About SimCity
SimCity(R) No Longer Just for Computers.
Get in on the excitement as SimCity(R) goes from the computer screen to the kitchen table. Designed as a collectible, multi-player game, SimCity(R) The Card Game(TM) allows friends and family to enjoy building cities together. Lay down colorful cards to create a settlement, then progress to a village, a city, and finally a metropolis. Create seaports, mountain ranges, universities and industrial complexes. Earn bucks by placing cards in strategic positions. Convincing the city council to rezone blocks and playing disasters on opponents' cities are all part of the fun.
  • SimCity(R) The Card Game(TM) is a collectible card game based on the award-winning SimCity(R) computer game.

  • Like the computer game, the card game is about building. The players' main objectives are to build from a settlement to a metropolis, and to be the first player to make 250 bucks. Along the way, players deal with disasters, zoning problems, the city council, and other hazards typical to a growing city.

  • Cards feature colorful, scenic photographs. For ease of play, cards are color-coded to show which type of zone the card represents (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.). Since the game is divided up into four phases (settlement, town, city, metropolis), the cards are also color-coded to show which phase they can be played in.

  • Exclusive to the game will be the long cards, cards which are twice the width of the standard cards. These cards represent enormous structures and locations unique to a metropolis. They will be ultra rare and found only in the booster packs.

  • SimCity(R) The Card Game(TM) is being supported by a limited run of promotional cards available from Mayfair Games and select magazines, distributors, retailers, and industry personalities. There is also extensive media coverage of the game with articles appearing monthly in the major games/collectibles/comics magazines.

  • The limited print run of SimCity® The Card Game will contain 517 cards and be packaged in starter decks and booster packs. The starter deck will contain 5 rare, 19 uncommon, and 36 common cards. The booster pack will contain 1 ultra rare, 1 rare, 5 uncommon, and 8 common cards. Starter decks retail for $8.50 and booster packs retail for $2.50.

  • Following the limited edition, Mayfair will be releasing theme Starter Decks contain 120 non-random cards featuring photographs, people, and events from the cities they represent. The first one to be produced will be Chicago, with pictures from the Chicago-metro area. Next in line will be the Washington D.C. City Deck, followed by the New York City Starter Deck and the Atlanta Starter Deck. Other cities currently under consideration include Los Angeles, London, Paris, Miami, Seattle, and Hong Kong. These Starter Decks will be released in a limited format and an unlimited format, with Chicago available in late December 1995 and Washington D.C. following shortly. Theme Starter Decks will only be available in fixed decks of 120 standard size cards, with no plans to release them in random or fixed booster packs.

  • SimCity is a registered trademark of Maxis, Inc. Used Under License. SimCity The Card Game is a trademark of Mayfair Games. All Rights Reserved.
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