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Quake: av3k defeats socrates to win Ponzan Quake 4

By: Rod Breslau - Published November 25, 2006 at 10:20 AM EST - Writer Archive
Matches have begun at the Poznan Game Arena for this weekend's Creative Quake 4 Polish Invitational.
The groups have been drawn and matches are underway for this weekend's Creative Quake 4 Polish Invitational at the Poznan Game Arena 2006 in Poland. Groups are as follows:

Group A:
Russia Anton "mouz.Cooller" Singov
United Kingdom James "fnatic.TooGoood" Harding
Poland Michal "Simplus|Cs3" Rynski
Poland Tobiasz "FF|deral" Kaczorowski

Group B:
United States Jason "mouz.socrates" Sylka
Poland Maciej "srs'av3k" Krzykowski
United States Jamie "g0d/Missy" Pereyda
Poland Mateusz "Simplus|matr0x" Ozga

The tournament has undergone some delays due to problems with the network. Group A has started their matches with Group B to follow shortly. Times of matches are TBA.

Stay tuned to all weekend long for continuous updates. Also, be sure to set your Personal Timezone so that you can be informed what time matches will kick off in your area!

An english shoutcast can be accessed at, while streaming video (in Polish) can be accessed at 2006.

Final Standings:

1. Poland Maciej "srs'av3k" Krzykowski - $1,500
2. United States Jason "mouz.socrates" Sylka - $1,000
3. Russia Anton "mouz.Cooller" Singov - $500

Creative Q4 Invitational Grand Final
Maciej "srs`av3k" Krzykowski1-12
Jason "mouz.socrates" Sylka-1-1
Galang: 19:7
Monsoon: 20:22
Phrantic: 18:5

Creative Q4 Invitational Third Place Finisher
Anton "mouz`Cooller" Singov11-2
Tobiasz "FF|deral" Kaczorowski----
Phrantic: 36:8
Monsoon: 15:9

Creative Q4 Invitational Round 1
Maciej "srs`av3k" Krzykowski11-2
Tobiasz "FF|deral" Kaczorowski----
Monsoon: 27:10
Phrantic: 36:8
Jason "mouz.socrates" Sylka11-2
Anton "mouz`Cooller" Singov----
Phrantic: 20:10
Placebo Effect: 28:9

Day 1 group scores can be found on the following page.
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