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news: June 2006

Gladiator Vs Mars - Zimmer is sued:

Hollywood film music mogul Hans Zimmer has apparently been sued by ‘the Holst foundation’ and music publishers ‘J. Curwen & Sons’. They claim elements of Zimmer’s Gladiator (in fact, a motif used in ‘The Battle’) borrow directly from Gustav Holsts ‘The Planets’, namely ‘Mars: Bringer of War’. Zimmer and his lawyers of course refute this, though the composer has likened parts of his score to Holst’s masterpiece, in terms of its musical language, in the past. I am going to stand in Mr Zimmer’s corner on this one. Having just listened to both pieces back to back I admit, yes I’m reminded of ‘Mars’ when I hear ‘The Battle’, but only in terms of some of its colour and style. In my view Gladiator is as much like Holst as parts of Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope. Plus the plaintiffs have taken their time, have they only just noticed the similarity? It’s been around for six years!

Michael Beek

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