Declare ineligible for 2001 Nebula Award®

The 2001 Nebula Awards Final ballot included Declare by Tim Powers. Declare was chosen by the Nebula Novel Jury to be added to the Ballot.

Unfortunately although Declare was published in January 2001 by HarperCollins/William Morrow & Co. and this was the edition the novel jury acquired and used, there was an earlier limited edition published in May 2000 by Subterranean Press.

The Nebula Award® Rules state:

    6. The author of any eligible work may withdraw it from consideration in a given year and request that a later edition be considered for the Nebula, but only in two specific cases: (a) if it appeared as a limited edition publication, or (b) if the author finds the published version unacceptable as the result of editorial changes or production errors. The NAR editor shall decide whether or not to allow a withdrawal, subject to appeal to the Nebula Awards Committee.

    7. Withdrawals
    a. An author must present a written request for withdrawal to the NAR editor within 30 days after the publication of the first Nebula Awards Report following publication of the work.
    b. For a later edition of a withdrawn work to be eligible, the author must present a written request for reinstatement of eligibility to the NAR editor...

    19. The Nebula Jury shall consider only eligible works published between January 1 and December 31 of the year for which awards will be presented.

The limited edition was not withdrawn from consideration. Therefore May 2000 must stand as the official publication date for the Nebulas Award® process. The 2001 jury may only add a work first published in 2001 to the ballot. Unfortunately no one proofing the ballot noticed the date problem in time. Declare is not eligible for the 2001 Nebula novel award® and the SFWA Nebula Awards® Report Editor, Brook West, reluctantly ruled that it cannot receive the award regardless of its final standing in the vote tally.

Brook West sent word of the decision and an explanation of the appeal process to Tim Powers.

Tim Powers' response was very gracious. He appreciated Brook's concern, but said that he could not protest the ruling. He said that the rules are not a bit unreasonable and that he knew at the time that he could have withdrawn the book.

Tim went on to give the members of the Nebula Award® Novel Jury his sincere thanks for adding it to the ballot, even erroneously. He said he was pleased that they considered the book worth the extra attention.

Posted April 2, 2002

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