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Soft Landings Program

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2007 Soft Landings International
Incubator Designation

Every day, companies are expanding into international markets. If these firms bring their businesses to your region, it could mean more clients for your incubator – and all the accompanying increases in revenue, prestige and more. But if you want to land foreign businesses, you need to let them know you can accelerate their growth. The NBIA Soft Landings designation lets foreign firms know that NBIA, the world's leading organization advancing business incubation and entrepreneurship, has identified your incubator as having specialized programs and/or facilities for helping companies break into new markets.

What kind of specialized programs might a company entering a foreign market need? Examples of programs and areas of assistance that an incubator could offer include:

  • Translation services

  • Language training

  • Domestic market research and entry assistance

  • Access to capital and potential funders

  • Intellectual property protection assistance

  • Help meeting government regulations

  • Help with import/export laws

  • Patent assistance

  • Help obtaining business and driver’s licenses

  • Cultural training

  • Immigration & visa assistance

  • Housing assistance

Click here to read more about NBIA’s Soft Landings program, download an application, and let the world know you are ready for business!

2007-2009 Soft Landings International Incubators

Incu-Tech Business Incubation Programme
Unit 201, 2/F, Building 9
No. 5 Science Park West Ave.
Shatin NT
Hong Kong

2006-2008 Soft Landings International Incubators

@Wales Digital Media Initiative
Saint Line House
Mount Stuart Sq.
Cardiff, CF10 5LR
United Kingdom

Emerging Technology Centers of Baltimore
2400 Boston St.
Suite 308
Baltimore, MD 21224

Tekniikantie 21
Espoo, FIN-02150

Kutomotie 18
Helsinki, FIN-00380

University of North Dakota Center for Innovation
4300 James Ray Dr.
Grand Forks, ND 58203

US Market Access
111 N Market St.
6th Floor
San Jose, CA 95113

2005-2007 Soft Landings International Incubators

ATP Innovations Pty Ltd

Suite 145, National Innovation Center
Australian Technology Park
Sydney, NSW, 1430 Australia

Wallonia Space Logistics

Rue des Chasseurs Ardennais
Leige, B-4031, Belgium

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