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Week of December 17, 2007 Vol. 6, No. 50

Low-Lying (Blue) Clouds
CERN Director General Reports on LHC Progress
3PAR 3cV a 'Blueprint for the Virtual Datacenter'
xkoto Upgrades GRIDSCALE Data Virtualization Solution

From the Editor

Ending the Year with a Blue Cloud Reality Check

In his final commentary of the year, GRIDtoday editor Derrick Harris discusses IBM's Blue Cloud initiative and the reality that we might have jumped the gun in expecting first-generation cloud computing offerings to live up to our grandiose visions of scale.

Special Features

Low-Lying (Blue) Clouds

While most of the hype around cloud computing has been focused on grand visions of globally interconnected fabrics of computing resources a la Google, the reality is that the first incarnation of commercially accessible cloud solutions (at least labeled as such) will be localized. Due out in the spring, IBM's first Blue Cloud offering will take the form of a BladeCenter.

A Question of 'Gridgistics'

In this interview, several members of the gridGISTICS management team tell GRIDtoday how the company's Aware Server product creates a "high-performance, all-encompassing" grid/utility computing environment that takes advantage of both virtualization and SOA.

In the Enterprise

Customers Modernize Legacy Environments w/ Oracle, HP

The Application Modernization Initiative is gaining momentum as customers increasingly migrate away from legacy systems to drive business growth with more reliable and efficient IT infrastructures. The Application Modernization Initiative is a comprehensive solution that helps businesses modernize their legacy environments to increase business agility and performance, reduce operational costs and lower risks.

Fortis Bank Poland Heeds Advice from GridwiseTech

GridwiseTech has equipped Fortis Bank Poland with software designed for advanced process flow management in the business intelligence environment. Fortis Bank will be the first bank in Poland to use the enhanced functionality provided by the Platform Process Manager.

ExactTarget Grows Business with Egenera vBlade

Over 6,000 organizations worldwide rely on the ExactTarget platform for their integrated e-mail marketing needs. With vBlade, ExactTarget can allocate either a full blade or a partition of a blade based on the needs of the application, ensuring both appropriate utilization and maximum efficiency.

Augustus Hedges Bets on IT Outsourcing

Augustus Asset Managers Ltd., an independent investment manager of segregated accounts and hedge funds, has signed a four-year, $7.1 million IT infrastructure outsourcing deal with SAVVIS to support business continuity of its critical IT infrastructure.

Scientific Applications

CERN Director General Reports on LHC Progress

Aymar reported a year of excellent progress toward the goal of starting physics research at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in summer 2008. Three main ingredients are necessary for this kind of research at the frontier of knowledge, including the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid, and good progress has been made on all fronts.

DEISA, GridAustralia Interoperate for HIV Drug Simulations

Certain drugs have the ability to reduce patient viral loads and improve patient health by binding to and inhibiting critical viral enzymes. Unfortunately, the HIV virus causing AIDS has the ability to mutate and become resistant to these drugs. As new mutations arise, it is important to pick the right anti-viral drug to best treat the patient and to not encourage the development of further drug resistance.

Quote of the Week

"Ultimately, the drastic change is that the technology will allow businesses to truly begin gazing further into the future just to create more questions -- those that they previously thought unanswerable and therefore never invested the time to formulate."
  • Darrell M. Legault
    Chief Operating Officer, gridGISTICS

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