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Q: I've read that full episodes are available for download. Is this true?
A: Yes. Selected NBC shows are currently available through NBC Direct; a service that allows users to download full episodes to their Windows-based PCs. Support for Apple and Linux systems will be coming in early 2008.
Q: What do I need in order start downloading full episodes?
A: We recommend the following specifications to ensure that you have a good viewing experience:
Operating System*:Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows XP(any version, including MCE) with Service Pack 2 installed
CPU:1.5 GHz or faster600 MHz
Memory:1GB or more512 MB
Hard Disk:20 GB or more free space10 GB free space
Screen Resolution:1024 x 768800 x 600
Audio:Speakers or other audio output A sound card
Internet Connection:Broadband/High Speed (DSL or Cable)
Internet Browser:Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher
Other Software:Microsoft Windows Media Player version 10 or higher
Microsoft .NET 2.0 or higher
Flash 8+
All Microsoft Windows Vista and XP users (all editions)
Switching between different shows during video playback "freezes" the application. A fix is being developed and will be available shortly.
The Open Case Media Agent powering the NBC Direct service "spikes" the CPU usage and does not decrease. A partial solution was rolled out with the 11/20/2007 update (build # A more advanced solution is being developed and will be available shortly.
Content isn't removed properly if the user deletes a clip that's active in the NBC Direct player. A fix is being developed.
If the video you are watching is still downloading by the time the first ad break is reached, then it will start from the begininng. Please allow the download to complete first before resuming the video.
Windows XP users with Windows Media Player 10, if you're only getting ads, please visit the following page to apply a Microsoft patch that will restore proper video playback:
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 891122

Microsoft Windows Vista users (all editions)
There was a Microsoft Vista bug that prevented the NBC Direct player from functioning properly. A fix was rolled out with the 12/14/2007 update (build # and requires new and existing users to apply a patch to complete the update.
Microsoft Windows XP users (all editions) running Microsoft Windows Media Player 11
There was a known bug that affected proper playback of downloaded video components. A required fix was rolled out with the 11/20/2007 update (build # which will require you to restart the service to complete the installation. If you're are still having issues, please click here to apply the necessary fix.
The MY VIDEOS tab only allowed the display of 10 downloaded videos. A fix was rolled out with the 11/20/2007 update (build #


Q: What shows are available to watch online?
A: The complete list of shows is listed in the left column of this page under the heading "Watch Full Episodes" as well as in the "Watch Video" global navigation link located at the top of the page.


Q: What are Extra Features and how are they used?
A: Extra Features are available for selected full episodes and are meant to enhance the viewing experience by adding interactivity and additional functionality during video playback. They include:
Episode Insights: air date and cast/crew credits information
Closed Captioning: text synched to the video playback
Cast Commentary: exclusive interactive cast/crew commentary
Viewer Reviews: share your thoughts
Share This Episode: email a friend, send a highlight to a mobile phone

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