine comes with six gifts: a TARDIS key ring, a set of holographic stickers, a Weeping Angel and Dalek Sec Hybrid mask, a pencil and Toclafane topper and a Doctor Who Adventures 2008 calendar. There’s also some news about Doctor Who Adventures in 2008.

Doctor Who Adventures issue 45, is out across the United Kingdom on Thursday 13 December.
Russell T Davies talks about Kylie Minogue
General TV Series News
December 10, 2007  •  Posted By Chuck Foster
BBC News24's Entertainment Today programme at 6:35pm this evening featured a brief interview with Russell T Davies - "the man behind the renaissance of Doctor Who" - about Kylie Minogue's appearance in the forthcoming Christmas Special.
"Kylie Minogue is fantastic in the Christmas Doctor Who, and I literally can't wait for people to see it. It's my job to say she's fantastic, but she really is! You will see a truly quality performance, and you will see why she is so iconic, and successful.

No-one's that successful for that long without talent, and she is perfect. Put her together with David Tennant - who is just sizzling on screen, and gives even more than ever in this Christmas episode - I could not be happier, seriously, it's fantastic entertainment for Christmas Day!"
Doctor Who Amongst Best Selling 2008 Calendars
December 10, 2007  •  Posted By Kenny Davidson
Doctor Who has taken the fourth place in the best-selling 2008 calendars, according to Europe's biggest calendar maker, Danilo.

Celebrity favourites such as Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue have dropped out of the top 10 in a chart that is dominated by sports heroes rather than the pop stars of recent years.

1. High School Musical
2. Liverpool Football Club
3. Manchester United
4. Doctor Who
5. World Wrestling Entertainment
6. Arsenal
7= Chelsea
7= Hollyoaks Hunks And Babes
9. The Simpsons
10. Sir Cliff Richard
Doctor Who US Comic Interview
December 8, 2007  •  Posted By Jeremy Bement
The Doctor and Martha will soon be making their IDW comic book debut in a six-issue series. The fine folks at newsarama.com have an interview with comic writer Gary Russell and artist Nick Roche which hits the highlights of what to expect from the new series. Click here to read the interview and find out more.
Voyage of the Damned teaser
December 8, 2007  •  Posted By Paul Hayes
BBC One tonight screened a short, 10-second teaser trailer for the forthcoming Christmas special Voyage of the Damned (except for viewers in Scotland, who had their own trailers). The short series of three clips showed first the Doctor, then Astrid and then a special effects shot of the Titanic itself.

The clip is available to view on the official BBC website (behind door 8 of the advent calendar). If you are in the United Kingdom you can also see the trailer on the official BBC YouTube channel.

A two minute trailer for Voyage of the Damned is also being shown in UK cinemas.
Lambert honoured
December 8, 2007  •  Posted By Paul Hayes
Verity Lambert, the original producer of Doctor Who who died last month at the age of seventy-one, has been posthumously awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the organisation Women in Film and Television (WFTV), at their annual awards ceremony in London yesterday. The recognition of Lambert had been announced several weeks ago, and she had originally been due to collect the accolade herself.

BBC News reports that Sophie Balhetchet, a television producer and chair of WFTV, praised Lambert's contribution to the industry, describing her as "a passionate professional, a mentor, an inspiration". She added: "Our sadness is that Verity Lambert, whom we honour with our lifetime achievement award, died a few days ago... [she was] a truly exemplary woman in the work she produced and the life she lived."
Mad Norwegian Update
December 8, 2007  •  Posted By Jeremy Bement
Mad Norwegian Press has announced two new projects for release later in 2008: a Second Edition of About Time 3, and the debut of Fluid Links --- a brand-new Doctor Who novel / audio guidebook series that will entirely replace the company's debut I, Who guides.

In the Second Edition of About Time 3, Tat Wood vastly expands the discussion of the Jon Pertwee Era, bringing this About Time installment up to the size and elaborate depth of its fellows. Lawrence Miles , a co-author on the First Edition, will receive a "With Additional Material by" credit, as his text has either been left as is, or folded into the many revisions and additions of the new edition.

New essays in this Second Edition will include "What the Hell Were the Daemons Doing?", "Where Were Torchwood When All This Was Happening?" and "Is This Any Way to Run a Galactic Empire?" At present, Mad Norwegian has no plans to do Second Editions of the other About Time volumes.

Meanwhile, the multi-volume Fluid Links is designed to benefit from the experience Mad Norwegian has gained since first releasing I, Who back in 1999. The series will start from scratch and vigorously examine the Doctor Who books and audios in lavish, comprehensive detail. This project is so sweeping that it has four authors (Lars Pearson, Robert Smith?, Michael D. Thomas and Anthony Wilson), and strives to become the definitive guidebooks to the material in question.

MNP Publisher Lars Pearson said: "I, Who served a purpose back in 1999, but it was done when I was new to the world of small-press publishing, and doesn't reflect the quality we've attained in recent years with the likes of About Time and AHistory. Unfortunately, it would've killed me to go through all those books again solo --- it's a LOT of material, after all --- so Robert, Michael and Anthony duly stepped up to the plate."

The initial Fluid Links installments (likely two volumes) will cover the whole of the BBC's Eighth Doctor Adventures - from its inception in The Eight Doctors straight through to its conclusion in The Gallifrey Chronicles . Essays in these volumes will include "How Much Occurs in the Vampire Science Gap?", "Is There Any Point to Parallel Universes?", and "Was Miranda the Doctor's Biological Daughter?"

Release months and retail prices for the new About Time 3 and the first Fluid Links books will be disclosed at a later time.
This Week in Doctor Who
New Column Posted
December 8, 2007  •  Posted By Benjamin Elliott
The latest installment of This Week in Doctor Who, the weekly guide to Doctor Who on television in the UK, North America and elsewhere, for December 8, 2007 has now been posted. Click here to read it.
Author Pullman would write for Who
December 7, 2007  •  Posted By Brigadier Bill
In a recent interview with BBC NEWSROUND Philip Pullman, author of the Golden Compass, said he would consider writing an episode of Doctor Who and that writing for the Doctor "sounds like enormous fun."

Pullman also talked about the end of series two of Doctor Who - when Rose Tyler was left in a parallel world - and how similar some people say it is to his own Dark Materials series. "I was flattered by it," Pullman said.

"That's how stories work. Stories are made out of other stories. I borrowed things for His Dark Materials. He [Russell T Davies] took my ending and twisted it to fit his story. That's fine."
Doctor Who Adventures: 44
December 7, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
In this week's Doctor Who Adventures the countdown to the Doctor Who Christmas episode has well and truly begun, with 15 essential things you need to know about Doctor Who this Christmas. There is a look back at the mysterious Roboforms from the last couple of Who Christmas specials - who exactly were they and what did they want?

In Tales from the TARDIS, Donna chooses to stay on Earth at the end of The Runaway Bride. The Comic strip is part one of A Klytode Christmas, featuring the return of the Doctor's old enemy, the fearful Klytode. Doctor's Data gives facts about Chantho, the ill-fated Malmooth girl.

There are four exclusive posters of Dalek Sec, Jack and the Face of Boe, the Doctor and the Roboforms and The Infinite Quest plus a tricky Toclafane maze game, holographic stickers and two badges.
Doctor Who Adventures issue 44 is out on Thursday 6 December.

PLEASE NOTE: This issue will only be on sale for one week as a bumper Christmas edition of Doctor Who Adventures, packed with 48 pages and masses of Doctor Who gifts, will be in the shops on Thursday 13 December.
Doctor Who nominated for South Bank Show Awards
General TV Series News
December 6, 2007  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
Doctor Who has been nominated for the prestigious South Bank Show Awards. The South Bank Show, broadcast on ITV, is a magazine programme covering both popular and "high" art, and it gives awards for different areas of British arts. Doctor Who was previously nominated for the award in 2005 (given in January 2006), but lost to a Channel 4 drama about Elizabeth I. This year, Doctor Who is up against two Channel 4 dramas, Iraq War drama The Mark of Cain and the adaptation of the novel Boy A. The awards will be presented on January 29, 2008, and the ceremony will be broadcast on ITV on February 3, 2008.
Voyage of the Damned: 71 Minutes
General TV Series News
December 6, 2007  •  Posted By Paul Hayes
The official BBC Doctor Who website has announced that the forthcoming Christmas special, Voyage of the Damned, will be 71 minutes long - longer than either of the two previous festive episodes, and the longest single episode of the programme since its return in 2005.

The site confirms the start time for the episode - 6.50pm on BBC 1 on Christmas Day, Tuesday the 25th of December. The episode will also be repeated on New Year's Day at 2.15pm, and with in-vision signing for the deaf at 1.15am on December 27th.

The BBC have also revealed that a brand-new one-hour Doctor Who Confidential, listed as a Kylie Special, will be shown on BBC 3 on Christmas Day. The programme starts at 8.30pm and is to be repeated at 2:25am.
First Torchwood Series Two Teaser
December 6, 2007  •  Posted By Chuck Foster
Last night saw the first teaser for the new series of Torchwood, broadcast just before the finale of Heroes on BBC2. The trailer featured a brief phone "conversation", with Peter Petrelli from Heroes calling Captain Jack to give him a message.

The series was announced as coming to BBC2 on Wednesday evenings, early in the new year. Though no actual date has been stated so far, Digital Spy reported on the preview screening that took place this week (warning, spoilers present in the article), and have suggested that it will broadcast from the 16th January.

The trailer is available to view, for UK users only, on the official Torchwood website, here.
Sarah Jane hits new record
December 5, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Final figures released by BARB show the last episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures set a new ratings record for the digital channel CBBC.

The second part of The Lost Boy got an official rating of 659,000 viewers and is now the highest rated programme ever shown on the channel. The Sarah Jane Adventures holds the top eight places in the ratings for the channel, for this year, and the top two places since the channel's launch in 2002.
Top Programmes on CBBC in 2007

1 - Sarah Jane - The Lost Boy 2 - 659,000
2 - Sarah Jane - Whatever happened to Sarah Jane 2 - 633,000
3 - Sarah Jane - The Lost Boy 1- 465,000
4 - Sarah Jane - Revenge of The Slitheen 2 - 446,000
5 - Sarah Jane - Warriors of Kudlak 1 - 425,000
6 - Sarah Jane - Eye of the Gorgon 2 - 411,000
7 - Sarah Jane - Whatever happened to Sarah Jane 1 - 406,000
8 - Sarah Jane - Warriors of Kudlak 2 - 397,000
9 - MI High - 15 Jan - 388,000
10 - MI High - 20 Nov - 378,000
11 - The Story of Tracy Beaker - 21 Nov - 374,000
12 - Shaun the Sheep - 5 Nov - 368,000
13- Sarah Jane - Eye of the Gorgon 1 - 365,000
14 - The Story of Tracy Beaker - 13 Nov - 346,000
15 - The Story of Tracy Beaker - 20 Nov - 342,000

Top Programmes on CBBC since launch

1 - Sarah Jane - The Lost Boy 2 - 659,000
2 - Sarah Jane - Whatever happened to Sarah Jane 2 - 633,000
3 - The Story of Tracy Beaker - 2 Dec 05 - 602,000
4 - The Story of Tracy Beaker - 9 Dec 05 - 521,000
5 - The Story of Tracy Beaker - 14 Dec 05- 517,000

Source: BARB
Changes to North America DVD Lineup
DVD and Video
December 5, 2007  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
BBC Worldwide Americas have announced changes to their previously released plans for the first classic series releases of 2008. "The Complete Davros Boxed Set" and the stand-alone "Remembrance of the Daleks Special Edition" have been indefinitely pulled for now. In their place, March 4 will see the release of Planet of Evil and Destiny of the Daleks, both starring Tom Baker. In April, two more titles will be released: The Time Warrior starring Jon Pertwee, and a new addition to the schedule, Timelash with Colin Baker. The general release rate for the year is increasing but there may be some irregularities to the schedule thereafter. (Thanks to Steve Manfred for the news)
EastEnders fakes Who exhibit at St Paul's
December 4, 2007  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
On Monday 3 December, a BBC film crew could be seen filming with the TARDIS, a Dalek and K9 near St Paul's Cathedral in London.

However, it wasn't for Doctor Who but for long-running BBC soap opera EastEnders.

Actors Charlie Clements and Lacey Turner were seen on the location; Clements' character on EastEnders has been established as a Doctor Who fan.

A tent set up outside the cathedral bore a sign reading "Doctor Who - The Time Lord Revisited", suggesting that the EastEnders characters will be shown visiting a Doctor Who exhibition.

The TARDIS and Dalek props were provided by an effects company that makes props for Doctor Who and Torchwood; the K9 prop was a fan-made replica.

The Sun has a short item on the EastEnders filming.

Doctor Who and EastEnders have interacted before, most notably in the 1993 Children in Need charity sketch Dimensions in Time, which saw several Doctors and companions meet EastEnders characters in a romp in Albert Square.

More recently, a specially shot clip of EastEnders actress Barbara Windsor in character was seen in the Doctor Who episode Army of Ghosts.

UPDATE - 5 December: EastEnders' filming continued on Tuesday 4 December, with classic series-style Cybermen spotted at the St Paul's location. The Sun has photos of the Cybermen, K9 and actress Lacey Turner. (NB: This latter Sun article has a major spoiler regarding the Series Four finale.)
Dalek Day
Special Events
December 3, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Visitors to the National Space Centre in Leicester can enjoy a day dedicated to the Daleks, this Saturday, 8th December. The centre, currently home to the Doctor Who Up Close exhibition promises a whole day dedicated to the fiends from Skaro, with Daleks from every generation of the Doctor Who time line invading. They also promise a few surprises from the Doctor's best friend K-9.
Torchwood Series 2 Press Release
December 3, 2007  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
The BBC press office has issued a press release promoting the second series of Torchwood, due on UK screens in early 2008. Some of the information in the press release could be considered spoiler information so it is protected via spoiler tags.

Younger fans of Captain Jack will also get their chance to see the series as Newsround has reported that each episode of Season two will be edited into a version suitable for family viewing. The child friendly version will be shown a few days after the adult version and is likely to be a few minutes shorter. Thanks to Chris Blackmoor
Torchwood, the award-winning drama created by Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies, bursts back on our screens in mid-January 2008, this time premiering on BBC Two.

And this time it's bigger and bolder with more fun, adventure and excitement for the alien-fighting team...

Captain Jack Harness (John Barrowman), Gwen (Eve Myles), Owen (Burn Gorman), Toshiko (Naoko Mori) and Ianto (Gareth Lloyd-Davies) return as the investigators delving into the alien underworld of modern day Cardiff.

In response to audience demand, younger fans will now have the opportunity of watching a specially edited pre-watershed repeat.

Roly Keating, Controller BBC Two, says: "We're delighted that Torchwood is joining BBC Two.

"We know from the success and popularity of Heroes that there's a growing appetite for smart, high-quality, sci-fi drama on the channel so Torchwood is a perfect fit.

"I'm also pleased to announce that, due to popular demand from families and younger viewers, we will be showing a special pre-watershed repeat so everyone can enjoy the new series."

Making a special guest appearance in the first episode is James Marsters as Captain John. He starred as Spike, the punk-goth vampire in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.

Captain John and Captain Jack go way back and have "history".

When he appears through the Rift under Cardiff looking for Captain Jack not only does he disrupt Captain Jack's homecoming but the whole team, city and world are suddenly placed in danger.

The new series promises an exhilarating mixture of adventure, heartbreak, humour and surprise and pushes the team's resolve and friendships as never before.

Firmly rooted in urban life of 21st century Cardiff, Torchwood's investigations into alien activity give the team glimpses of the 51st Century and the First World War.

They encounter alien sleeper cells; save a stranded creature from human exploitation; meet a tragic soldier from the First World War; and encounter a memory thief who exposes long-forgotten secrets among the entire team.

During the run Alan Dale (Ugly Betty, The O.C, Lost and The West Wing) makes a star appearance.

Another familiar face among the special guest stars is Doctor Who's companion Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) who appears half way through the series.

Richard Briers, Nerys Hughes and Ruth Jones (Gavin And Stacey) also appear in various roles.

Russell T Davies says: "This series pushes the Torchwood team further than ever before. They are joined by some incredible guest stars who are really going to cause waves. It's adventurous, thrilling and packed full of surprises."

Torchwood, which was shot in HD and will also be shown on the BBC HD channel, is filmed in and around Cardiff by BBC Wales.

BBC Wales Controller Menna Richards says: "The first series of Torchwood was a huge hit with audiences. We're extremely proud that it's produced in Wales. And its success is a reflection of the huge wealth of talent and creativity that exists here. We're delighted that it's returning to our screens for another series full of action, humour and excitement."

The 13-part series is written by Chris Chibnall, Phil Ford, Peter J Hammond, Matt Jones, Joseph Lidster, James Moran, Helen Raynor, Catherine Tregenna and JC Wilsher. Created by Davies, with Chris Chibnall as co-producer and lead writer, the first series which aired on BBC Three last year achieved the channel's highest ratings in 2006, with an audience of 2.5 million for the first episode, and peaking at 2.8 million.

There will be a new exciting online reality game and exclusive behind the scenes footage on bbc.co.uk/torchwood.

Torchwood is executive produced by Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner, Head of Drama, BBC Wales. The producer is Richard Stokes.
North America DVD News - Updated
DVD and Video
December 1, 2007  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
BBC Video and Warner Home Video have announced several planned Doctor Who DVD releases for North America. On March 4, The Complete Davros Collection will be released, as will individual releases of Destiny of the Daleks (1979, starring Tom Baker) and the Remembrance of the Daleks Special Edition (1988, starring Sylvester McCoy). The 1973 Jon Pertwee story The Time Warrior and 1975 Tom Baker story Planet of Evil (both also starring Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith) will be released on April 1.

Update: The covers for all of these releases, courtesy Warner Home Video, can be seen by clicking on the thumbnails below.
BBC's Dr Who Advent Calendar
December 1, 2007  •  Posted By Chuck Foster
As we enter the last month of the year, the official Doctor Who site has announced the return of the Adventure Calendar, which once again promises a new surprise each day leading up to Christmas.

The 1st December kicks us off with a nautical theme ...
First glimpse of Voyage of the Damned
General TV Series News
December 1, 2007  •  Posted By Chuck Foster
BBC One aired the first of its Christmas trailers this evening, between Strictly Come Dancing and Robin Hood, which presented a montage of clips for forthcoming shows in the yuletide season. Amongst the scenes were those of the Doctor, Astrid (Kylie Minogue), and the TARDIS in flight.

The countdown has truly begun!
Cubicle 7 to publish Dr Who RPG
December 1, 2007  •  Posted By Nathan Baron
Angus Abranson, head of Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd, announced today that Cubicle Seven have been awarded the license to produce an official Doctor Who role-playing game based on the new series. The announcement was made at Dragonmeet, London's premier role-playing convention. Full confirmation, and further details will be made available, though a press release, which is to be issued at the beginning of next week.

We shall keep you updated.
Radio Times cover
December 1, 2007  •  Posted By Paul Hayes
The 8-14 December issue of the BBC's Radio Times listings magazine is released today - on a Saturday rather than the regular Tuesday due to the magazine's publishing adjustment before Christmas, to allow their double Christmas issue to be on sale early in December.

The cover of this issue features David Tennant and Kylie Minogue in publicity for the forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas special Voyage of the Damned, which is previewed within the magazine. This issue is often only available for a few days before the Christmas edition of the magazine is released, so be sure to snap up a copy while you can.

Click the thumbnail below to see a larger image of the cover.
This Week in Doctor Who
New Column Posted
December 1, 2007  •  Posted By Benjamin Elliott
The latest installment of This Week in Doctor Who, the weekly guide to Doctor Who on television in the UK, North America and elsewhere, for December 1, 2007 has now been posted. Click here to read it.