EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – He blocked the Khali Vise Grip. He kicked out of a pinfall after a thunderous Khali Bomb. He even took the 7-foot-3, 420-pound Great Khali off his feet with an unbelievable spinebuster and went on to win the match. The one thing Batista didn’t do at SummerSlam? Win the World Heavyweight Championship.

While The Animal won his battle with The Great Khali at SummerSlam, the victory came by disqualification, meaning that the Punjabi powerhouse retained the richest prize on SmackDown. After the bout, however, weeks of pent-up aggression – coupled with the frustration of what happened moments before – led to Batista unloading on Khali with the same weapon that got the champion disqualified.

Batista’s main objective for success was to avoid the punishing Khali Vise Grip. While the Punjabi powerhouse battered him from pillar to post for most of the match, The Animal was able to do exactly that. And when Batista hoisted Khali up and dropped him with a thunderous spinebuster, it looked as if The Animal was finally on his way to becoming a three-time World Heavyweight Champion.

Khali had other ideas, however. After his Batista Bomb attempt was shrugged off, The Animal climbed to the top rope and leapt at the World Heavyweight Champion, only to be caught and dropped with a towering Khali Bomb. It looked grim, but when Batista kicked out of Khali’s pinfall, the capacity crowd let out a raucous cheer – and the expression on the champion’s face went from confidence to shock.

Translator Ranjin Singh must have understood his client’s body language, as he then tossed a steel chair into the ring. Referee Mickie Henson tried to stop Khali, but the towering champion easily pushed him away before landing a punishing blow across the back of the challenger. Immediately, Henson called for the bell, disqualifying Khali and disappointing everyone in the arena – including Batista.

Once the official announcement was made, Khali tried to continue his attack. Instead, Batista avoided his second steely swing and speared the Punjabi powerhouse. After staring at his prey for a brief moment, The Animal recovered the chair and took out his frustrations by unloading nearly a dozen shots across the back and shoulders of the massive champion.

Unfortunately, it was too little too late, as the damage had already been done; Batista had won the match, but The Great Khali was still the World Heavyweight Champion. But while The Animal may have left the Biggest Party of the Summer with an empty waist, he did leave the World Heavyweight Champion with the knowledge that their issue is far from settled.

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