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  Sunday, December 30, 2007

1/28/2006 4:46:00 PM

Derek Burgan reviews Best of Teddy Hart & Jack Evans

DVD Review

Teddy Hart Shoot Interview/Best of Teddy Hart & Jack Evans

There has been a lot of major news already in 2006, but nothing has been bigger to me than reading about the upcoming wrestling show on MTV. Produced by
Big Vision Entertainment, the guys who made the incredible Forever Hardcore: Director's Cut and the Ultimate Insiders series of shoot interviews, this new promotion is going to spotlight guys like the Human Tornado, Scorpio Sky, Matt Sydal, Teddy Hart and Jack Evans. They will also have some older stars such as Vampiro, New Jack, and Sandman. Sign me up!

I will disclose up front that I am one of the biggest fans of Teddy Hart and Jack Evans that they possibly have. I first saw them on the ROH show Main Event Spectacles and have spent the last couple years going out of my mind wondering why companies aren't using them to draw in a new fanbase to replace some of the millions who stopped watching wrestling during the WCW InVasion. Jack Evans, like Rey Mysterio, will always have his size working against him and was probably born 15 years too early as I have to believe it will be in my lifetime when that STUPID wrestling mantra of needing guys who "turn heads at the airport" will be discarded. Teddy, well, I'm slowly realizing that Teddy may possibly be 100%, board certified, bat-shit insane. As a matter of fact, Teddy just may be the craziest person in wrestling history and consider for a second the ground that covers when it includes a list of people like Vince Russo, Vince McMahon, and the Ultimate Warrior. None of that takes away from the fact that these two guys are among the most amazing high flyers in America today, as well as solid wrestlers to boot.

This two disc DVD set is unconventional in the sense that it starts off immediately by showing matches. There are ten matches in all, with the first, Teddy Hart vs. Homicide from Jersey All Pro Wrestling (2/28/04) being possibly the best, and I say that more as a compliment to how well Homicide and Teddy work together than as criticism of later matches. The crowd ragged on Hart from the minute he was announced with chants of "CM Punk! CM Punk!" as - even though it seems like a lifetime ago now – this match took place around the time both Punk and Teddy Hart were in TNA and had a little brawl outside the White Trash Café in Nashville. And yes, that IS the greatest name for a restaurant, ever.

I'm not exactly sure why, but I think Teddy Hart is convinced that one day he will convince the world that his knee was shattered in a match to set up some shocking finishing move like the superkick and prove he was just selling a fake injury. After a fantastic Asai moonsault onto Homicide outside the ring, Teddy sold his knee as if it had just been whacked by Jeff Gilooly on the orders of Tonya Harding. Showing sympathy, Homicide immediately grabbed a crutch from someone in the crowd and DESTROYED it by smashing it into Teddy's chest. Now that had to hurt like hell. Homicide tossed Teddy into the ring and then threw part of the guardrail into the ring as well to use as a weapon. Homicide continued to work over Teddy's knee and the match became more like watching an assault and battery because Homicide's offense looks so good.

Homicide dragged Teddy into the crowd and eventually delivered a piledriver in the bleachers. In a five star moment, to get Teddy Hart back down the stairs, Homicide just threw him down, which had Teddy crashing into fans sitting in the lower section of the bleachers. Indy wrestling… it's FAN-tastic! Once
back in the ring, Homicide hit one of the best top rope Ace Crushers I have ever seen him do for a two count as Teddy got his leg on the ropes. Homicide put Teddy on the top rope again, but Teddy pushed off and hit his own top rope DDT. Teddy went back up for a flippity-do corkscrew move, but found no one home. Homicide then took Teddy's head off with a lariat for the pin. After the match Homicide picked up Teddy and set up the Cop Killah, but Jack Evans~! ran in for the save, hitting Homicide with a springboard dropkick. But, as Jack tended to Teddy, Homicide grabbed him and hit a psychotic running Cop Killah. Jack Evans, we knew him well.

Because this was all an elaborate angle to continue the feud between Teddy and Homicide and set up the tag team grudge match on the Must See DVD JAPW: Caged Fury, both Teddy and Homicide had dueling promos that seemed to never end.

Jack Evans & Lit vs. Azrieal & Mike Tobin provided a great chance to see the Aerial Emperor Jack Evans do all his crazy flips and take insane looking bumps. Sometimes you have to wonder if Jack's neck is made out of silly putty. Lit, on the other hand, is an odd bird. Lit is tight with Teddy and Jack, so he has gotten plenty of chances over the years. I don't understand how someone could hang out and train with two of the hottest high flyers in wrestling history and pick up absolutely nothing, but Lit has accomplished that amazing feat. Teddy has a body that looks like it was chiseled out of granite. Jack Evans has the Eminem-like skinny but still in great shape look. Lit looks like some guy who hangs out at your apartment all day playing video games and eating potato chips. I'm sure Lit a nice enough guy, but even WWE realized Heidenreich was never going to get it.

The next few matches on the discs, Teddy Hart vs. Azrieal, Jack Evans vs. Jay Lethal vs. Azrieal vs. Insane Dragon, and Teddy Hart vs. Mikey Tenderfoot are all good chances to see Teddy and Jack do what they do best in the ring. Jack Evans was given the spotlight with three of his matches from a small indy in Washington. I say small, but the building was packed full of fans, something I wouldn't believe except that F4W~! reader Mike Roe also lives in Washington and drove to an indy show this past weekend which featured Jack Evans, only to find out that the show sold out. I didn't even realize an indy show could sell out, as I figured they would just keep cramming people into the building regardless of any potential safety hazards. And I can't even imagine how Roe felt after making the hour long drive to find out an indy show was sold out. That would be like me driving to Boston on a Tuesday to see a Cheaper By the Dozen 2 matinee and being told the theatre was completely sold. I don't know the names of any of the guys Jack faced in his three matches, but I marked out for the first guy who came out to the theme from Superman.

The last two matches took place for IHPW and featured on screen graphics as well as commentary. Jack Evans & Azrieal vs. Alex Law & Ricky Landell was the first match. You might recognize Law and Landell as the protégé's of Steve Corino. You'll also pick up fast that Law was nowhere near the level of worker that the other three guys in the match were. The match was refereed by Ref Gary and he looked even skinnier than usual. If Ref Gary weighs more than 90 pounds I'll eat my XFL Orlando Rage hat. There was a gigantic mirror on the opposite side of the hard camera which made for a surreal visual throughout the match. Teddy Hart vs. Shawn Sheridan (w/1up & Tara Charisma) rounded out the match list. 1up may be my new favorite gimmick ever as the kid plays a video game geek, complete with a Nintendo jacket. I'll take that over the Spirit Squad any day, and you'd think would work even better in WWE considering half their PPVs seem to be sponsored by video game companies. After the match Teddy Hart cut the weirdest promo of ALL TIME. How weird? After it was done even one of the announcers remarked, "can you explain what he meant by all that?"


Although the location is never made clear, it would appear this shoot took place in Teddy Hart's living room and along for the interview are Teddy, Jill Love (Teddy's girlfriend), Deranged, and Lit. Jill Hall is what we who suffer from immature ejaculation would describe as one hot piece of ass. Deranged is another wrestler I love watching and has a fantastic match against Low Ki to start off the Death Before Dishonor DVD. It is actually less of a match and more of a
complete destruction, but Deranged knows how to take a bump and sell it like he was shot. Anyhoo, the interviewer immediately asked Teddy about the situation with CM Punk. "CM Punk, or Phil, whatever he wants to be known as in a shoot interview, took it upon himself to be spokesman for a group of people in ROH that though I took a show into my own hands." Teddy is referring to the Main Event Spectacles show I wrote about above. The scuttlebutt concerns the after-match shenanigans, when Teddy Hart lost his mind and started doing moonsaults from atop a steel cage platform onto wrestlers below who had no idea what he was doing. Teddy continues his claim that he suffered a concussion during the match and didn't know what he was doing. The rest of the world thinks Teddy went into business for himself.

Teddy talked about how CM Punk ran down Teddy on the Internet and Teddy responded by going on an Internet radio show and telling Punk to grow a set of balls. Later, while in Nashville for one of those old TNA weekly PPVs, Teddy ran into Punk at the White Trash Café. Jack Evans and Sabu were among the other wrestlers in the café as well. Not for nothing, but there was actually a time when Teddy and Jack Evans were on Team Canada, which sure as hell is better than this ridiculous, massively overbooked hockey stick finish bullshit. Back to the story, Teddy said he went into the Café and told Punk to wipe that smile off his face and meet Teddy outside to settle their feud like men. Teddy then hilariously explained that, once outside, he had to take off his earrings, headphones, and "$30,000 necklace." Teddy said Punk slapped Teddy across the face. "A bitch can slap a bitch, but I'm not a bitch." To further the insult, Teddy insinuated that Punk was weak and should have hit the gym rather than "hitting Cathy Corino." OH~!~!~!~!~!! Teddy then jumped Punk and got the better of the fight until the two were pulled apart. Teddy still demands from an apology from Punk and said that Punk would not be getting attention or chants from the fans today if it were not for Teddy's "rub."

I'm not really one who should judge interviewers, as it is not like I've had to conduct any shoot interviews myself, but I've seen enough to know that the guy asking the questions on this shoot sucked ass. Deranged got the spotlight next and talked about how he broke into business and his training at the doghouse with Homicide. While Deranged was giving his story of how he got into JAPW, Teddy lit up this phat joint and started passing it around. Deranged went into how Special K was formed and so-help-me-God even mentioned Elax. I never thought I would hear that name again. And I when I say "thought" I mean "hoped." This segued into Deranged saying Lit lived the Special K lifestyle and that impressed ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky enough that he brought Lit into the group.

I swear to God at this point Teddy somehow tried to explain that Lit had more potential than Low Ki. Like I could make THAT up. Teddy said that Lit was the first "guinea pig" for Teddy to train. The interview steered towards Jill Love and either the guy asking the questions had a huge crush on Jill, or thought she was five years old with the way he was talking to her. Jill talked about being at the Inoki Dojo as well as JAPW. Teddy talked about always respecting Antonio Inoki and all I could think of was what kind of conversation that Inoki and Teddy Hart could have. Now that would be a shoot for the ages. Tales of a cat army selling out a 200,000 seat stadium in North Korea would surely spawn pretty quickly. Teddy also talked about meeting up with Samoa Joe at the Inoki Dojo and the two squashed any heat they may have with each other thanks to the incidents in ROH.

Lit talked about the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla show that both he was booked on and said Teddy got a bigger pop than anyone on the card. Lit also managed to bury the Hardcore Kidd (a/k/a Aaron Aguilera, a/k/a Carlito Cool's bodyguard Jesus, and also appeared in the movie Slammed!). In one of the most bizarre
exchanges I've ever seen in any shoot DVD, the interviewer flat out tells Jill Hall she doesn't know the address of her own website. This has to be heard to be believed and it leads into a story of Jill meeting Chyna. Forget Inoki, I want to see a shoot with Chyna Doll and Teddy having a conversation. Oh to be a fly on the wall! By this point Teddy was bombed out of his mind, thanks to the passing of the peace pipe along with drinking some sort of alcoholic beverage, and making even less sense then when the interview started. The subject of Trent Acid came up and Teddy went into an insane promo that kept rhyming while eventually meandering off, I think forgetting what his original point was.

Teddy was asked about the "rumor" of him doing MMA and Teddy said he was considering it. Call 911, I think Bryan's Friend Vince just had a stroke. Out of nowhere Teddy then shoots on promo on the interviewer, saying the interviewer had been trained by Frank Shamrock but Teddy would still kick his ass for talking behind his back. Before I could even begin to comprehend how out of his mind Teddy was, he began to launch into another series of rhyming promos. Teddy calmed down enough to dedicated this shoot to Stu Hart, Owen Hart and, of all people, Andre the Giant. Teddy says Andre was the first wrestler to "touch him," and not like that you pervert. Teddy plugged his website before shockingly admitting that he would not be ready if WWE called "tomorrow." A reflective Teddy Hart said that he would greatly appreciate the opportunity one day, but still needs to work his way up to that point and has a lot of goals he wants to accomplish first. This bit of lucidity may have been even more weird to watch than the previous hour of insanity. Teddy also promised (threatened?) more short interviews in the near future.

Overall Thoughts: This shoot interview portion of this two disc set was not done by RF VIDEO, and it shows. The interviewer was clearly out of his league and the film used made it look like it was shot by a 70s adult film crew. I can say it was fascinating to get a glimpse inside the mind of Teddy Hart though. The real meat of this set is the series of matches involving Teddy and Jack Evans. Taken from a wide selection of indies, you will get your fill of two of the most exciting guys to watch in a wrestling ring. Yeah, when he opens his mouth he's absolutely crazy, but when he steps inside the ropes, Teddy Hart can go. Jack Evans shouldn't even need me to hype up what he brings to the table as there is not one person I could possibly compare him too. If you would like to purchase this DVD, Click HERE! Or head on over to www.RFVideo.com and check out all the other DVDs they have to offer.

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Derek Burgan has been writing for the Wrestling Observer/Figure 4 Weekly~! family since October, 2005 and can be seen each and every Saturday with his Wrestling Enjoyment Index. If you have any questions, corrections, feedback, comments and ideas, he can be reached at: derek@gumgod.com

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