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Inner Sanctum Mysteries

About The Series

Mystery? Terror? Suspense? Himan Brown brought radio all of these in his series titled Inner Sanctum Mysteries. The show began in January 1941, and ran until October 1952 producing 526 episodes according to this article, though some episodes used the same script with minor changes over the life of the series.

The beginning of each episode was marked with the eerie creak of a door. Or so the audience thought. The "door" was actually an old desk chair in need of some oil! Once, when someone oiled the chair accidentally, the squeak had to be done by a sound mans voice.

The mystery, suspense, and terror seem to live on for those collecting or researching this show. You can read more about the unfolding saga of Inner Sanctum Mysteries on this page, where the episode list below came from.



Make Ready My Grave
Death Demon
Corridor Of Doom


Episode Log

  • "The Amazing Death of Mrs. Putnam" (1/7/41)
  • "The Strangled Snake" (2/18/41) LOC
  • "The Man of Steel" (3/16/41) Boris Karloff LOC
  • "Dead Freight" (5/18/41) Myron McCormick
  • "The Tell-Tale Heart" (8/3/41) Boris Karloff
  • "The Death Ship" (8/10/41)
  • "Hunter From Beyond" (9/7/41) only last seven minutes known to exist
  • "The Stallion of Death" (9/14/41) LOC
  • "The Haunting Face" (9/28/41) LOC
  • "Hell is Where You Find It" (10/19/41) Burgess Meredith
  • "Nocturne of Death" (11/2/41) LOC
  • "The Island of Death" (12/7/41)
  • "The Man From Yesterday" (12/21/41) Myron McCormick
  • "Death Has Claws" (12/28/41) Santos Ortega
  • "The Scarlet Widow" (1/11/42) LOC
  • "Dead Reckoning" (1/18/42) Arthur Vinton
  • "A Study for Murder" (5/3/42) Boris Karloff
  • "Terrible Vengeance" (6/14/42) The Australian version of this script is floating about, not the American.
  • "The Dead Walk at Night" (9/20/42) Donald Buka starred in the
    1952 version of the same script. This 1942 version does not have Donald
    Buka! Does anyone have this episode WITHOUT Buka?
  • "The Black Seagull" (3/7/43) Peter Lorre
  • "The Horla" (8/1/43) Arnold Moss
  • "The Walking Skull" (4/15/44)
  • "The Melody of Death" (4/22/44) Mary Astor
  • "The Silent Hand" (5/13/44) Mary Astor
  • "Death is a Joker" (6/10/44) Peter Lorre
  • "Dead Man's Vengeance" (10/7/44)
  • "Dead Woman's Tale" (10/28/44)
  • "Blind Man's Bluff" (11/4/44)
  • "The Voice on the Wire" (11/29/44)
  • "The Color Blind Formula" (12/6/44) Richard Widmark
  • "Desert Death" (1/9/45)
  • "Death is an Artist" (1/23/45) Lee Bowman
  • "Death in the Depths" (2/6/45) Santos Ortega
  • "No Coffin for the Dead" (2/20/45) Les Tremayne
  • "The Meek Die Slowly" (4/3/45) Victor Moore Q
  • "The Bog Oak Necklace" (4/10/45) Miriam Hopkins
  • "The Judas Clock" (4/17/45) Santos Ortega
  • "Song of the Slasher" (4/24/45) Arnold Moss
  • "The Girl and the Gallows" (5/1/45) Wendy Barrie
  • "The Black Art" (5/15/45) Simone Simone
  • "Dead to Rights" (5/22/45) Elspeth Eric and Santos Ortega
  • "Musical Score" (5/29/45) Berry Kroeger
  • "Death Across the Board" (6/5/45) Jackson Beck and Raymond Massey
  • "Portrait of Death" (6/12/45) Leslie Woods
  • "Dead Man's Holiday" (6/19/45) Myron McCormick
  • "Dead Man's Debt" (6/26/45) Joseph Julian
  • "Dead Man's Deal" (8/28/45) Larry Haines
  • "The Murder Prophet" (9/4/45) Wendy Barrie
  • "The Last Story" (9/11/45) Richard Widmark
  • "Terror By Night" (9/18/45) Anne Shepherd
  • "The Lonely Sleep" (9/25/45) Karl Swenson
  • "The Shadow of Death" (10/2/45) Richard Widmark
  • "Death By Scripture" (10/9/45) Stefan Schnabel
  • "Till Death Do Us Part" (10/16/45) Larry Haines
  • "The Corridor of Doom" (10/23/45) Boris Karloff
  • "Death for Sale" (10/30/45) Boris Karloff. A recording of the
    1945 version does exist, in AFRS format, and is commonly mistaken as
    the 1952 broadcast of the same script with the same lead actor. Does
    anyone actually have the 1952 version?
  • "The Wailing Wall" (11/6/45) Jackson Beck and Boris Karloff
  • "The Dreadful Hunch" (11/13/45) with Anne Shepard and Richard Widmark Q
  • "Boomerang" (11/20/45) with Martin Gable LOC
  • "The Dark Chamber" (12/11/45) Kenneth Lynch
  • "The Undead" (12/18/45) Anne Seymour
  • "The Creeping Wall" (1/8/46) Irene Wicker
  • "The Edge of Death" (1/15/46) Larry Haines, Mercedes McCambridge
  • "The Confession" (1/22/46) Santos Ortega
  • "Blood of Cain" (1/29/46) Mercedes McCambridge, Karl Swenson
  • "Skeleton Bay" (2/5/46) Betty Lou Gerson
  • "Elixier Number Four" (2/12/46) Richard Widmark
  • "I Walk in the Night" (2/26/46) Larry Haines
  • "The Strands of Death" (3/12/46) Santos Ortega
  • "Death is a Double Crosser" (3/26/46) Lawson Zerbe
  • "The Night is my Shroud" (4/2/46) Ann Shepherd
  • "Lady with a Plan" (4/9/46) Elspeth Eric
  • "Make Ready My Grave" (4/23/46) Jackson Beck and Richard Widmark
  • "You Can Die Laughing" (5/7/46) Santos Ortega
  • "Detour to Terror" (5/21/46) Mason Adams
  • "Eight Steps to Murder" (6/4/46) Berry Kroeger
  • "I Want to Report a Murder" (6/18/46) Santos Ortega
  • "Spectre of the Rose" [Ben Hecht special] (8/19/46)
  • "Murder Comes at Midnight" (9/9/46) Mercedes McCambridge
  • "The Dead Laugh" (9/23/46)
  • "Death's Old Sweet Song" (11/4/46) Mercedes McCambridge
  • "No Rest for the Dead" (11/25/46)
  • "Death Bound" (2/3/47) Richard Widmark
  • "The Ghost in the Garden" (2/10/47) Leslie Woods
  • "Don't Dance on My Grave" (5/5/47) Charlotte Holland
  • "Over My Dead Body" (6/23/47) Larry Haines, Vera Allen
  • "Till Death Do Us Part" (10/27/47) Mercedes McCambridge
  • "Death Out of Mind" (12/29/47) Larry Haines and Ann Shephard
  • "Tempo in Blood" (1/12/48) Mason Adams and Everett Sloane
  • "The Doomed" (1/26/48) Mercedes McCambridge and Karl Swenson
  • "The Magic Tile" (3/8/48) Mercedes McCambridge and Everett Sloane
  • "Lady Killer" (3/29/48) Everett Sloane
  • "Death Demon" (7/5/48) Ann Seymour and Everett Sloane
  • "Murder Takes A Honeymoon" (7/26/48) Ann Shepherd and Everett Sloane
  • "The Murder Ship" (8/2/48) Mason Adams
  • "House of Doom" (8/9/48) Charlotte Holland and Santos Ortega
  • "Death Rides a Riptide" (9/6/48) Arlene Blackburn and Lawson Zerbe
  • "The Murder Carousel" (9/13/48) Larry Haines
  • "Hangman's Island" (9/20/48) Mason Adams and Elspeth Eric
  • "Murder by Prophesy" (9/27/48) Joseph Julian
  • "Death of a Doll" (10/18/48) Mason Adams
  • "Deathwatch in Boston" (11/15/48) Ted Osborne
  • "The Cause of Death" (12/6/48) Berry Kroeger
  • "Murder Faces East" (12/13/48) Charlotte Holland
  • "Between Two Worlds" (12/20/48) Mason Adams and Ann Shephard
  • "Fearful Voyage" (1/3/49) Elspeth Eric and Arnold Moss
  • "Murder Comes to Life" (1/10/49) Charles Irving and Santos Ortega
  • "Mark My Grave" (1/17/49) Santos Ortega and Lawson Zerbe
  • "The Deadly Dummy" (1/24/49) Mason Adams and Elspeth Eric
  • "The Devil's Fortune" (1/31/49) Jackson Beck
  • "Death Demon" (2/7/49) Everett Sloane and Leslie Woods
  • "Birdsong for a Murderer" (2/14/49) Arlene Blackburn
  • "Flame of Death" (2/21/49) Charlotte Holland
  • "Only the Dead Die Twice" (3/21/49) Larry Haines
  • "Appointment with Death" (3/28/49) Charlotte Holland and Karl Swenson
  • "Death Wears a Lonely Smile" (4/4/49) Mercedes McCambridge
  • "Murder Off the Record" (4/11/49) Mason Adams and Elspeth Eric
  • "The Death Deal" (4/18/49) Mercedes McCambridge
  • "The Unburied Dead" (5/16/49) Leslie Woods
  • "Strange Passenger" (5/23/49) Mason Adams
  • "Death on the Highway" (6/6/49) Ted Osborne and Alice Reinhart
  • "Corpse Without a Conscience" (6/20/49) Karl Swenson
  • "Pattern for Fear" (7/4/49) Cameron Prud'Homme and Everett Sloane
  • "Deadly Fare" (7/18/49) Larry Haines
  • "Dead Heat" (8/15/49) Mercedes McCambridge and Karl Swenson
  • "Mind Over Murder" (8/22/49) Elspeth Eric
  • "Death's Little Brother" (8/29/49) Amzie Strickland
  • "Murder Rides the Carousel" (9/5/49) Leslie Woods
  • "The Vengeful Corpse" (9/12/49) Karl Swenson
  • "Honeymoon with Death" (9/19/49) Mason Adams
  • "Catch a Killer" (10/3/49) Larry Haines and Barbara Weeks
  • "The Devil's Workshop" (10/10/49) Mason Adams
  • "Image of Death" (10/17/49) Jean Ellen
  • "Night is my Shroud" (10/24/49) Ken Lynch and Ann Shephard
  • "A Corpse for Halloween" (10/31/49) Larry Haines
  • "The Wish to Kill" (11/14/49) Karl Swenson and Leslie Woods
  • "Beyond the Grave" (12/19/49) Martin Gabel
  • "Killer at Large" (1/9/50) Larry Haines
  • "The Scream" (1/16/50) Barbara Weeks
  • "The Hitch-Hiking Corpse" (1/23/50) Ken Lynch
  • "Skeleton Bay" (1/30/50) Charlotte Holland (both versions exist)
  • "Murder Mansion" (3/27/50) Arnold Moss
  • "Beneficiary-Death" (4/17/50) Everett Sloane and Barbara Weeks
  • "No Rest for the Dead" (7/13/50) different story from that of the 1946 episode of the same name. Q
  • "Twice Dead" (11/6/50) Larry Haines and Amzie Strickland
  • "Beyond the Grave" (12/4/50) Mercedes McCambridge
  • "The Smile of the Dead" (2/19/51) Larry Haines - only the first half of this episode is known to exist.
  • "The Man From the Grave" (2/26/51) Ralph Bell and Peter Cappel - only the second half of this episode is known to exist.
  • "The Unforgiving Corpse" (5/28/51) Luis Van Rooten and Lawson Zerbe
  • "Birdsong for a Murderer" (6/22/52) Boris Karloff
  • "Terror By Night" (6/29/52) Agnes Moorehead
  • "Death Pays the Freight" (7/6/52) Everett Sloane
  • "Death for Sale" (7/13/52) Boris Karloff, I suspect the 1952 vesion doesn't exist… Q
  • "The Listener" (7/20/52) Agnes Moorehead
  • "The Murder Prophet" (7/27/52) Agnes Moorehead
  • "Murder Off the Record" (8/3/52) Ken Lynch
  • "The Magic Tile" (8/10/52) Ann Seymour "The Corpse Laughs Last" (8/17/52)
  • "No Rest for the Dead" (8/24/52) Barbara Weeks and Everett Sloane "Strange Passenger" (8/31/52) Wendell Corey
  • "The Meek Die Slowly" (9/7/52) Arnold Moss
  • "Till Death Do Us Part" (9/14/52) Mason Adams
  • "The Corpse Nobody Loved" (9/21/52) Joan Lorring
  • "The Dead Walk at Night" (9/28/52) Donald Buka
  • "Death Pays the Freight" (10/5/52) Everett Sloane



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