§ City and town histories


Professor Alan Kidd

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`An excellent, clear, thorough, comprehensive and concise history of a city of international significance.'

History Today's glowing review says it all!

The core of this book tells the story of Manchester's emergence as the first great industrial city between 1780 and 1850, and of its time until the First World War as the Capital of Cotton. Alongside this history of Manchester's economy and politics, with its tale of factories, utilitarian entrepreneurs, Peterloo and the emergence of a politicised working class, the author places a less familiar history of the people and their culture. The development of middle-class suburban havens like Didsbury and Rusholme, the cinemas and music halls, the libraries and newspapers, and the great Victorian buildings typified by Waterhouse's Town Hall – all contribute to a complex and fascinating portrait. The last third of the book tells the story of Manchester's twentieth-century deindustrialisation (mirroring Britain's retreat from commercial predominance) and the dynamic regeneration of the last few years.

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