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Internet Market Research

- a powerful tool for making the right decisions.

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Worldwide Market Research Communities

ESOMAR the world association of research professionals,
unites 4000 members - both users and providers of opinion
and market research - in 100 countries.

American Marketing Association
Marketing research best practices and articles.

International Marketing Research Information - the database,
and the worldwide directory of market research agencies,
publishers and professionals.

Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (Canada).

Research Info
A US national organization of marketing research
professionals and firms.

The Market Research Society
With over 8,000 members in more than 50 countries, it is
the world's largest international membership organisation
for professional researchers.


Worldwide Market Research Professionals
A multi-country consortium of professional European and American
research companies, working to the same standards and ideals.
E-commerce research leader, covers subjects such as
customer experience, benchmarking, and customer recruiting.

Hit Wise
Real-time competitive intelligence.

Professional online market research firm.

Mintel International Group Ltd. Market Research and Consumer Intelligence.

Pioneer Consulting
International market research and analysis firm specializing in
global high-speed telecommunications networks and technologies.

Survey dot com
An Internet market research firm specializing in the technology,
financial, consumer, and entertainment industries.

Survey Sampling International
SSI is the world's largest and most reliable sampling
source for telephone and Internet surveys.

Technology Marketing Corporation, for telecoms and voip.

World Wide Worx
Marketing services consultancy and research firm
located in South Africa.

Marketing services consultancy providing solutions for
breakthroughs in marketing productivity.


Publications and Websites

eMarketing and research news releases.

Center for Media Research
News and briefs from Media Post.

Clickz Today
eMarketing news and articles for emarketers.

Comscore Press Center.

Daily news on statistics and trends.

Marketing Find
Tools, Tips and Ideas to Market your Website.

Marketing Today
The Online Guide to Marketing in the Information Age.

Online news and jobs for marketing, opinion and social research.(UK)

The Frame
Published for survey researchers by SSI.

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Internet Markets Information and Reports

Internet World Stats
Internet usage statistics for 243 countries and regions of the World.

BUBL Catalog of Internet Resources
Links for research on individual countries.

Detailed research on individual countries.

Cities of the World
Population of capital cities and cities of 100,000
and more inhabitants information.

Flags of the World
Country flags and the basic information.

The Economist Surveys
From the Economist surveys on Countries and Regions,
Business, Economics and Fiance, Science and Technology.

World Bank
Economic data and statistics for 208 countries.

World Fact Book
Very detailed country information, includes flags and maps.

Factors affecting Internet development: An Asian survey
By Hao Xiaoming and Chow Seet Kay.
Examines the relationship between the Internet development and
various social, economic and political factors that are hypothesized
to affect the Internet growth.

The Accountable Net
Peer Production of Internet Governance.
By David R. Johnson, Susan P. Crawford, and John G. Palfrey, Jr. (pdf)

Africa Internet Creativity
African Studies Center - University of Pennsylvania.


Data Sources and Reports for Global Marketing and Trade

Global Technology Forum
Free website from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Provides
excellent information and analysis about the global digital economy.

Paul Budde - Telecommunications Reports
The largest global telecommunications research site on the Web.
The company publishes 70 telecommunications business reports.
here for the Catalogue and Price List.

BizMiner - Industry Analysis
Find the industry analysis you need to develop business plans
and marketing research. Take your research to the next level with
the same high-quality information used by well-known companies
and institutions. See the
BizMiner Reports

Country Profiles
Quick basic information on any country.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Internet Market Research Web Sites for small business.

eMarketing Association
Association featuring eCourses and resource links.

eBusiness Forum
Worldwide e-Commerce site sponsored by
The Economist research unit.

Export America
Market Research: Doing Your Homework on Global Markets.

Information on exhibits, events, and fairs.
Data base updated daily.

Forrester Research identifies and analyzes trends in
technology and their impact on business.

World maps, population rankings, country data, currency converter.

World statistics, population, GDP, country data.

Google Answers
Place your question for reply by an expert and also browse
search list of previously asked questions and answers.

Governments online
Comprehensive database of governmental institutions on the World Wide Web.

Guide to Internet Statistics
Internet statistics and research guide.

ilectric info portal is a robust suite of research
tools, featuring a relevant metasearch engine.

International Developement Research Center

Internet Quick Reference
IQR is a virtual library which attempts to identify,
summarize, and categorize significant Web sites.

ITnetcenter Research Library
Topics: eCommerce, Internet Access, Internet Usage.

Librarians' Index to the Internet
A program from the Library of California.

Luisiana State University
Links listed by the LSU useful for market research.

Know This
Knowledge source for market research, marketing plans,
internet marketing, marketing careers & much more.

Marketing Online
Links to many web sites featuring marketing resources.

Marketing Research Reports
The most comprehensive collection of published
market research available on-demand.

Meat n' Potatoes
World information, sorted by country and region.

Nation Master
World statistics, sorted by country and region.

Patchogue-Medford Library
Internet Information Resources.

PEW Reports
Pew Internet and American Life Project.

Thousands of free research tools for journalists.

Ref Desk
Links to many web sites.

Research and Markets
The World's largest resource for market research.

Research Info
Free Marketing Research Resources,
forum, links, software, library, directories.

Search engines, resources and tools for exploring
the deep web and performing advanced research.

Social Science Information Gateway.

Statistics and Market Research for the Leisure,
Sports, Tourism and Hospitality Industries.

United Nations Unido Directory
Useful social and economical information for
all the countries of the world.

University of Oregon
Link directory and guide to publications useful for
market research and international trade.

ISO country codes.

World Bank
Links to WB Research work on economic issues.

World Newspapers
World newspapers, magazines, and news sites in English,
sorted by country and region.

World Opinion
The World's market research web site.

World Population
U.S. Census Bureau web site with population data.

World Population
Worldometer shows up to the minute world population,
plus births and minus deaths (global simulations).


Information on Market Research Service Companies

GreenBook Market Research and Focus Group Directory
Find and compare marketing research vendors. Includes 1700
marketing research companies and focus group facilities with
detailed company and facility descriptions. You can search by
market research services (400+ categories), location, keywords,
or company name.


Information Sources for Market Research

Internet World Stats Library
Articles and resources on emarketing and other subjects.

Cybergeography and Web Statistics
Articles, facts and links about the Internet.

Guide to Internet Statistics and Research
Information links about the Internet.

Search through more than a million summaries of Adobe® Portable
Document Format (PDF) files on the Web. Allows you to see the
summaries before deciding to view the original Adobe PDF doc.

Marketing Research Glossary
Over 650 common and uncommon marketing
research words and phrases.

Knowthis virtual library for marketing research.


Software, Tools and Help for Market Intelligence

GMI (Global Market Insite)
GMI offers an integrated platform of powerful online market research software
that includes online survey software, online panel management capabilities,
web survey hosting and survey programming services. With a consumer
panel of 5.5 million people in over 200 countries, GMI simplifies international
market research management for companies of all sizes worldwide.

Global Park Surveys
Globalpark sets new standards for professional online survey software. With the
release of version 4.0 of the survey center and OPST, Globalpark consolidates its
position as technological pioneer in the field of Internet-based data collection.

Opinion Power
A place where you can make surveys by yourself, quickly and easily.

Software for Market Research.

Tim Macer Services
Software for Market Research.


Useful Data for the Do-it-yourself People

Market Research Tutorial
Tutorial on How To Understand Your Customers.

Statistics for Social Science
A free, "teach yourself" tutorial that lets you practise your
Internet Information Skills, written by Robin Rice of the
Edinburgh University Data Library.

Statistical Support
Tutorials and help from the U. of Texas at Austin.

Virtual Training Suite
A set of free online tutorials, in 40 subject areas, designed to
help students, lecturers and researchers improve their Internet
information literacy and IT skills.


Help and Tools for Surveys and Pools

Instant Survey
This Easy Online Survey Software gives you the power to gather online feedback
from customers, employees, clients and others. With more functionality beyond
competitively priced survey tools, InstantSurvey Pro and InstantSurvey Basic
enable you to conduct sophisticated online research and gather actionable
results for making faster, easier and better decisions.

Opinion Power
Collecting opinions is one way for you to learn what your
community wants, collectively express yourselves, and
create the power to change your community.

Web Surveyor
WebSurveyor's affordable online survey tools allow you to conduct
an unlimited number of surveys, empowering you with real-time
feedback to drive your business.

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Keep Informed on your Customers and your Competition

Dun & Bradstreet
Leading company for 160 years supplying information and
data on any company in the world.

Thomas Regional
Products and services from 550,000 industrial distributors,
manufacturers, and service companies.


Contact the Experts

Advice Trader
Connect with qualified experts who can answer your
direct questions in 5 different ways.

Incentives & Motivation
Incentive marketing motivates people to a higher level of
performance by offering a reward that can be obtained by
reaching reasonable predetermined goals.


Locate towns and countries -

Holt, Rinehart & Winston
Maps and profiles for all the countries of the world.

GIS User and LBSZone
The GISuser LBSZone has been developed by Spatial Graphics,
a GIS/LBS start-up owned and managed by Glenn Letham.

City Directory
Directory with links to 2,880,532 cities.

Click here to open the search form, type your city
or country of choice and you will be directed there.

World Atlas
World maps and country data.

Map Quest
World maps and country data.
World maps in English.

Map Machine
National Geographic map service.


Traditional and Online Communications Medium Information

Marketing Wonk
Industry news and best practices for
marketers and media professionals.

Integrated publishing and content company, provides an array
of resources to super-serve media planners and buyers.


News and information on the Standards

The Official U.S. Time
Get the rigth time in all the U.S.A. time zones.

The World Clock - Time Zones
Current local times around the world.

Technical Standards site.

More than 13,000 ISO standards in the world.

ISO frontpage
International Organization for Standardization - ISO - news.

STR Labs
Provides accredited ISO 9000 registration services
to the global market place.

A Free Tip for eMarketing Success:

1 - First do your Market Research.

2 - Secondly, use good
eMarketing Tools.

3 - Seek advice from a good
eMarketing Coach.

4 - Don't fall for all the hype you see and read:

"I can believe the impossible, but not the improbable."
Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936); English writer.

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27 November 2007

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