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 1910 Newcastle Utd.
 1911 Bradford City
 1912 Barnsley
 1913 Aston Villa
 1914 Burnley
 1915 Sheffield Utd















Old Trafford, Manchester - Saturday 24th April


Sheffield United 3 Chelsea 0


Sheffield United

(Simmons, Masterman, Kitchen)

Gough; Cook, English; Sturgess, Brelsford, Utley; Simmons, Fazackerley, Kitchen, Masterman, Evans


Molyneux; Bettridge, Harrow; Taylor, Logan, Walker; Ford, Halse, Thompson, Croal, McNeil

Referee: H. H. Taylor

Attendance: 49,557


Sheffield United won the 'Khaki' Final amid controversy as to whether organized football should be continued in time of war. The Football Asso­ciation had decided that it was better to carry on somehow, to provide relief for the workers and the warriors.

In the League. Chelsea struggled for most of the season and finished only one from the bottom. In the Cup, however, they stayed right through to the last hurdle for the first time. It was fifty-five years before they were to reach the Final again.

Nobody had expected Chelsea to do well in the Cup. The players were considered too small - Ford, at 5 ft 7 in, was the tallest of five forwards - to have much chance in the hurly-burly of cup-tie football.

On the grounds that it would otherwise interfere with war work, the Final venue was switched from London to Old Trafford, Manchester. In a one-sided game Chelsea played a long way below their best Cup form.

Molyneux should have prevented Simmons's opener for Sheffield ten minutes before half-time. Yet Chelsea's defence did keep them in with a chance until six minutes from the end. Then Fazackerley and Kitchen added further goals to give Sheffield their third Cup victory.


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Round By Round

First Round

Blackpool v SHEFF UTD 1-2; Liverpool v Stockport Co 3-0; Bradford PA v Portsmouth 1-0; Bury v Plymouth Arg 1-1,2-1; Croydon Common v Oldham Ath 0-3; Rochdale v Gillingham 2-0; Birmingham v Crystal Palace 2-2, 3-0; Brighton & H Alb v Lincoln C 2-1; Bolton Wand v Notts Co 2-1; Millwall Ath v Clapton Orient 2-1; Burnley v Huddersfield T 3-1; Bristol R v Southend Utd 0-0, 0-3; Hull C v WBA 1 -0; Grimsby T v Northampton T 0-3; Southampton v Luton T 3-0; South Shields v Fulham 1 -2; CHELSEA v Swindon T 1 -1,5-2; Arsenal v Merthyr Tydfil 3-0; PNE v Man C 0-0, 0-3; Aston Villa v Exeter C 2-0; W. Ham v Newcastle Utd 2-2, 2-3; Swansea T v Blackburn R 1 -0; Sheff Wed v Man Utd 1 -0; Reading v Wolves 0-1; Everton v Barnsley 3-0; Bristol C v Cardiff C 2-0; QPR v Glossop 2-1; Derby Co v Leeds C 1-2; Darlington v Bradford C 0-1; Middlesbro v Goole T 9-3; Nott'm Forest v Norwich C 1-4; Spurs v Sunderland 2-1


Second Round

SHEFF UTD v Liverpool 1 -0; Bury v Bradford PA 0-1; Oldham Ath v Rochdale 3-0; Brighton & H Alb v Birmingham 0-0. 0-3; Bolton Wand v Millwall Ath 0-0, 2-2, 4-1; Burnley v Southend Utd 6-0; Hull C v Northampton 2-1; Fulham v Southampton 2-3; CHELSEA v Arsenal 1 -0; Man C v Aston Villa 1 -0; Newcastle Utd v Swansea T 1 -1, 2-0; Sheff Wed v Wolves 2-0; Everton v Bristol C 4-0; QPR v Leeds C 1 -0; Bradford C v Middlesbro 1 -0; Norwich C v Spurs 3-2


Third Round

SHEFF UTD v Bradford PA 1 -0; Birmingham v Oldham Ath 2-3; Bolton Wand v Burnley 2-1; Southampton v Hull C 2-2, 0-4; Man C v CHELSEA 0-1; Sheff Wed v Newcastle Utd 1 -2; QPR v Everton 1 -2; Bradford C v Norwich C 1 -1, 0-0, 2-0


Fourth Round

Oldham Ath v SHEFF UTD 0-0, 0-3; Bolton Wand v Hull C 4-2; CHELSEA v Newcastle Utd 1-1, 1 -0; Bradford C v Everton 0-2



SHEFF UTD v Bolton Wand 2-1; CHELSEA v Everton 2-0


FA  Cup Winners
11 Manchester Utd 
10 Arsenal
8 Tottenham Hotspur
7 Aston Villa
7 Liverpool
6 Blackburn Rovers
6 Newcastle United
5 Everton
5 The Wanderers
5 W. B .A
Bolton Wanderers
4 Manchester City
4 Sheffield United
4 Wolverhampton Wanderers
4 Chelsea
3 Sheffield Wednesday
3 West Ham United
2 Bury
2 Nottingham Forest
2 Old Etonians
2 Preston North End
2 Sunderland
1 Barnsley
1 Blackburn Olympic
1 Blackpool
1 Bradford City
1 Burnley
1 Cardiff City
1 Charlton Athletic
1 Clapham Rovers
1 Coventry City
1 Derby County
1 Huddersfield Town
1 Ipswich Town
1 Leeds United
1 Notts County
1 Old Carthusians
1 Oxford University
1 Portsmouth
1 Royal Engineers
1 Southampton