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World Tag Team Title

History of the NWA World Tag Team Championship

Revived title after 1992

07/12/92   Terry Gordy & Steve Williams                        Albany, GA
* Defeat Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes in tournament final.
09/21/92   Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes                   Atlanta, GA
11/18/92   Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas                Macon, GA
03/02/93   Steve Austin & Brian Pillman                         Macon, GA
08/18/93   Arn Anderson & Paul Roma                           Daytona, FL
Defeat Austin & Lord Steven Regal, subbing for injured Pillman; recognition dropped by NWA in 93/09 when WCW withdraws from NWA.

04/11/95   Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson                       Dallas, TX
Defeat Dick Murdoch & Randy Rhodes in a tournament final;
06/26/95   TITLE HELD-UP                                            Memphis, TN
* held up after a match against PG-13 & Morton/Gibson
07/03/95   Ricky Motton & Robert Gibson [2]                  Memphis, TN
Defeat PG-13 in rematch;
   /    /95   TITLE VACANT
* vacant sometime between 07/95 and 10/95.
12/09/95   Tarzan Goto & Mr. Gannosuke                       Saitama, JAPAN
Defeat Tiger Jeet Singh & Cactus Jack in 7-team round-robin tournament final;
08/   /96    TITLE VACANT
* when Goto & Gannosuke leave IWA Japan.
09/14/96   Pat Anderson & C.W. Anderson                      Goldston, NC
Defeat The Fantastics;
   /    /97   TITLE VACANT

Rock\'n\'Roll Express [3] 98/01/12

The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) 98/02/17               Waco, TX

Bob Holly & Bart Gunn 98/03/30                                    Albany, NY

The Border Patrol 98/08/14                                          Greenville, NC

Barry Windham & Tully Blanchard 98/09/12                    Lincolnton, NC

The Border Patrol [2] 98/10/10                                    Cameron, NC

Erich Sbraccia & Knuckles Nelson 98/10/24                     Cherry Hill, NJ
* Defeat Kit Carson & Khris Germany, The Border Patrol, and Tully Blanchard & Dr. Tom Prichard; title held up on 99/03/03 after Sbraccia & Nelson fail to appear on scheduled title defense against Team Extreme on 99/02/26 in N. Richland Hills, TX due to heavy snow.

Knuckles Nelson & Rick Fuller 99/06/10                         Dallas, TX
Defeat Team Extreme in rematch by DQ.

Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge 99/06/17                         Bolton, MA

Knuckles Nelson & Dukes Dalton 99/06/19                    Dorchester, MA

Kit Carson & Khris Germany 99/09/25                           Charlotte, NC

Kevin Northcutt & Jimmy James 99/11/26                      N. Richland Hills, TX

Kit Carson & Khris Germany [2] 99/12/17                      N. Richland Hills, TX

Drake Dawson & Curtis Thompson 00/03/04                  Cornelia, GA

Reno Riggins & Steven Dunn 00/04/07                         Eskan, SAUDI ARABIA

Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson [4] 00/04/12                  Waegwan, SOUTH KOREA
* Defeat Dunn & Jackie Fulton, subbing for injured Riggins.

L.A. Stephens & Big Bubba Bain 00/04/17                     Osan, SOUTH KOREA

Drake Dawson & Curtis Thompson [2] 00/04/19            Okinawa, JAPAN

Rick Michaels & David Young 00/08/15                         Tampa, FL

Air Paris & Rob Williams # 00/12/09                             Nashville, TN
Recognized only in Nashville; NWA vice president Bill Behrens claims this is a non-title match.

Bad Attitude # 00/12/22                                             Nashville, TN
Regains recognition in Nashville.

02/03/01   Joey Matthews & Christian York                   Nashville, TN
02/17/01   Rick Michaels & David Young [2]                 Cornelia, GA
03/22/01   Dan Factor & David Flair                             Athens, GA
03/23/01   Rick Michaels & David Young [3]                 Toccoa, GA
04/24/01   Chris Nelson & Vito DeNucci                        Tampa, FL
12/28/01   Glacier & Jason Sugarman                          Deland, FL
12/29/01   Chris Nelson & Vito DeNucci [2]                   Live Oak, FL
01/26/02   Jeff Daniels & Tim Renesto                        Columbia, TN
04/17/02   Chris Nelson & Vito DeNucci [3]                   Winter Haven, FL
06/08/02   Mike Shane & Todd Shane                         Lima, PERU
06/28/02   TITLE VACANT
* Shanes vacate title.
07/03/02   A.J. Styles & Jerry Lynn                             Nashville, TN
Substitute for the injured Chris Harris & James Storm to defeat The Rainbow Express (Lenny & Bruce) in a one-night 4-team tournament final; the Shane Twins, previous champions wrestling as the masked Big Johnsons, have lost in the first round to Harris & Storm;
08/14/02   TITLE HELD-UP                                        Nashville, TN
* after a controversial double pin in a match against Ron Killings & Jeff Jarrett.
09/18/02   Chris Harris & James Storm                       Nashville, TN
Defeat Ron Harris & Brian Lee after Chris and Lee become the finalists in a battle royal to choose the partners for the championship match.
11/13/02   Brian Lee & Slash                                     Nashville, TN
01/08/03   James Storm & Chris Harris [2]                  Nashville, TN
01/22/03   Low-Ki & Elix Skipper                                 Nashville, TN
02/05/03   TITLE HELD-UP                                         Nashville, TN
* after a match between Low-Ki & Skipper and Brian Lee & Slash.
03/12/03   Low-Ki & Christopher Daniels [2]                Nashville, TN
*  defeat James Storm & Chris Harris.
04/16/03   Jerry Lynn & The Amazing Red                   Nashville, TN
05/07/03   XXX (Christopher Daniels)                         Nashville, TN
Christopher Daniels wins a handicap match by DQ.
06/25/03   James Storm & Chris Harris [3]                  Nashville, TN
08/27/03   Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger              Nashville, TN
11/19/03   TITLE HELD-UP                                        Nashville, TN
* after match w/ Diamond/Swinger & Ron Killings/BG James
11/26/03   Konnan, Ron Killings, BG James                Nashville, TN
* beat Glenn Gilberti, Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger
01/28/04   Kevin Northcutt & Joe E. Legend                 Nashville, TN
02/04/04   AJ Styles & Abyss                                     Nashville, TN
* beay Northcutt & Legend in handicap match, when Abyss no-showed.
03/03/04   TITLE HELD-UP                                        Nashville, TN
03/31/04   Kid Kash & Dallas                                    Nashville, TN
* beat Low-Ki & Christopher Daniels in tournament final.
04/14/04   D-Lo Brown & El Gran Apolo                       Nashville, TN
04/21/04   Kid Kash & Dallas [2]                               Nashville, TN
06/03/04   James Storm & Chris Harris [4]                 Orlando, FL
07/07/04   Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens                 Nashville, TN
09/08/04   Chris Harris & Elix Skipper                        Nashville, TN
09/24/04   James Storm & Christopher Daniels           Orlando, FL
10/12/04   Bobby Roode & Eric Young                       Orlando, FL
11/07/04   Konnan & BG James                                Orlando, FL
12/05/03   Bobby Roode & Eric Young [2]                  Orlando, FL
01/16/05   James Storm & Chris Harris [5]                 Orlando, FL
04/26/05   Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens [2]           Orlando, FL
10/07/05   TITLE HELD-UP                                       Springfield, TN
* after match w/ Douglas/Stevens & Eric Young/Cassidy Riley
10/08/05   Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens [3]           Nashville, TN
* beat Eric Young & Cassidy Riley in rematch.
10/11/05   James Storm & Chris Harris [6]                Orlando, FL
06/18/06   A.J. Styles & Christopher Daniels              Orlando, FL
08/14/06   Homicide & Hotstuff Hernandez                Orlando, FL
09/24/06   AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels [2]           Orlando, FL
10/22/06   Homicide & Hotstuff Hernandez [2]           Plymouth, MI 
04/15/07   Brother Devon & Brother Ray                    St. Louis, MO
05/13/07   TITLE VACANT                                        Charlotte, NC
* Team 3-D Stripped of NWA World Tag Team Title by NWA President Robert Trobich
* NWA Ends agreement with TNA.
07/08/07   Karl Anderson & Joey Ryan                      McAllen, TX
* defeat Sicodelico Jr/ Incognito & Billy Kidman/Sean Waltman in gauntlet match to capture vacant title.

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