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General introduction of the PGU

Founded in October 2000 by Raymond Yau and Keith Holmes, the Post Graduate Union is to represent the needs and welfare of all postgraduates in Bristol, including students doing PhDs, master's courses, diplomas and certificates, and to provide a social focus for this community. The Post Graduate Union is run by a small group of volunteer postgraduates who share responsibility for its activities. To know more about how the PGU works, please refer to the section of the Committee Structure.

Each semester a variety of social events are organized to make the postgraduates' stay in Bristol more enjoyable and all sorts of campaigns are launched to fight for the postgraduates' best interests. Also postgraduates could always go to the PGU for welfare aid and support.

The vision of the PGU is to see every postgraduate linked to every other in a diverse, vibrant, social and academic, university-wide community.

Mission Statement

"We will strive to raise awareness of postgraduate needs within the university, the United Kingdom and internationally, improve facilities and conditions for postgraduates at the University of Bristol, facilitate networking and organize enjoyable social events for all postgraduate students, thus creating a world class postgraduate experience within this world class university."