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Feature: GamePro Editors' Choice *2007* (Pg.2/5)

Best New Character

WINNER: Big Daddy & Little Sister, BioShock

Assassin Altair was the odds-on favorite to win this category, but fate had different plans. Ultimately, BioShock's symbiotic duo of the Big Daddy and Little Sister had more support among the editors, though fire-haired Nariko from Heavenly Sword was also well-liked.

RUNNER-UP: Altair, Assassin's Creed

Most Memorable Villain

WINNER: The Voice, Portal

Many editors expected BioShock's sinister Fontaine or Mass Effect's genocidal Saren to take the win here. But in a surprise upset, Portal's creepy/funny Voice won the vote. Why? As The Voice might say, "It's a mystery I'll solve later. By myself. Because you'll be dead."

RUNNER-UP: King Bohan, Heavenly Sword

Best New Weapon

WINNER: Spartan Laser, Halo 3

A tight race all around, but Halo 3's Spartan Laser was the staff favorite. This anti-vehicle weapon doubles as a handy sniper rifle, and can wipe out a light vehicle or soldier with one blast. But in a genius design choice, it suffers from a nerve-wracking recharge period between blasts. Well played, Bungie.

RUNNER-UP: Groovitron, Ratchet & Clank Future

"OMG" Moment

WINNER: Slow-motion crash replay, Motorstorm

This award honors the most amazing gameplay moment in all of 2007 - something that literally made us exclaim, "OMG!" The first glimpse of Motorstorm's mind-blowing slo-motion crash cam was an experience that was indelibly etched into the brains of our editors. Many games released early in the year (ahem, Crackdown) are forgotten come award time. Not Motorstorm!

RUNNER-UP: Nuclear strike and aftermath, Call of Duty 4

Most Epic Boss Battle

WINNER: Colossus of Rhodes battle, God of War II

An easy win for God of War II's jaw-dropping Colossus of Rhodes encounter, a high point in a series that has brought us some of the most memorable boss battles in video gaming. It's also worth nothing that the spectacular Colossus fight actually opens the game! Halo 3's chaotic Dual Scarab shootout came in a distant second.

RUNNER-UP: Dual Scarab battle, Halo 3

Best Unlockable Content

WINNER: Symphony of the Night mode, Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

A no-contest. Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles got an almost universal nod for its inclusion of the entire PlayStation game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, universally known as one of the top Castlevania games ever made. You have played Symphony of the Night, haven't you?

RUNNER-UP: Uncensored gore mode, Manhunt 2 on PSP

Best Story

WINNER: BioShock (Xbox 360)

Something of an upset here; BioShock's eerie underwater horror show took the honors, while Mass Effect's epic struggle for galactic survival made a strong second place showing. Whatever the winner, there's no doubt that both BioShock and Mass Effect represent new highs in video game storytelling.

RUNNER-UP: Mass Effect (Xbox 360)