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Blogosphere News for 2/7/2005

In this episode we talk about Ask Jeeves and the Bloglines purchase, a couple of new aggregators, an article on comment spamming, and a special Super Bowl 2005 interview with Martin Male.

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Interviews and Comment

We walked around the conference venue talking to various people, getting their thoughts on the conference!

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Christmas Shopping Blues

In this episode, Megan (in for Andrew) and Mack talk about Christmas shopping, studying for final exams, the new Band Aid 20 song, and making a political statement with underwear.

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Blogging With...Wayne Hurlbert

In this episode we talk with Wayne Hurlbert of Blog Business World about blogging in general, business blogging, and blogs as an industry.

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Blogoversial: Crisis In Ukraine

In this episode we take a look at the aftermath of the election fiasco which took place recently in the Ukraine. In addition to checking out some of the blogosphere's posts, we get some background on the situation from a well respected professor from the University of Alberta.

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