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Emily Quartermaine was the heart and soul of her family. When she was murdered, those that loved her wondered how they would go on. Nikolas Cassadine, her fiancée, believed his life was over. Until Emily started visiting him. But she's dead, right?

Came to town: 1995
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: None (She's not alive!)
  • Overcame breast cancer
  • Refused to believe that her then fiancée Nikolas Cassadine was dead after a car accident. Emily soon discovered he had survived and lost his memory
  • Worked to prove Nikolas's innocence after he was sentenced to life in prison for allegedly killing Helena Cassadine
  • Helped rescue a kidnapped Spencer Cassadine
  • Helped save lives during the Metro Court Hostage Crisis
  • The death of her biological mother from breast cancer
  • Her own breast cancer
  • Committed adultery by sleeping with Nikolas while still married to Zander Smith
  • Killed Connor Bishop in self defense after he brutally raped her
  • Went against her family's wishes by secretly dating mob boss Sonny Corinthos
  • Lost her father Alan Quartermaine after he suffered a fatal heart attack as a result of the Metro Court hostage crisis
  • Her death