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Document Management

Document  Management

  1. Maintain Document Life History
  2. Manage Multiple Projects
  3. GPL Licensing
  4. AJAX Enabled
  5. Take Control of Your Resources

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SSLBridge Announcements

SSLBridge 1.5 Released!

An AJAX enabled Samba web GUI that provides users access to corporate documents without any specialized hardware or software clients.

Remotely access your servers and Network Neighborhood using just a browser. It is a browser-based application, which means you do not have to install any client software on your computer to access your corporate files and servers. In conjunction with an SSL 128 bit encrypted connection you can have secure access to your resources. SSLBridge uses Samba to authenticate with an Active Directory Server, so users do not have to remember a new username and password, all access privileges remain the same in SSLBridge as they do when in the office.