An Old-Fashioned Fight

By Brett Hoffman
Written: July 23, 2006

What should have been Bobby Lashley’s chance at Championship redemption turned into a classic, old-fashioned one-on-one brawl at The Great American Bash. As first reported earlier this week by, Lashley was deemed ineligible to compete by WWE physicians after tests revealed an elevated level of enzymes in the former United States Champion’s liver. Despite Lashley’s pleas, the pleas of fans chanting “We Want Lashley", and even later, those by Finlay and William Regal themselves, General Manager Theodore Long upheld the ruling and re-confirmed the new match between Champion Finlay and fellow King’s Court member William Regal.

The contest, which pitted close friends and associates against each other, got off to a slow start. At first, Finlay and Regal were reluctant to lock up, but once reality set in, the grizzled veterans dug in and engaged in hard-nosed, hand-to-hand combat. The competitors used a variety of European mat-wrestling holds and takedowns, performing a clinic in technical wrestling for the Conseco Fieldhouse crowd.

As is the case with many of Finlay’s matches these days, it was only a matter of time before Little Bastard got involved. The pint-sized leprechaun interjected on more than one occasion. Little Bastard grabbed and bit the Englishman, and even removed Regal’s boot, which eventually served as the difference in the match.

Later in the match when the referee's attention was diverted, William Regal went for Finlay’s shillelagh. As he turned around to use it, he was greeted by his own boot, slammed into his face by Finlay who immediately went for the cover. The Champion used the ropes for leverage and recorded the pin. In a battle of Irishman and Englishman, friends and associates, champion and challenger, Finlay, with help from Little Bastard, left Indianapolis with the gold around his waist.

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