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Photoshop Tips
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  • Photoshop Tips - Clear, simple, instruction intended for beginners. Find extensive coverage of the tools, palettes, effects, and filters. Step-by-step, well illustrated tutorials cover all the basic editing procedures.
  • Shadows and Light; Advanced Compositing in Photoshop - this is a 416 page .pdf book sold on CD-ROM. It has 37 tutorials, 11 Quicktime movies, and all image files necessary to complete the lessons. For sale from its page via PayPal.
  • Photoshop Elements Tips - Elements is the application that Adobe has introduced to replace Photoshop LE. It is based on the PS 7.0 code, but sells for $99 with special offers from places like Amazon as low as $29.00. Find tutorials, and thorough coverage of its tools and palettes.
  • Advanced Elements - For those Elements 2 and Photoshop 7 users who are interested in making quality digital art and who are ready for more advanced tutorials, I have written an electronic book (.pdf on CD). It is accompanied by linked Quicktime screen capture videos. Now available for sale via PayPal.
  • Elementary School - For new users of the just-released Elements versions 3 and 4. Available on CD-ROM, for sale via PayPal. New!
Free Photos Index
  • Free Photos - Eighty black and white prints (and eight color) that you can download for personal use. Landscapes, animals, flowers, fruit, pickled things, and lots of snakes.
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Animal Rights short story
  • Animal Rights - This is a short story about a woman who has a very strange visitor that she can’t get rid of.
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  • The Belief Game - When a ten year old girl plays a game of belief with her great aunt, the line between imagination and reality blurs.
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compare 4x5 and 35mm quality
  • Technotes - A few details of my camera, and developing techniques.
  • Darkroom - Photos, and description of my darkroom.
  • View Camera - What is a view camera and why are they better? Take a look at mine.
  • Quality Comparison - Image quality comparison of photographs produced from 4x5 and 35mm film.
  • Film Comparison - If you have never seen a sheet of 4x5 film, take a look. Size makes the difference.
  • About email carrying computer viruses. To everyone who has bookmarked pages from my site (which pages include my email address) or has corresponded with me, please take the time to learn about virus protection. I have a page on basic Windows Security information. Also try the virus info section at About.com. I receive an amazing amount of virus infected email, presumably from those of you who have my site bookmarked or who have added my address to your address book and who have been infected with a virus. To anybody who has received infected mail from me, please be aware that many viruses will fill in the “From” line of outbound infected mail with a random address found on the sender’s computer. The mail was not from me. Do not ever open mail with attached files unless and until you are sure it is from someone you know, and they have confirmed that they sent it and that it is virus-free.
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