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    SELECTING TRAINING EQUIPMENT - Basics on selecting equipment, how to determine how it will affect your dog & you as a handler. 

    THE PROBLEMS WITH HEAD HALTERS - A look at some of the problems with using the increasingly popular head halters. 

    TRAINING WITH THE PRONG COLLAR  A clear eyed look at this controversial training equipment

    OF HOSTAGES & RELATIONSHIPS Do you need to isolate a dog or limit playtime with other dogs or people?   

    IT TAKES A PACK TO RAISE A PUPPY - Understanding what a puppy expects and needs from his family.

    RELIABIITY & THE RETRIEVE: Justifying the Ear Pinch? A realistic look at the justifications used by proponents of the force retrieve.

    WHY NOT TAKE CANDY FROM A BABY? (If he lets you!) Examines manipulation as part of social life, and the dog's need for clear boundaries & leadership.

    ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT Useful, hands-off tips for putting your dog's grouchy attitude on a new track without using having to use force. 

    REWARDS, LURES & BRIBES What is the difference between a reward, a lure and a bribe? Explanations & tips. 

    SCENT GAMES - Educating Your Dog's Nose
    Easy exercises & games to teach any dog scent discrimination as a fun & enjoyable game using his natural talents.

    10 TIPS FOR PROBLEM BEHAVIOR -  10 basic rules that will help you teach your dog more desirable behavior. 

    From a two-part series "Can Training be Holistic?" by Laura Wallingford, this is the experience of Wolf Clan editors at a Suzanne Clothier seminar.

    SELECTING FOR VIGOR -  Thoughts on observing puppies during the crucial first days, and what should be considered when selecting breeding stock. 

    Excerpt from BONES WOULD RAIN FROM THE SKY:  Deepening Our Relationships With Dogs by Suzanne Clothier (Warner Books, 2002)

    HE JUST WANTS TO SAY "HI!"  Aggression or appropriate response to rudeness?  Far too many dogs suffer because handlers & trainers don't know the difference between the two.  

      LEADERSHIP BASICS  A simple guide to regaining your dog's respect in pleasant, non-confrontational ways.

      RELATIONSHIP BASED APPROACH TO TRAINING Key points of keeping the relationship central to all you do with your dog.


    HARD TO TRAIN? A look at "difficult-to-train" breeds and the reality of what shapes these canine minds.

    THE FINE ART OF OBSERVATION The importance of observing what your dog can tell you about himself, and how you can use that information to make humane training decisions. 

    DANCES WITH DOGS - The dance of a willing partnership between handler and dog is a joy. 

    GREEN EGGS & HAM & DOG TRAINING? - Taking a tip from Dr. Seuss is a fun & easy way to liven up your training.

    LESSONS FROM THE MASTERS: Learning About Punishment from Dogs Themselves   Considers the lopsided "positive reinforcement only" approach to training.

    AGGRESSION: A Case History with Harry T
    A look at a troubled relationship and the problems for both dog & handler revolving around on-lead aggression. Harry T's unusual perspective on this common problem may surprise you!

    A common behavior problems, on-lead aggression involves the handler & unintentional training. Here's how to resolve the problem without using aggression of your own. 

    GUIDELINES FOR TEACHING SELF CONTROL - Teaching your dog self control as the foundation for all other learning.  

    This originally appeared as a response to a question from a member of the Obed-Comp E-mail List. 

    FITNESS IN YOUR BACKYARD - Exercise has benefits for dogs too! Some simple ideas for keeping your couch potato in reasonable shape.

    WHY FLUFFY CAN'T GO HUP - Part I in a series on the important skill of jumping.  This article deals with the basics of jumping problems. 

    CAN or CAN'T? - Part II in a series on jumping.  This article deals with physical limitations & how they affect jumping. 

    I THINK I CAN! - Part III in a series on jumping.  This article deals with mental & emotional aspects & how they affect jumping.  

    JUST RIGHT JUMPING - Part IV in a series on jumping.  This article deals with the importance of the conditions under which the dog will be asked to jump. 

    AGGRESSION BASICS - A brief look at the causes of aggression, and how to begin sorting out what's what.

      SOME REASONS FOR AGGRESSION  Understanding why a dog might feel the need to act aggressively, and recognizing the early signs in the dog's body language.

      HOW MUCH DOES YOUR DOG'S COOPERATION WEIGH?  Physical struggles aren't the point in relationship based training.

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