i work very hard,
but i'm lazy.
i can't take the
pressure and it's
starting to show.


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This is helicon: a piece of the wired which is, for now at least, harpy's. It contains fanfiction, rants, links, and maybe some other stuff. Maybe.

The site is sparse: not for want of 'l33t html sk11lz' which could give you cursor trails, frames and bandwidth-eating images that will barely load on a 56k modem, let alone a slower connection. Those I could probably rustle up from a few tutorials somewhere. It is sparse because I like sparse: the one thing I think it lacks is more text, more content, more things to hold interest.

Thus helicon is low on images, low on the causes of images. Well, the second part's a lie, but if you recognise the misquote I'll consider ftp'ing you a cookie.

A warning: the fanfiction I read, and the fanfiction I write, have been known to contain slash, or yaoi and yuri. This means they may well contain homosexual pairings: girl with girl, boy with boy in romantic and/or sexual relationships. Further warnings will be given alongside the 'fics themselves, and if the laws of your state or country, or your own beliefs, hold such pairings to be immoral or unsuitable for you, I would suggest your not reading those particular works, but going somewhere else.

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Dedicated to geeking over rpgs and anime, over classics and music and as much sophistry as can be fitted into a small space as possible.

There will never be a revolution in the streets until there is a revolution in our minds.


says it burns his house down, with a haircut made of trees...


rants, theories, knowledge and thoughts.

if you must write prose and poems, the words you use should be your own...


Approximately creative writing: original stuff, works of fanfiction, definite bias to anime/rpg fandoms; just a touch of slash.

the progress of the soul


A prerequisite: the online journal.

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harpy accepts no responsibility.
charm, he said, is essential to misogyny.