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Welcome to the Japan Cultural Profile
Tatsuo Miyajima, Keep Chang, Connect with Everything, Continue Forever (photo Norihiro Ueno/Mus of Contemp Art Tokyo)Welcome to the Japan Cultural Profile, an online guide to the Japanese cultural sector.
Aimed at a wide national and international market – including artists, festival organisers, promoters, cultural agencies, policy-makers, educators and the general public, the Japan Cultural Profile features a detailed database of over 5,800 key contacts in the Japanese arts, media, heritage, libraries, archives and tourism sectors.
The Japan Cultural Profile is a 'work in progress' - in future we plan to add comprehensive overviews of each cultural sector, providing a comprehensive 'industry overview' aimed at those who are unfamiliar with Japan's cultural infrastructure, helping them to work effectively within it, to establish international exchange activities, and to maximise the impact of their projects. Please check back later for updates.
The Japan Cultural Profile is intended to operate in a complementary relationship with other key websites and web portals in the Japanese arts and culture sector, and focuses on the information of greatest use in international working, with signposts to other, more detailed and specialist sources of information.
The Japan Cultural Profile is updated regularly; please contact us to add or amend your details by E-mailing Tim Doling at
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