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Desire's Stats:
Name: Shelly Martinez

Birth: 2/9/80
Hometown: Southern California

Weight: 115

Height: 5'4"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
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Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a female wrestler. I would sit there every week and watch WWE (then WWF) with my grandfather and father. I would play with my cousins in the backyard as if we were WWE wrestlers, I was just a huge dork--still am. When GLOW wrestling came I was really stoked seeing female wrestlers that were heroes to me at the time. One day my dad asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up. I told him that I wanted to be a wrestler. I was a hard-core daddy's girl and when he told me, "well that is what you will be then" it touched my heart. To make a long story short the same year I gradated from high school my dad died in a car accident. This really changed me as a person. I always remembered the love and care he gave me. The words he told me would always ring in my head. The one thing he told me that kept haunting me was when he said "well that is what you will be then." I then was on a mission to find out how to become a wrestler. I started modeling and doing small bits on television and film. I would also talk about my love for female pro wrestling hoping someone would guide me in the right direction. I remember when I went to a WWF event and caught the eye of Shano Mac when a huge crowd were trying to get to him. He grabbed me and put my arm around his. I started pitching myself to him and he was getting interested. He asked if I had a card, I still kick myself in the ass for this one, I didn't have one. His security took him away. I then grew even more hungry to get in the business. Some casting directors remembered how I would go on and on about wrestling and called me right away for a small role in an indy film about wrestling. That is where I met the promoter from the first wrestling school I attended. I was so happy to finally find the way in. I trained with that school for 2 1/2 years. I gained my basic training and learned how to work matches in front of a crowd. I then decided (for personal reasons) to move on. This is where I started to train in the Lucha Libre style of wrestling with WPW. I started working shows for WPW along with training with them for almost a year. I have to say, I thought I knew Lucha before going to WPW but soon realized I only knew a watered down Lucha. I gained a great deal of training with WPW. I wanted to be a more rounded female wrestler and learn more styles of wrestling. I then started to attend training for Revolution Pro ( where they incorporate Lucha and American styles with a solid look. I have also found a great training center with Inoki Dojo out of Santa Monica. They not only train Pro Wrestling there but also Martial Arts!! I had a try out with WWE in December and they told me to keep practicing, lean up and grow my bangs (I had Bettie Page bangs) out and to come back in April. I got prepared for try out in April and they told me they wanted to me be seen again in the summer to talk about developmental contracts with the company. I made wrestling wise and physically this time around. They expressed to me interest in sending me to their new school that would be opening in Atlanta in 2005. In December of 2004 I went to their developmental school in Louisville (OVW). I was there for a few weeks. I had a blast. I later then finally got my contract with WWE and had a blast in OVW and consider that some of the best times I ever had. I did local television there for about a year then started with the main WWE roster and became Ariel of ECW. A psychic vampire. I recently have parted ways with WWE/ECW. I enjoyed the people and my time there. I am now trying to make a crossover to pursuing another dream of mine....horror movie. I want to be the next horror queen. Keep your eyes and necks open for me I will be lurking in the shadows.

Title Held:
Intergender Tag Team Champion (EWF)

Shelly has worked for these Pro Wrestling promotions:
WWE ECW OVW  WPW  UPW  AWS  WCWA  Revolution Pro  WSW  APW  Lucha Va Voom  PCW  CWA
WEW (Philly)  ICW  Lucha Azteca, EWF

Shelly has trained at the following pro wrestling schools:

Currently training at OVW-Louisville, Kentucky
Trainers: Al Snow, Lance Storm, Bill Demott

School of Hard Knocks
Trained by: Havana Pitbulls, Pinoy Boy, Iceman John Black, Eric Matlock
*Lucha Libre

Trained by: Martin Marin
*Lucha Libre

Rev Pro/AWS
Trained by: Ron Rivera
*Lucha Libre

Inoki Dojo
Trained by: Havana Pitbulls, Pinoy Boy, Eric Matlock, American Dragon

Ultimate Pro Wrestling
Trained by: Aaron Aguilera, Ballard Bros


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