Thomas M. Storke Carillon Open House

In Honor of the 30th Anniversary of the Carillon

Storke Tower

175-foot Storke Tower houses a 61-bell carillon which was dedicated on September 28, 1969. The bells of the UCSB carillon comprise five chromatic octaves and were cast in Holland by Petit & Fritsen. The bells range in size from 13 to 4793 pounds.
photo display Woman by bells
Margot Halsted Biggest bell
The largest bell (4793 pounds of 80% copper and 20% tin) is inscribed with the University Seal and University Motto, Fiat Lux, "Let There Be Light". Eight of the largest bells each have an additional clapper connected to a computer. Each bell is paired with a letter of the alphabet. At 10 minutes to each hour, these bells "spell out" L-e-t T-h-e-r-e B-e L-i-g-h-t", through a system devised by Professor Carl Zytowski of the Music Department. On the hour, the computer activates five of the bells to play the "Westminster" bell sounds. more hanging bells
hanging bells boy watching
The bells can be quite loud up close!

view of the library

The Tower observation deck affords a great view of the Davidson Library.