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Posted on: 19 September 2007

We received some sad and somewhat shocking news this week that one of the Nuns,  the very striking, tall and attitudinal Kris, has been brutally murdered. Under the sensational headline ‘Sex offender sought after unidentified woman found murdered’ the New York Daily News broke the story of how Kris, who for a while was founder and lead singer Tiffany Tarantula’s right hand woman, had been found beaten and broken under a mattress in a sleazy New York Times Square hotel room.

Although details are still very sketchy we wish to extend Redemption’s sympathies to all Kris’s friends and family and to The Nuns in particular. We know that for the last year or so that Kris was nolonger involved with The Nuns directly but she had prior to that been a strong part of The Nuns visual identity. She is featured as a vampire dominatrix in the video for ‘White Slave’, on numerous publicity photographs and flyers and on The Nuns DVD ‘New York Vampires’ where Kris’s manic persona is very much to the fore!

The facts surrounding Kris’s murder are currently vague and sleazy encompassing everything from drug addicts, child-sex offenders, mutilation through to dodgy hotels near 42nd Street (the Carter hotel where the murder happened was used for the film Basketcase) and conjure up images of seventies New York. And in a perverse way Kris left the world as she would have wanted, surrounded by the people she choose to live among living a life she choose, even if in the end that life killed her.

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