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On their U.S. debut, 1999's How to Operate With a Blown Mind, U.K. big-beat studs the Lo Fidelity Allstars mixed stellar basslines with a rock star swagger. Coming off a series of hits in their native land, as well as the famous British press hype machine, the Lo Fi's seemed to view American stardom as a birthright. That the band didn't break here, may have been the best thing to happen to them though. On their proper follow-up (not counting mix CDs), Don't be Afraid of Love, the Lo Fi's spend more time dancing, less time strutting. The infectious opening track, "What You Want," glows with techno energy, while "Lo Fi's in Ibiza" is a true house tune, complete with rising female vocals at the end. Former Afghan Whigs' frontman Greg Dulli lends his distinctive soul/rock crooning to the steamy "Somebody Needs You." If there's one downside to Don't Be Afraid of Love it's that the record is a bit schizophrenic, as the jump from style to style is bumpy at times. However, the Lo Fi's ambition is commendable, and when they do hit the mark, they nail it.

(March 5, 2002)

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Track List

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  • What You Want (track not available in Rhapsody)
  • Deep Ellum...Hold On - (featuring Jamie Lidell) (track not available in Rhapsody)
  • Lo Fi's In Ibiza (track not available in Rhapsody)
  • Somebody Needs you - (featuring Greg Dulli) (track not available in Rhapsody)
  • Don't Be Afraid Of Love (track not available in Rhapsody)
  • Feel What I Feel
  • On The Pier - (featuring Bootsy Collins)
  • Just Enough
  • Cattleprod
  • Tied To The Mast (track not available in Rhapsody)
  • Sleeping Faster (track not available in Rhapsody)
  • Dark Is Easy (track not available in Rhapsody)



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