1797-1889 History of the Pacific Islands 1918-1939

French Polynesia 1889-1918

In the 1880es, France claimed the TUAMOTU ARCHIPELAGO, the domain of the POMARE DYNASTY (which originated from Tahiti), as Tahitian and took them without formal annexion; the islands of RIMATARA and RURUTU (Tubuai Arch.) asked for British protection in 1888, which they did not get, and in 1889 they were annexed by France. Having declared a protectorate over TAHUATU (Marquesas) in 1842, the French regarded the entire Marquesas group as French.
In 1885 France appointed a governor and established a general council, thus giving it the proper administration of a colony; the official name of the colony was ETABLISSEMENTS DE L'OCEANIE (Settlements in Oceania); in 1903 the general council was changed into an advisory council and the colony was renamed ETABLISSEMENTS FRANCAISES DE L'OCEANIE (French settlements in Oceania); stamps were issued for the colony since 1892.
French painter PAUL GAUGUIN arrived on Tahiti in 1891, to stay in Polynesia for the rest of his life (-1903), painting ezclusively islands motives.
In World War I, Papeete was shelled by a German cruiser in 1914. About a fifth of Polynesia's population fell victim to the influenca epidemics of 1918.

History of French Polynesia, from Tahiti Explorer, click history
Timeline from Circumnavigator

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