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Kosovo Ignores Serbian Resolution

27 December 2007 Pristina _ Kosovar Albanian politicians and international officials have dismissed Wednesday’s resolution by Serbia’s parliament which reaffirmed Belgrade’s firm opposition to Kosovo’s independence.
Serbia Wants both EU and Kosovo

14 December 2007 Belgrade _ Serbia’s team that took part in the abortive talks on UN-administered Kosovo’s status did not make any concessions which might insult its citizens’ dignity, according to President Boris Tadic.
Week Ahead: Klickovic Plea Hearing Due

28 December 2007 Former senior official of SDS, Gojko Klickovic, will enter his plea for Bosanska Krupa war crimes charges next week.

Justice Report

Balkan Christmas
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Two Kosovo Parties To Form Government

25 December 2007 Pristina _ Kosovo’s new government will be formed by the two parties that won most votes in the 17 November elections.

By Krenar Gashi

The Democratic Party of Kosova, PDK, led by former guerrilla leader Hashim Thaci, will enter a coalition with Democratic League of Kosova, LDK, led by Kosovo’s President Fatmir Sejdiu, sources close to PDK confirmed on Tuesday.
The parties are expected to formally sign a coalition agreement on Wednesday.
Thaci will lead a government of 7 ministers from his party, 5 ministers from LDK and 3 ministers from representatives of non-Albanian communities, according to Balkan Insight sources.
'The ministers will be appointed by the prime minister and not by the parties', a source told Balkan Insight. 'None of the former ministers will be part of the new government', this source added.
The PDK gathered 34% of the vote in Kosovo’s elections while the LDK polled around 23%. Together, the two parties have 62 out of 120 seats in Kosovo’s Assembly, a slight majority to form government.
Some of the small non-Albanian parties in the Assembly are also expected to offer their support to the government.
Kosovo has been administered by the UN since 1999 and is set to declare its independence from Serbia in early 2008. Internationally mediated negotiations over the disputed territory’s status ended with no results.


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Kosovo’s capital catches the spirit of the festive season. A Christmas tree, placed there every year by the city authorities, stands next to the equestrian statue of 15th century Albanian national hero Skanderbeg in the city centre.

Pristina frequently suffers from power cuts, but when the Christmas and New Year festivities come, everyone makes an extra effort to light up the city.

 Photos and captions by Shpatar Morina

In a market already saturated with domestic demand, foreign buyers who once looked askance aim to invest.

Podgorica _ Montenegro's winter season of cultural, entertainment and sports events got underway Wednesday with the annual 'Hot Winter in the Mountains' festival.

Belgrade _ Travellers to Belgrade can take their pick from sharing a room with some of the world's most famous, and notorious leaders.

Skopje at night, with decorations for New Year`s. Photo by Ognen Teofilovski

With only a few days left until New Year's Eve, the Balkan countries are preparing to meet and greet 2008. While most are swept up in upcoming Christmas and New Year's festivities, some are concerned about the political changes that 2008 may bring.

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