before 1797 History of the Pacific Islands 1889-1918

French Polynesia 1797-1889

King Pomare II. had to flee Tahiti for Moorea in 1803; he and his subjects were converted to protestantism in 1812.
In 1813 Capt. David Porter annexed NUKU HIVA (Marquesas) for the United States, an annexion never ratified by Congress.
French Catholic missionaries arrived on Tahiti in 1834; their expulsion in 1836 causes France to send a gunboat in 1838; in 1842, Tahiti and TAHUATA (in the Marquesas) were declared a FRENCH PROTECTORATE.

The capital of PAPEETE was founded in 1843. From 1844 to 1847 the Tahitians revolted against French rule. In 1880, France annexed Tahiti, changing the status from that of a protectorate to that of a colony.

The protectorate proclaimed in 1842 had the purpose to ensure that French Catholic missionaries could proceed unmolested in their mission work on Tahiti and the adjacent islands, for the chieftains throughout Polynesia were aware what had happened to Tahiti.
The annexion of 1880 marked a turning point; Tahiti was to become the nucleus of the colony of French Polynesia.

History of French Polynesia, from Tahiti Explorer, click history
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