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1. Welcome to the RMA !
2. How to get to the RMA ?
3. What makes the RMA so special?
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What makes the RMA so special?

The RMA was established in 1834 by a French colonel of the French “Ecole Polytechnique”. In France a “grande école” is similar to a university. That’s the reason why at the RMA, the terms “school” and “pupil” are used.

The RMA aims at developing the overall personality of its students by means of a multidisciplinary and integrated education in the academic, military, physical, character building domains.

To be able to graduate, a student at the RMA not only has to meet the academic criteria, but also the requirements of the military, physical and character training.

As the RMA is a military and in that way a federal educational institution, courses in the Polytechnics Faculty and in the Faculty of Social and Military Sciences are taught both in French and Dutch, with the exception of a small number of courses that are taught in English.

In March of their second year, students have to take a legal language exam, testing their basic knowledge of the second national language. Passing this exam is a prerequisite for obtaining one’s commission.

Students at the RMA are prospective officers and per year are divided into ‘Promotions’.

For all his problems , a student can turn to his promotion commander.

The RMA is a boarding institution. Students get wages according to their rank.

Further information concerning degrees and objectives may be found in the paragraphs about the degrees and the mission statement of the RMA.

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