Cherry Bomb: Kaoru Kozue

from the Runaways song of the same name.

If Tenjou Utena is the feminised masculine and Himemiya Anthy the fairytale ultra-feminine, Kaoru Kozue is the 'real' girl. She is not as devastatingly normal as Wakaba is, not as popular and highly-strung as Nanami, not adult-girly like Ohtori Kanae (who you just know spends all her money on Sanrio product), not favouring Juri's repressed maturity, not indeterminate and clannish in the manner of Keiko, Aiko and Yuuko: Kozue is underhand, cruel, manipulative, oversexed, obsessive and incredibly convincing.

Kozue may not know what she wants, but she knows where to get it: for all she is left of centre, she is the most highly adapted to survival of any of the characters. The rest will have to change to grow up, to shed their childhood pretensions and learn the harsh realities of life, but Kozue need only build on the foundations she has already laid.

life in a glasshouse

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