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Earl Blumenauer Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Representing Oregon's 3rd District St. John's Bridge
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Contact Information
Contact Earl Form
Portland office:
729 N.E. Oregon Street
Suite 115
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 231-2300
Fax: (503) 230-5413
Washington D.C. office:
US House of Representatives
2446 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-4811
Fax: (202) 225-8941

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When Rep. Earl Blumenauer was elected to Congress in May 1996, he immediately noticed several things about Washington, D.C.  The dry climate, plenty of flat terrain, and world-class bike trails combined make a great environment for cycling. That realization, and his experience as a City Commissioner in Portland, Oregon, where he worked closely with bike advocacy groups and learned over time that cyclists are some of the most determined, most dedicated, and most fun people around, led to the development of the House Bike Caucus.


The Mission


To encourage Congressional leadership to complement the efforts of the millions of cyclists working for safer roads, more bikeways, convenient bike parking and increased recognition of the importance of cycling to our communities.




Working with Representatives Oberstar, DeFazio and Joe Kennedy, whose “Chain Gang” successfully moved cycling onto the national agenda in 1991, the Bike Caucus quickly gained a dozen members from both parties.


The Bike Caucus was conceived as an informal, bipartisan group whose primary goal would be to provide a place for cycling Members of Congress and their staffs to have fun. Whatever the technical solutions proposed, their implementation in livable communities requires a process in which grassroots involvement helps create and validate partnerships comprised of civic and business organizations, state, local and federal governments.




It is in the national interest to promote low-cost, low-impact transportation modes which decrease our reliance on imported fossil fuels


It is in the national interest to insure that our national infrastructure provides safe, appropriate transportation options for all citizens


Cycling, as a mode of transportation requires no fossil fuels, has no impact on air quality, creates less wear and tear on roads, and is more affordable than automated vehicles




164 Members...

118 Democrats (Blumenauer Co-Chair)

45 Republicans (Sue Kelly Co-Chair)

1 Independent

Members represent 43 States and the District of Columbia


Abercrombie, Neil D-HI Larsen, Rick D-WA
Allen, Tom D-ME Larson, John D-CT
Baca, Joe D-CA Lee, Barbara D-CA
Bachus, Spencer R-AL Lewis, John D-GA
Baird, Brian D-WA Lynch, Stephen D-MA
Baldwin, Tammy D-WI Manzullo, Don R-IL
Bass, Charlie R-NH Marshall, Jim D-GA
Bell, Chris D-TX Matheson, Jim D-UT
Berkley, Shelley D-NV Matsui, Robert T. D-CA
Blumenauer, Earl (Co-Chair) D-OR McCollum, Betty D-MN
Boehlert, Sherwood R-NY McDermott, Jim D-WA
Bono, Mary R-CA McGovern, Jim D-MA
Boucher, Rick D-VA Meehan, Marty D-MA
Brown, Sherrod D-OH Meeks, Greg D-NY
Burgess, Michael R-TX Menendez, Robert D-NJ
Burns, Max R-GA Michaud, Michael H. D-ME
Cannon, Chris R-UT Millender-McDonald D-CA
Capps, Lois D-CA Miller, Brad D-NC
Capuano, Mike D-MA Moran, James P. D-VA
Cardin, Ben D-MD Moran, Jerry R-KS
Cardoza, Dennis D-CA Nadler, Jerrold D-NY
Carson, Brad D-OK Napalitano, Grace D-CA
Carson, Julia D-IN Neal, Richard D-MA
Case, Ed D-HI Nethercutt, George R-WA
Chandler, Ben D-KY Northrup, Anne R-KY
Cooper, Jim D-TN Norton, Eleanor Holmes D-DC
Costello, Jerry D-FL Oberstar, Jim D-MN
Cramer, Bud D-AL Olver, John D-MA
Crowley, Joe D-NY Ose, Doug R-CA
Cubin, Barbara R-WY Owens, Major R. D-NY
Cummings, Elijah E. D-MD Pallone, Frank D-NJ
Davis, Danny K. D-IL Pascrell, Bill, Jr. D-NJ
Davis, Jim D-FL Pastor, Ed D-AZ
Davis, Lincoln D-TN Pelosi, Nancy D-CA
DeFazio, Peter D-OR Peterson, Collin D-NM
Delahunt, Bill D-MA Petri, Thomas R-WI
DeMint, Jim R-SC Pomeroy, Earl D-ND
Doggett, Lloyd D-TX Rahall, Nick D-WV
Emanuel, Rahm D-IL Ramstad, Jim R-MN
Eshoo, Anna D-CA Rehberg, Denny R-MT
Farr, Sam D-CA Reyes, Silvestre D-TX
Fattah, Chaka D-PA Ross, Mike D-AR
Filner, Bob D-CA Roybal-Allard D-CA
Foley, Mark R-FL Ruppersberger, Dutch D-MD
Frost, Martin D-TX Ryan, Paul R-WI
Gilchrest, Wayne R-MD Ryan, Tim D-OH
Gillmor, Paul R-OH Sabo, Martin Olav D-MN
Goode, Virgil H., Jr. R-VA Sanchez, Linda D-CA
Goodlatte, Bob R-VA Sanchez, Loretta D-CA
Gordon, Bart D-TN Sanders, Bernie I-VT
Green, Mark R-WI Sandlin, Max D-TX
Greenwood, Jim R-PA Scott, David D-GA
Grijalva, Raul D-AZ Shaw, Clay, Jr. R-FL
Gutierrez, Luis V. D-IL Shays, Chris R-CT
Hall, Ralph R-TX Sherman, Brad D-CA
Harman, Jane D-CA Shimkus, John R-IL
Hayworth, JD R-AZ Shuster, Bill R-PA
Herseth, Stephanie D-SD Slaughter, Louise D-NY
Hill, Baron D-IN Snyder, Vic D-AR
Hinchey, Maurice D-NY Solis, Hilda L. D-CA
Hoeffel, Joseph D-PA Souder, Mark R-IN
Hoekstra, Peter R-MI Spratt, John D-SC
Holt, Rush D-NJ Stark, Pete D-CA
Honda, Mike D-CA Strickland, Ted D-OH
Hooley, Darlene D-OR Tancredo, Thomas G. R-CO
Houghton, Amo R-NY Tauscher, Ellen D-CA
Hulshof, Kenny R-MO Taylor, Charles H. R-NC
Inslee, Jay D-WA Thompson, Mike D-CA
Israel, Steve J. D-NY Toomey, Patrick R-PA
Jackson, Jesse Jr. D-IL Turner, Mike R-OH
Jackson-Lee, Sheila D-TX Udall, Mark D-CO
Johnson, Eddie Bernice D-TX Udall, Tom D-NM
Johnson, Timothy V. R-IL Van Hollen, Chris D-MD
Jones, Stephanie Tubbs D-OH Walden, Greg R-OR
Keller, Ric R-FL Wamp, Zach R-TN
Kelly, Sue (Co-Chair) R-NY Watson, Diane E. D-CA
Kildee, Dale D-MI Waxman, Henry A. D-CA
Kilpatrick, Carolyn C. D-MI Weiner, Anthony D-NY
Kind, Ron D-WI Weller, Jerry R-IL
Kleczka, Gerald D-WI Wilson, Joe R-SC
Lampson, Nick D-TX Woolsey, Lynn D-CA
Langevin, James D-RI Wu, David D-OR

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