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Age Of Love - The Age Of Love

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Label: DiKi Records
Catalog#: DIKI 47.12.12
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Released:19 Mar 1990
Genre: Electronic
Style: Trance
Credits: Keyboards, Written-By - Bruno Sanchioni
Other [Lyrics], Written-by - Giuseppe Cherchia
Rating:   4.8/5 (56 votesRate It
Submitted by:widbnetwork
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A1   The Age Of Love (Radio Version) (3:48)
A2   The Age Of Love (Flying Mix) (5:55)
B1   The Age Of Love (New Age Mix) (5:05)
B2   The Age Of Love (Boeing Mix) (5:05)

User Reviews:

BomberOne, Mar 31, 2004

This is a true masterpiece. Alongside with Force legato's "Force Legato" on ZYX, it can be considered as the first techno-trance record ever, before the genre became , first , a genre, second, a shame.
It was composed by Bruno Sanchioni, the man behind Diki 's best releases like Plexus, Dr. Phibes or the legendary Bazz. He released great records from the french/belgian border city of Mouscron, first helping New beat to become Hard beat in the late 80', and, with this one, opening the door to a whole new genre.
At the end of the 90', he enjoyed another worldwide success with his friend Emmanuel Top as B.B.E.
Note that this track was remixed in 1992 by Jam & Spoon (at React label request), and that the remix enjoyed an even bigger success. But this one was the real blast, the trendsetting gem.

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