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The Everything Web System is Another Dumb Perl-MySQL Web Content-Management System

More specifically, it uses a unified object model rendered in a database and XML to create a set of modular tools for moving around blocks of TEXT and HTML.

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Announcements, announcements, annowww-ncements!

ETemplate Released by JayBonci
(2003-11-26 13:35:27)
We've released our Template Toolkit compatibility module over at our Sourceforge page. It allows integration with Template Toolkit templates, as stored inside of the Nodebase. It also includes utilities for debugging and working with Templates, and integrating ecore functions into existing templates.

The only prerequisite for the module is that you need to have TT, version 2.0 or later installed, before installing the .pm files and nodeball. This release is untested with the cvs version(s) of ecore.

Many thanks to pudge for his implementation in slash from which many TT lessons were learned. This module is used in production right now and is considered stable. ETemplate is licensed under the Artistic License, and is copyright 2003 Open Source Developers Network.
ECore Security Release by nate
(2002-10-22 21:35:37)
Everything Pre 1.0-3 has been released. This is a security release which patches two major security flaws in the system.

If you have an Everything which allows anonymous posting, or which allows non-trusted users to own nodes in the system, please download and install restricted_fields_patch-0.1.1.nbz This tightens what fields can be updated via query params.

Note that if you are running an older ecore, even the old 0.8 series -- unless you are patched up your ECore will be vulnerable! This is the same issue which brought E2 down for several hours.

Jaybonci has packaged up the latest version of his debian package everything_1.0.3pre-1_all.deb as well as the latest shoehorn archive everything_1.0.3.shoehorn.tar.gz

And remember, kids -- stay safe, and backup nightly.

--nate's Treasure Chest of Nodeballs by nate
(2002-09-25 14:55:22)
Dann has been working hard at packaging new goodies for those of you who don't use nbmasta enough. He has released some Nodeballs for ECore for all the girls and boys.

This prized collection includes a re-written EMessage and Weblog as well as some new gems: EGallery, ECore Tools, Node Explorer plus MORE!

So if you see Dann on his Tour of the United States make sure to give him a pat on the back, a thumbs-up, and a big cheezy smile.


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If you're interested in Everything, you can look at the Everything Tour, or for a less technical explanation, you can look at Everything in one page. If you want to learn more, I'd recommend using one of our implementations of Everything -- on the links on the right.

MS Word thinks the correct spelling of Everydevel is Overdevelop. Coincidence or built in AI?

--Kurt the Pope

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