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Bemrose School
by Charles 'Ike' Watts, 1952
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Special thanks to Dave Wood for the new graphics and guidance in developing this site.  Dave, seen above, still looks the part don't you think?

The Bemrose Internet Reunion
Welcome to the Bemrose Internet Reunion where you can share memories, renew friendships, and relive the experience of school life at Bemrose with other Old Bucket Bangers. 

Special Thanks to Mr. John Naden

On behalf of all Old Bemrosians we extend special thanks to Mr. John Naden for all the hard work, and his foresight in preserving the precious materials that make up the bulk of this site.  Many thanks Sir, from all of us.  We are grateful to you not only for your significant contribution to this website, but also for the interest and patience you have shown to every pupil who was fortunate enough to sit in your class.  You continue to make a significant impact on each and every one of us, and for that you deserve a wholehearted thank you.


It Was Different In My Day

Schools have changed since Frank Grimshaw first entered Bemrose Grammar School’s Preparatory Form back in 1937. Inkpots, grey flannel short pants, and ration books were accepted as part of everyday life.  Back then, grammar schools were all single sex, and all were fee paying.

Frank has generously allowed us to reproduce part of his book, “It Was Different In My Day”, in which Frank recounts life at Bemrose during World War II.  Click here to read chapters 10 and 11.

Notice Board...

Construction at Bemrose

Click here to see a photograph taken on July 10 of the work going on at the front of the school.  Use your browsers back button to return to this page. If you know more about this project please click here to send an email. Thanks to Andy Savage of for the photograph.

No. 680 (Bemrose School) Squadron of 
the Air Training Corp

Enjoy a history and photograph of the Air Training Corps of Bemrose thanks to Bill Grattidge.

Hobbies Exhibitions at Bemrose.
Take a look at what interested Bemrosians before the advent of the personal computer and MTV.  Most of the photographs on this new feature page were taken in the late 1940's and early 1950's, and demonstrate that Bemrosians were an inquisitive and imaginative bunch.

The Clock Tower Incident
Actual photographs of the daring Clock Tower incident as it happened back in 1978. Thanks to the anonymous contributor for the pictures and commentary.

"Yes, it was me" admits Cliff 'Sparrow' Billington
The Clock Tower climb in 1978 was not the first time this daring feat was made.  Cliff 'Sparrow' Billington braved the tower in 1964, and did it single-handedly without the security of climbing equipment.

Must Try Harder
Steve Wells had bravely submitted a copy of his report book from school.  All of the comments by teachers will be familiar to everyone.  Thanks Steve.

Trying Times
Cliff 'Sparrow' Billington, famous for his daring climb of the clock tower in 1964, has shared his school report book with us.
Thanks Cliff.

The All And Totally and Absolutely Non-Functioning Home of Some Grotty Old Pictures Home Page Page by Adrian Farnsworth.  This new website by Zoon includes a collection of old photos and comments depicts the manic exploits of the 'Stage Croo' from 1976 through 1978.  Thanks Adrian.
Note: Clicking the link above will open a new browser window and take you to a different website. is not responsible for the content of that site or other sites linked from it.

The Famous 1975 Photograph of the Whole School
Take a look at the photograph taken to commemorate the last year of Bemrose as a grammar school,

Then and Now
Take a peek at the Then and Now gallery.  Don't be bashful, send in those mug shots with an email by clicking here.

Bemrose History
Help build a history of Bemrose.

Uniform Check
Remember the uniform?  Click here to look at the fine attire we used to wear to school.  Thanks to Dave Wood and Mick Geraghty for their contributions.  Take a look and see how much a Bemrose School uniform would have cost your Mum and Dad in 1968.

Bemrose on the Web
Links to websites about Bemrose.  If you find any broken links, please let us know.  If you discover a site that we don't have listed, please send an email.

Odds and ends from Bemrose.  Not much here yet, so dig through your old trunks and boxes and send in those scans and photos.

The School Prospectus ~ 1933
Read the Bemrose School Prospectus written in 1933.  Please note that some of the pages in this section are large downloads especially if you are connected through a dial up connection.  This was necessary so that the text in the original scans of the Prospectus can still be legible.

The School Prayer
The School Prayer read by Dr. Chapman at the last assembly every year. Use your browser's Back button to return to this page.

Jubilee Celebrations at Bemrose

In 1980 Bemrose School celebrated its Golden Jubilee.  A brochure was published as part of the commemoration.  As scans of the brochure become available they will be included on this site.  Click the image on the left to view the cover.

This website is supported by members

All of the photographs, images, and information on the Bemrose Internet Reunion are submitted by Old Bemrosians. If you have anything of interest to Old Bemrosians including photographs, old programs, letters, newspaper clippings, items of clothing that could be photographed or scanned, and especially your memories, please send them in.
Click here to send an email and help build our site.


Nil nisi bene

Consilio et animis

Animo et fide

Pactum Serva

Vis Unita Fortior


Semper Audacter


Many of the photographs and memorabilia displayed on this site were provided by John Naden.  Many thanks "Sir".  Mike Geraghty worked with Mr. Naden to submit the images.  Thanks Mike. 

Click here to see comments from Mr. Naden to "some very special people."


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